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      JMeisterJ Ummmm, Trying to be a Le

      Guys something I wanted to talk about. Team JNPR. Now I don't have a theory today so sorry haha but just something I wanted to bring up. We know that they are kind of the second trumpet to the shows obvious main team, RWBY, but I think it's important to note just how close this team was. We had Jaune and Pyrrha, the lovable idiot stuck in a tree while his friends did the fighting, and the world renowned fighter, who were partnered up together, and the best ship in the show, (Damn you RT.) And then Ren and Nora, who we knew had a past together only through word of mouth until this Volume. In Volume 1 we saw this team conquer the Deathstalker via the quick analysis of Jaune, and team work, and also through collecting the White Rook Piece, they became team JNPR, lead by Jaune. As the Volume progressed we saw that Jaune and Pyrrha grew closer together through the actions that took place in Jaundice and Forever Fall. At first glance it may have seemed that Jaune was just a wimp who let Cardin bully him, but when he stood up to him finally, Jaune said "I don't care what you do to me, you are NOT messing with my team." Showing that Jaune truly did care for his teammates, his friends. And even then, Ren and Nora seemed kind of unsure of Jaune, but Pyrrha stood up for him saying "I'm sure our leader knows exactly what he's doing." In Volume 2, we see a conversation between Jaune and Ren, where he wants Ren's advice about girls, thinking that him an Nora are a couple. Jaune even goes so far to say "I don't know much about you personally, BUT DARNIT I consider you to be the brother I never had!!" And Ren replies with "And I you...." At the time we may have perceived it as Jaune just trying to get on Rens good side or being cheesy due to Ren's reaction, but his reaction could have just been because Jaune didn't really let Ren get dressed after his shower which he had just taken. Later on, we see Pyrrha distraught, and Ren and Nora both look sad for her and Nora even says "Practice what you preach Pyrrha" showing that they had been paying attention to her this whole and see her feelings towards Jaune, even if he couldn't. At the dance we see Pyrrha alone because no one had asked her and she had wanted to go to the dance we Jaune, because he unlike everyone else in her life, treated like she was just another person. And in the end, the four of them have a fun evening together at the dance, and perform the sweetest on the spot dance in history, At the end of the Volume, in Breach, Jaune receives his phone call from Ruby, and immediately feels that something is wrong. As his team is about to go out on their mission, the siren from Vale goes off and Jaune immediately knows that RWBY and Vale are in danger and tells his team, "We're changing our mission" and tells Ren that they'll go to village they were supposed to go to another day and Ren nods, "Showing Jaune that he knows that rescuing Vale and helping his friends is a far more urgent matter. In Volume 3, (Damn you RT) we see them join RWBY for a prefight meal, and Nora joking tells everyone that they have "...Jaune..." and Ren replies, "Are you gonna take that?" And Jaune just says "She's not wrong..." and Nora says "I'm kidding! He knows I'm kidding" then immediately tells him not to be so down, before her own nervous breakdown. At their fight, we once again, for the first time since V1 I'm pretty sure team JNPR truly fight using team work, Jaune strategize against BRNZ's sniper, to keep moving, ensuring that Nora could safely get to the mountain to use her Semblance. Yes their team attacks don't exactly go as planned, but in the end, Nora still adheres to her leaders advice and wins the match for them. Later on after Yang's disqualified from the tournament, team JNPR checks in with RWBY to see if Yang is ok, after a brief conversation, Pyrrha says she will try her best to win the tournament for Yang and Beacon. After which Ren and Nora somewhat bombard her with ways to ensure she will win the fight, after seeing she's not really herself, Jaune tells them that instead of exercising and drinking whatever Ren made, they all just get some fresh air. They seemingly go to the fair grounds and then walk around campus, Pyrrha eventually ending up on her own as Jaune then tries to help her, when Ren and Nora see this, they immediately try and leave the two alone. Jaune confides in Pyrrha, telling her she was the first person in his life to truly believe in him, not even his parents had had faith that he would make it as a huntsmen. Then saying she has always been there for him and he could tell something was wrong and wanted to help. Pyrrha tries to confide in him, as much as she can, but she knows that she can't say much of anything. After Jaune says all the right/wrong things she uses her semblance in order to literally push him away. After the events of the PvP, a Nevermore attempts to break into the arena, and JNPR, one the last groups to remain their refuse to leave without Pyrrha. After all the students join together, JNPR stands to defend Beacon and the Vale kingdom. As the battle proves to be too difficult to contain, Port and Oobleck tell all students to immediately evacuate, however Nora and Ren REFUSE to leave knowing that their teammates are still in Beacon. After the most unfortunate scene in the series, JNR set out with Ruby, to go to Mystral. And we see that while Ruby laughs at Jaune's hoody, his team simply smiles and says he doesn't have to grow out of everything. Later, the team comes to a crossroad, literally, either a direct mountain pass to Mystral, OR go through a deserted village known as Kuroyuri, which Ren immediately says it would take to long and refuses to go through. The team splits up, and Jaune tells the two "Take care of each other" after hugging Ren, his friend, his brother. After a battle with the grim from Ren and Nora's past, we see the scene in Mystral, where Jaune is just in what appears to be his own room, staring at Crocea Mors which had been strengthened with Milo and Akouo's remains, by himself. After a short time, Ren and Nora join him, and the three sit together, remember why they are there and remembering their fallen friend, and the 2 show Jaune "we're still here, you still have us, Jaune."

