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    • Finally!!!!!

      4 days ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      I finally used an elevator where the close door button actually worked. It truly is a Christmas miracle. 

    • Home Expansions.....

      1 week ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

       I came to a realization to get in a bit I’m going to be on the Internet for a long time. Within a realization I came to the idea that I should make my online home Bigger so that I can meet more people online. Rooster teeth talks a lot about packs and how it’s an awesome convention to go to, so I went to Penny arcade, created an account, and named it Izayer. Trying to make searching for me easy online by sticking to one username. Though I’ll never get @Izayer on Twitter because some Japanese guy has it and some very dapper guy on Instagram has it too. 

      I want to expand my presence on the internet not by talent (just yet) but by possession. I want to own Izayer accounts all across the internet one way or another. I’d like to make more friends across the Internet that way when I go to conventions I don’t need to worry about being by myself. I can go in blind and know that I’ll have friends there. Just like RTX. 

      So what cool websites that’s worth my time should I have an account with? Also what should I do on Penny Arcade?

    • Guitar Update.....

      2 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Hey guys. Just wanted to keep y'all updated on my progress.

      So, I've been playing a lot of guitar since my last post about the subject. I went down to the local music store and bought a complete guide to the fret board. SO far I have all the major and minor pentatonic scales in the first position memorized and some Lydian scales as well. 

      I've been getting bored with scales, but I shouldn't be saying that. I know it's something I shouldn't be complaining about but it's slowly feeling really easy. So I'm teaching myself a really fun song. I've been teaching myself Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON. So far it has been really easy to learn. The song is mostly power chords and the riff that plays at the very beginning. Outside of that it's super simple. Also own my own is the I taught myself the intro to Enter the Sandman

      I had in mind to play Adventure of a Lifetime after Shut Up and Dance. So far learning is pretty easy. Though the question I have in mind is whether or not should I invest in an electric guitar next or another acoustic. I'm leaning more towards another acoustic. If so, which one.

      Anyways, If you lads and lasses have something easy and fun for me to do just drop it in the comments. At one point or another I'll probably record something for fun or go out in public and just play once I get comfortable with my skill.

      Love ya gg k bye lol.

    • Story Time.....

      3 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      We all have that story. That dreaded time that we couldn't make it on time. So as a last resort, we think to ourselves "Tis the moment that I commit to an action that I must live with forever." Though those weren't the exact words I said in first grade.

      SO in first grade we had an in grade assembly. All the first graders had to congregate in the middle of this one room and listen to what the teachers had to say. Well this happened right after midterms and I really needed to got to the bathroom. So I ask if I can go to the bathroom after the test and before the assembly. I go to the closest one but it's locked because of plumbing issues. I go to the next closest one but then I needed to wait for someone to get out the stall. Someone gets out of the and I'm thinking "Thank God". But I run into another problem. I don't know how to get my belt off. SO I run back to my teacher to get some help. She helps me take off my children's belt then tells me to hurry up to the bathroom. Well I'm rushing to the bathroom, kicked down the door, and ran into another problem. My belt buckled in and I didn't realize it. So I had to do it. God didn't leave me with a choice. I had to shit myself.

      So I'm crying and my immediate decision was to go to the nurses office. So she hands me a spare set of clothes and calls my father at work to come get me. Somehow she knew that I was too ashamed to go back to class to pay attention. That one time I shit myself I go home early and was my first time ever wearing a belt.

      If there is one time to ever get out of anything and getting out off scott free with some self inflicted shame, shit yourself. So far I'm 100% lifetime of skipping out of something because I shit myself.

    • Really RWBY Fans!? Really?.....

      3 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Do we really need to turn off notifications when a RWBY episode releases? Listen, I know that all y’all RWBY fans are hardcore but you guys need to chill. 

      Calm your tits

      Soothe your boobs

      De-stress your breast

      Adjust your bust before it combust

      Hakuna your tatas

      Your honkers need to stop going bonkers

      Undo the calamity that is your mammeries 

      Give that chest a rest

      Don’t have a rack attack. 

      Stop making your fandom my nightmare to navigate the site. I can only handle it twice a volume not every episode. 

      Love ya gg k bye lol. 

    • I'm Dying.....

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      ..... Of boredom.

