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    • FIRST Week.....

      5 hours ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      This time around of FIRST Week (FW) is actually increasing (just a little) the traffic we get here in the forums. I hope it's a slow burn that'll get brighter over time but not anytime soon. Right now the site still need updates before the community side of things is able to handle the traffic or if there is a type of support system of any kind.

      But it does fill my heart with joy knowing that there are fans interested in joining the forums and taking the time to chatting with people around the world.  As this is happening this week, I hope that everyone can make friends and get to know each other. Knowing me, I'm always here to help if any of you are reading this.

      See y'all in the forums!

    • I wonder......

      2 days ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      I wonder where they got the inspiration from. Looks kind of like Weiss in this situation if you ask me.

    • Story Time.....

      5 days ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      This is one of those stories where I'm the calm in the storm of stupidity.

      Back in my high school days, every where you looked was a roving pack of idiots. In essence that's what's school is and my biology class was no exception. In my school the popular kids were also the biggest idiots and I was somehow looped in with their classes. 

      For biology we had a push over of a substitute. When I say push over, I mean everything under the sun happened. When word was slowly getting out some of the honors chem students tried selling their shitty meth. Cursing left and right, students taking out class equipment and pretending they were in an episode of House staring a down microscope saying "It's not Lupus, it's r-pox", students being fingerbanged, flashing the class, not acknowledging the substitute, and many other things. So sooner or later the sub quits right there on the spot and leaves the school. But before she left out of stress and anxiety she wrote down a small letter with one name on it.

      The next day our original teacher comes back. He than directs me to go do a few things for him to prepare the rest of the class day. I knew exactly what he was doing when he sent me to grab a stack of detention notes. So I come back with packets, laptops, extra glassware, and textbooks. I told my teacher I had a doctors appointment and left school early ,to which he responded "Good, I don't want you here when I rip this class a new asshole and give them detention". So I go to the doctors, come back to school the next day, to find out that I got detention. The only teacher to serve it was my bio teacher.

      So I show up with the other rabble rousers and he's looking at me sideways and says "I never gave you detention. Why are you here?"

      My response: "Yeah, I keep forgetting to turn in my release note saying that I was at the doctors so they gave me detention ". 

      My teacher: "That's how they get ya if you forget. But to my knowledge your the only person the sub mentioned by name that didn't give her trouble. So you can go ahead and go home before the rest of the class shows up".

      Who knew being good paid off.

    • Busy bee....

      1 week ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Wow guys and gals. I've been offline for awhile, huh? Well to keep it brief and drop some info, I've been teaching myself the guitar, taking care of my grandma, and running numerous errands. When I type my next post it will be..... Story Time..... I've been jogging my memory and I think I remembered a wild one. 

      See y'all later. DFTBA and be a better you. Love ya lads and lasses. 

    • DDR..... Sorta

      3 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      If you guys and gals really want me too. I will learn to dance like this and we can have a flashdance in the convention hall.

    • My RTXperience/Story Time.....

      4 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      A double feature? Ok.

      Day 1

      So guys and gals. RTX (My third) happened this month that I so happily had the privilege to go to. So as is tradition, I fly out to RTX a day before the convention starts. I awoke at 2 a.m. to start making my way to Reagan national airport down in D.C. On the way to the airport I get a call from American Airlines saying that my flight got delayed until 11:55. I was suppose to fly out at 5:30 and get to DFW by 7:30 and arrive at 9:30. I had gotten to the airport at 3:30 and waited over 8 hours until takeoff. So my plane gets there and we had to wait another 45min until we actually took off. With the delay it changed where my layover would be. So I layedover in Charolette, North Carolina where I met a group of fans. We all congregated at this one gate because 1) This was the only gate to Austin at the moment and 2) We saw each others RT merch and flocked to each other. From there I made some friends whom I shared a cab with. Now with the delay I didn't touch down till 5pm. So me and my new friends are waiting for this UberX that we called and didn't arrive for 15min. We try to get to the ACC but we all got the tweet that the line got capped to pick up tickets. So great, fucking great. After I got dropped off I walked to my hotel on 11th. Checked in, dropped off my shit, and went to Fado's to meet with the famous OCC. While I was there I had met @Lamkia @RWBimbie @Kikyobutt kikyobutt's dad @Ratatoskr @teflyingninja and @Treanomaly . So after we drank and talked a bit, kyb's dad took us all to the Driskoll hotel for more drinks even though we were suppose to hunt down some food. While we were there, we met up with @MrWartburg @Joron093 @Jaron097 after the Side Quest charity gala. After a bit, we hit 6th street for some food, which by the way has insane expensive pizza by the slice. 5$ for a single slice. Than we head to Pete's Dueling Piano bar which was awesome and funny. I don't know their names but those two guys killed it and were funny. Stood there till 1 am then shot to my hotel to prepare for the next day.