      I think it's really truly lovely how close this team had gotten during their short year together. For a team we had seen so little of up to Volume 4, I think it shows that they had just as much a crazy and wild time at Beacon that team RWBY did, even if we didn't see it. Team JNPR wasn't just some background group to play second trumpet to RWBY, keep in mind, besides the trailers, the first member of JNPR appeard before even Weiss and Blake did in the show. JNPR may not be the main group of the show, and they may not be around for the whole show, but I think it's important to see that they just like RWBY in many ways, and would do anything for each other. They truly did become the family that most them didn't have.

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    • Volume 4; Tipping Point thoughts. **WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD**

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      JMeisterJ Ummmm, Trying to be a Le


      I had first thought Tyrian was a faunus at the Volume 3 Event when they showed the Behind the Intro, i saw his sketch and IMMEDIATELY thought he was a snake faunus, but THAT is even better. And I like her performance as a fighter, but he's too wild, which I think is gonna be his down fall to Qrow. 

      Now, what he thought of Jaune??? I'm not sure honestly, is it maybe that he knows the Arc symbol? Or maybe he just likes him, as in, "This kid, I can tell what you're fighting for" or maybe he sees an apprentice or something in Jaune? (Which I think would be cool, but would never want Jaune to lose his sense of right)

      Ren's family, I'm glad we're learning more about him, even if it is just a glimpse. And so Ren hail's from Mistral originally? Makes sense seeing how Asian inspired Mistral seems to be, anyway, this episode showed a lot more of Ren, and I'm pretty sure that was his semblaaaance? Maybe? I can't recall anyone else doing that with their aura, some please correct me if I'm wrong. But if Ren's semblance has to do with Extrasensory Perception I think that'd fit him A LOT!

      The Schnee family, a great scene, but someone please tell me that Henry guy is a Neptune-esk character haha, seriously tell me I'm not the only one. But anyway, I have a lot more respect for Weiss now. I'm glad she stood by Vale and especially General Ironwood for saying that about her, I think it's gonna be him, Klein, Whiteley and Winter who help her get away from Jacques. But about her semblance, I think the reason Jacques likes keeping his daughter "in check" and why he isn't "pleased" with Winter is because if the Schnee's don't use their semblance, it becomes harder to control, (The scene with Weiss in the opening) that's why, loved that nod to Vol1, the Boarbatusk attacked people. And another thing I'd like to point out, in Remembrance, episode 2 of Volume 4, in the Schnee family painting, Whiteley and Jacques appear to be the only ones NOT frowning in the picture, and in the same episode, Whiteley tells Weiss that their mother was "drinking" in the garden, and her mother was no where to be seen today either. I think we can all agree that Jacques likes making sure the women in his life are in check.  