      Ever since I moved out of my last apartment, in which I say fuck that place, I've been getting immensely bored. I don't mind re-watching old episodes of Vikings over and over, but nonetheless I get bored of that. I don't have an Xbox to play, cable t.v., friends, or an interest with those around me. Outside of my dvd player, all I have are my Yu-Gi-Oh and my guitar. I've upped my guitar practice by an hour and a half but I find myself getting bored of repeating minor and major pentatonic scales to help myself remember the order. I'm going to get through scales before moving onto chords.

      What can I do to not die?

    • Music......

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      So I try to sing everyday no matter what. Whether I hum, whistle, or actually say the words. I try. I have, for the past month, been singing:

      Imagine Dragons

      X Ambassadors

      Ed Sheeran


      Zak Able

      Tom Walker


      Mystery Skulls


      Hailee Steinfeld

      Frank Sinatra

      The Chainsmokers


      Panic! At The Disco.

      Camila Cabello




      George Ezra

      Dan Bull

      The 1975



      Charlie Puth


      Cold War Kids


      Eyes Lips Eyes

      Gavin James


      The Lumineers

      And many more. I got a list of hundreds but I don't want to stretch out this page. I don't think that I'm good by any stretch. When I record myself and listen back to how I sound...... well let's just say that I find myself hard to listen to. But complete strangers say that I sound pretty good. What should I do? Continue to be hard on myself to sharpen my skill or listen to others and try to change my thinking? 

      Advice anybody?

    • Days 9-26

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Ok. 2 weeks in between blogs is a long time and you'd think that a lot has happened. Nope. I've been working long hours for nothing and I've been working like a dog at that. I've been doing farm work, heavy lifting, cleaning lots and lots of black mold, traveling back and forth between Westminster and Hanover, and much more. So in lack for being paid for those services, I'm going to quit and get a more stable and fair job. I even begun to start selling food I make. Recently I sold a $3 fish seasoned with garlic butter and pan seared with olive oil for $5. Next will be these big tubs filled a stew I made with bacon, chicken, potatoes, pork kebobs, peppers, and other things.

      I've been getting the hang of adulating after my life being on a delay for 5 years. I'm not ready for every problem thrown my way but I do know how to handle most problems sensibly and with common sense. I just finished watching the recent RWBY episodes and hot damn they're coming along nicely. I sense something fun and epic happening soon.

      Well I got to go but I'll be around the site today if anyone wants to chat.

      LOL k, bye.

    • I Miss Rooster Teeth.....

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Wow. Life has a way of keeping me busy. Firstly I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment where water and electricity is included with my $500 rent. The landlord also has me working for him and doing jobs all over town. Don't worry, I'm still chasing my dream and doing anything in my power to  achieve it. But I don't want to reveal what it is yet.

      I wasn't online when RWBY 5 came out but, how long was the site down due to traffic? I need an XB1 and a tv. I'm working my ass off and I need something to help me decompress and relax. I never thought to feel like I couldn't relax ever but my roommates came to the rescue on that one. I entered into a conversation by offering apple pie, and from there we talked about music and sang oldies rock and 90's hits. Every job I've been going to has really good acoustic settings, lots of hard floor and wall surfaces, so that I can better my skill. Guitar is going great. I've been watching this guy and following his instructions. He's down to earth and patient in how he teaches.

      So I thought of a way to try and keep in touch with or to see how I'm doing. If you follow me and want to share or ask me questions, just go to my questions and comments tab and hit me up.

      Even though this is an update post, I'm just going to watch the Burnie vlog that came out and get. But here is a video that me and my cousin are making fun of everyday:

    • Days 7&8

      2 months ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Stayed in bed all weekend sick from chemo. Thought I had none left after Friday. But alas I have one left. Nothing much to report till after the weekend. 

      See y’all when I’m feeling better. 

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    • SirSailorStar

      8 months ago


      Happy Easter! Above is the Fairy of Nature from Winx Club.

      • Izayer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Stories

        8 months ago

        Wow just wow. Lol. 

    • Kaoru27Umi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Princess of Mars

      10 months ago


      Happy Fuzz with the Warmth and The Fuzz Day!

      • Izayer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Stories

        10 months ago

        Thank you. I hope that yours is even better!

    • SirSailorStar

      10 months ago

      Do you wanna play a gaaaame?

      It's better than this song parody.

      I could make it last all day.

      But I won't, so say yay!

      Okay bye.

      Link: Game. Is fun.

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      2 years ago


  • Questions answered by Izayer

    I don't have any pets. But my ideal pets would be a German Shepard, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a pit bull. 

    It's cool and all but I don't get hung up about it. It's a fun little milestone that I come across..... a few times a week.