      I'm going to break all this up just so that I don't have problems posting pics and tagging others.

      See y'all later.

    • RTX..... Part 1?

      4 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      I'll be posting my experience later when I got more time. But needless to say, this RTX changed my life.

      Y'all have a good day.


    • FR

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Sent out Friend Request on Xbox. If you want one, it's The Izayer if I didn't send you one.

    • An Amazing Feeling Of Self Propulsion.....

      2 months ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      I was going to dedicate this post about a hero of mine, Clint Eastwood, but as I was perusing Youtube and a Master Class trailer came on. Naturally I was going to skip it but when Hans Zimmer appeared on screen I immediately stayed to watch the whole thing. He goes to talk about how he does his work and it really reminded me of someone else who inspires the rest of us.

      As I watched it, he came to mind: 


      With that video in mind and the creative inspiration that Monty always presented, I'm going to go back to my world building. I know that world building is a arduous and extremely hard job, but I don't care. I've been keeping myself inspired, and through inspiration I have found motivation.

      What really has been inspiring me is the music to Avatar: The Last Airbender and the soundtrack to The Last Of Us. I've been out of writing juices for a while now. For this Universe building I wrote 30+ characters with backgrounds.

      But back to the subject. Though I am a person with a singular mind, I am a singular person with a numerous amount of perspectives. I hope to one day create a singular object with multiple stories that have an impact on sensitive topics in hopes of expanding different perspectives. But in order to do this I must consume, re-invent, and put my own twist on it. But all that will come in time, One Day.

      What I feel like I'm doing at this point is trying to help and expand on creativity and originality. I completely agree with @burnie about motivation, here and watch this till the end but start at

      4:35 in my recommendation if your interested in inspiration, creativity, motivation, and what not.

      My opinion about Burnie's opinion is on and off. I agree with him to a certain point but I don't disagree with what I do not want to recognize. To touch on the topic of discipline, it helps with staying on track, staying true to a routine, to reach ones goal. Inspiration can come in many forms and shapes. You can stay in awe of inspiration, that feeling of "Wow" or "That's totally amazing". In his video he talks about how ".....The ability to stay inspired to do those things, usually people attribute that to motivation........ I don't think that motivation actually exist and I don't think that it's something that you can cultivate. Because motivation is a emotional component of inspiration......." Now I want to stop him there if I could. If you are someone like me who can act on motivation, than you can come up with some pretty neat things to oneself. Motivation can be misread as inspiration by some. To me this is how it should be looked at. I'm going to use Burnie and some others as an example. He consumes content to create content. Therefore he gets inspired by what he consumes. But because he is a creator he had disciplined himself at some point to stay continuous with his work. But it isn't until there is a wave of applause or congratulations for his work for him to get inspired again. In that second wave of inspiration, that's when motivation hits, that's when you have a fiery feeling similar to ambition. Now here is that tricky part. If you discipline yourself to attain or recreate that feeling of inspiration/motivation. Another example, @IronBridge ,he puts out facts everyday about anything. Some are interesting and some are funny/cool. But he goes and consumes all this research.

      Let me throw another big user at you guys, @topham , this guy is another one. I read his blogs all the time. He does so many things, writes about it, and has another adventure the next day.

      @Kaoru27Umi , this lass is another kick ass blogger. It may not be daily but it's continuous and motivated by day to day affairs or events that may take place.

      Let me hit you with a user here on the site that just popped upped on my radar(though I really wish I knew his username) Rush Garcia on YT. 

      Let me hit you guys with one more. @SailorGirl81 , another daily blogger but she's also an artist.

      All these users and many more consume content to create content. There inspiration comes in many shapes and forms but they discipline themselves to stay motivated. But inspiration can go hand in hand with it.

      So before I leave guys, I just want to say that I don't give a shit if you disagree with me. I really don't. But If you do take something from this, please let it benefit you in the long run. Let this help push you in the right direction of your passions, goals, or what ever. I just hope you share some of this knowledge that you do agree with and help out someone else who is srtuggling with a creative block or something of that ilk.

      See y'all in the future. Or hey, even at RTX. 

      Take care.

    • Catching Up.....

      2 months ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Today seems like a good day to relisten to any and all the podcasts. 









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    • SirSailorStar

      4 months ago


      Happy Easter! Above is the Fairy of Nature from Winx Club.

      • Izayer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Stories

        4 months ago

        Wow just wow. Lol. 

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      6 months ago


      Happy Fuzz with the Warmth and The Fuzz Day!

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        6 months ago

        Thank you. I hope that yours is even better!

    • SirSailorStar

      6 months ago

      Do you wanna play a gaaaame?

      It's better than this song parody.

      I could make it last all day.

      But I won't, so say yay!

      Okay bye.

      Link: Game. Is fun.

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