      Now, with everything else in mind, I think after next episode, if it is Qrow vs Tyrian, Team RNJR is done for this Volume, and they are the best part for me personally but I think so. Ruby clearly didn't and still doesn't know how big and massive the world is. She thought the trip to Haven, on another continent, would be 2-3 weeks. Granted, had Shion not been destroyed and HAD they had a working air ship, probably would've saved them much more time. But now they have to find another way to get to Mistral, and now they have to worry about their capabilities as a team, And I think now that they know Qrow's been looking after them, he's gonna tell them they're done, for now. Because now the rest of the time is gonna be them training, once Tyrian's taken care of. Qrow's gonna train them and teach them all that they can to be a much better team led by Jaune, yes, Jaune. Now I am a Jaune fan boy I'll admit, but hear me out. In "the Next Step" Nora and Ren even discussed this matter themselves, and I do like that Nora is in favor of Jaune, BUT ANYWAY, I think we can all agree that this quest means alot more to Jaune than anyone else. He lost the one and first person who truly believed in him, his instructor and his lover. Qrow will train them and see that Jaune is the one who is truly most fitting of the title because above all else, Qrow trusts Ozpin, who made Jaune a leader. Qrow will tell Ruby she has her team, but for now, she has to respect her leader. And I'm very much looking forward to Jaune and Qrow's interactions, I predict it will be Jaune will be very angsty and angry with Qrow, who may even mock Pyrrha for sacrificing herself, which will drive Jaune ballistic. 

      I'm NOT saying Qrow is a dick, he's truthful, he told Pyrrha, to her face, "Your team kinda sucks without you" Qrow is gonna take Jaune under his wing, like he did Ruby, and Jaune will learn how to become an even greater fighter than he could with Pyrrha, learn to fully strategize in any situation, and Qrow will be TOUGH on Jaune, Pyrrha was kind and caring, but Qrow will be like "I'm not your girlfriend kid, you're working on aura" And another thing to note, Qrow trained Ruby to use a scythe, but his weapon has another form, a Great Sword. We've been guessing Jaune would need another mentor who uses a sword and it'll take far too long for him and Weiss to meet up again, (A few of my friends have speculated it to be her who would teach him) Qrow teaching Jaune would be big for both of them, I feel like it would show Qrow's loyalty to Ozpin further, teaching someone Ozpin gave a chance to and help Jaune become even better.

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    • MAaaaaybe???

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      JMeisterJ Ummmm, Trying to be a Le

      Soooo i just had an idea, call me crazy, but ya know how everyones name is typically is a reference to color??? How about a character based off of Bob Ross?? Think of how cool that could be!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Jaune Knows His Semblence???

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      JMeisterJ Ummmm, Trying to be a Le

      Hear me out. What if Jaune already knows what his semblance is? We know, thanks to Winter, that sometimes a semblance can be Hereditary, passed down through family genes. We also know that Jaune comes from a great, and possibly well known family of warrior men; His father, his grandfather and his great and great great grandfather were all warriors, as Jaune has said, and he has his great great grandfathers Sword and Shield, which I presume has been passed down to each Arc son, so what if they all had the same semblance, what if the Arc family's semblance is hereditary like the Schnee's? And the reason Jaune does't want to practice his Aura to unlock his semblance, is because he already knows what it is and he doesn't like it. Think about it, Jaune has looked down on his family's battle style before, with Crocea Mors. He described it as a hand-me-down, and Ruby was the one to compliment the classical weapon to which Jaune chuckled and somewhat reluctantly agreed. He's always been jealous of everyone's weaponry and even in the latest episode of RWBY Chibi (Which I know isn't canon... obviously.... D'X) Jaune looked at his sword and was embarrassed by it, and went to try out team RWBY's weapons. And during training with Pyrrha, Jaune showed reluctance when it came to aura training, as Pyrrha stated, he get's discouraged whenever they do, but I don't think it's because he's not getting the hang of his aura's, I think it's because like with Crocea Mors, Jaune is embarrassed of his family's semblance. He sees it as nearly useless compared to what everyone else can do, like Ruby's speed, Weiss' glyphes, and Pyrrha's polarity. Jaune sees the power he holds as useless and weak so he doesn't even want to bother trying to unlock it because he doesn't want it. Discuss.

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