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    Stage/Film/V.O. Actor & Agent Carolina on Red Vs Blue. Stitcher. Idealistic Hugger. Impromptu Dance Party Thrower. Nerd Extraordinaire.

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    • DanielZhu1


      1 year ago

      I am interested in providing Monty and the rest of Team RWBY, with ideas and was wondering if you could recommend me. I am putting one of my earlier ideas below. Tell me if it is any good.
      This is the updated version
      A guy named Lan Jingshen, he uses a pair of long nun chucks with guns at the ends, the nun chucks can connect into a staff, and when connected the guns gain more fire power and can fire in the directions the tips are pointing at. Also it can become a bow if he bends the chains at the right angles. However, his true forte is hand to hand combat. He has high mastery of Aura (Meditates daily to train his Aura), his semblance is manipulation of pure energy, and when using his full strength, blue lines cover his entire body and he gains enhanced abilities. He has messy black hair with azure highlights, wears a pair of glasses that change into a mask when he begins combat, has a blue and black trench coat along with a pair of black pants with two blue steaks running down the sides, and when fighting takes off the coat in this case he wears a blue and black tank top, Also wears black gloves. Height wise he would be a bit taller than Yang. Body is covered with scars of various shapes and sizes due to his frequent fights with High level Grimm. Large tattoo on his back (I’ll send you a rough sketch of it if you like the character). His combat style is formless, and draws from a myriad of martial arts styles. He also has a pet Golden Retriever, the golden retriever enjoys stealing other people’s laundry, and always tries to kiss up to people.
      I would also like to put in his personality in case it is (and some back story too). A calm cool guy, who's always the peacemaker, and is very devoted to whatever he sets his mind to, he would also be very learned, polite, and versatile ( able to use most weapons if necessary) Doesn't speak very loudly, and is sometimes ignored. Very good at making friends and is rather social, in a detached way ( but although there are many who he calls friend, before he met team RWBY there were none he truly believed to be his friend, except his master). Believes that the best way for a person to become stronger and learn is for them to experience things themselves, so he often keeps knowledge to himself, even if it would be beneficial for the other person to know. He is wise far beyond his years, one of the main reasons he came to Beacon was to find that “special someone†his grandpa always told him about. I think it would be humorous if he developed a crush on Yang, and as a result becomes very awkward and a bit clumsy whenever she is near. He also trains in a lot of his spare time in fact his daily regime is kill 10 powerful Grimm a day. Back story is that he woke up by the sea when he was 4 with no memory, he is found by the nearby villagers and is taken care of, during this time he almost lived in local library, and educated himself there. He later meets a man who would become his teacher; a white tiger Faunus named Brom Silverfang, who was a founding member of White Fang, but left after some of the organizations more brutal operations. Lan makes his nun chuk/staff/ gun from parts found in a dump in a city he travels to. He also learns a variety of skills on his travels (cooking, clothes making, engineering, zoology, etc.) but has almost zero pop culture knowledge. During his travels, he joined White Fang for a few months and also was employed by the Schnee company for a few years (currently owns some of its high value stocks), in both cases he learned many of the secrets in both organizations. He also has experience in the underground crime world (learning the ways of the street). I think it would also be fun if at one point he encountered Yang and Ruby before they were adopted, because this could help them connect later in. Later in his travels with his master (when he is around 15) he discovers an ancient piece of technology called INDEX, and after gaining more mastery of his AURA he uses INDEX as a base to create a weapon called the ERUDITE ARMORY, which can transform into any weapon he knows how to make (able to fill the sky with a menagerie of different armaments). It is very heavy and difficult to use so he doesn't use it often, because of the massive amount of aura it consumes while in use. His master is later killed by a giant Grimm know as Shade the Eighth Terror (Shade cannot be harmed by purely physical attacks, and that is all Brom had , even though they were super powerful physical attacks that were able to cleave mountains), but by that time Lan was skilled enough to kill it with his Aura infused ERUDITE ARMORY. When the Shade died, part of its essence infected Lan, and slowly eats away at his soul, because of this his AURA was greatly weakened and now can only use the ERUDITE ARMORY for 30 seconds a day. However, Brom’s soul entered into Lan as well and helps him keep SHADE at bay (the downside is Lan now has the crazy, perverted old man yammering at him 24/7). Was noticed by BEACON and gained a combat scholarship just like RUBY after saving a group of elite hunters from high class monsters (this was before he battled with the SHADE, which took place 3 months before he was going to transfer to BEACON). Currently he is much weakened due to the SHADE’s essence infecting him (sometimes causing to lose control of himself and turning into a half-Grimm state), his current combat ability (without using the armory) is slightly higher than Pyrrha’s. Right now is trying to control the Grimm inside.
      He is 17 or 18 years old.
      Tell me what you think of him
      my email is [email protected]

      Lan Jingshen, Indra Vajra , Greya Spetznach, Tenguro Karasu,
      Team LIGT (Light)

    • 337


      2 years ago

      Hey. It's Lee. I think you took my hand sanitizer. My personal one.

    • fallout1518


      2 years ago

      Yo what up JB (not justin bieber)

    • monopoly_j

      monopoly_j Elevator's not worthy.

      2 years ago

      Merry Christmas from Monopoly_J
      I hope the Holiday finds you doing well.


    • sonasaurus


      2 years ago

      Hey Jen, great job on the episode as always. I thought you could use a laugh, so I made this :P


    • black_winter


      3 years ago


      Dead Donut 2012

    • xXapuppyXx


      3 years ago


    • Rakashi


      3 years ago

      Hello Jen,

      Just wanted to say you have done a fantastic job as Agent Carolina. She is easily one of my favorite Freelances due to your ability to deliver and act. It really shows in Season 10 for every single line you have done.

      Thanks for the work.

      By the way, how many times did you have to do the scream? It was really, really well done and hit the emotional strands. Again, superb acting! Can't wait to see more.

    • TayDebs


      3 years ago

      Hi jen.
      i'm a big fan. i'm sure you get this a lot :/
      But i really appreciate the effort you put into your job.
      Thank you so much:)

    • JoeSway


      3 years ago

      Jen! You were the coolest at RTX! Thanks for being such a great, kind, sweet person!

      • JenBrown


        3 years ago

        Aw, you are awesome! It was great meeting you & thanks for being a rad sweet fan!

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