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    • Small project I'm doing for my mom.

      2 years ago


      Hi all. I'm raising money for my mom and I need some help. Here's the link to the Gofundme page I've created: gofund.me/2sa8urd8 Please feel free to share around the community.

      I'm surprising my mother with this because I wish to help her. Money has always been an issue and this time, it's worse. We needs repairs done around the house, pay off repairs, bills, etc. While we've always found a way, no one should ever have to fight this hard. She's sacrificed enough for me, she deserves some help, but I, one person, cannot do this alone.

      Thank you for your time,


    • Things

      2 years ago


      So, I sent in a cover letter and a resume to Rooster Teeth. As I'm thinking of my future, working with them is one of the things I'm considering. After what I've gotten to see from Rooster Teeth, I thought if I can help them, why not?

      I've also gotten back into painting. I learned some skills while here at NWU. I enjoyed set painting and miss it, so I thought I'd just start painting on my own. It's been fun.

      When I get more painting done, I'll post them on here, figure maybe you guys would like to see what I've been doing. I know there's not many of you that read these, but hey, it doesn't hurt to make a post.

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    • Darkness and Light

      2 years ago


      Darkness and Light

      They surround us all

      Both are needed for balance


      Nowadays, Darkness is

      And has been

      Taking over

      I have watched it

      Consuming the people I love

      My heart crumbles for them


      I have not given up

      Where Darkness thrives

      There is Light

      It shines with all of its soul

      But not many see it

      Some even reject it


      Without a second thought

      There isn't much being done about it


      That won't stop me

      For I wish to be the spark

      To get the people I meet to embrace

      And create their own Light

      Even if it's not the biggest they can muster

      It's a start

      With my smile

      My work

      Anything and everything

      I will put the Darkness at bay

      So the next time it comes to take more than it's share in the world

      There will be more Light to brighten up the world

      To those reading this

      Hearing my words

      Do not despair

      Do not let Darkness take over

      There is always Light

      Just look into your heart

      You will find it there

    • Something I just thought of the Schnees

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      So I was just thinking, Weiss' symbol is a snowflake (a very specific one) and the Schnee semblance is hereditary. Now, no two snowflakes are the same, so could each of the Schnee's semblances vary? Like the have the main components of semblances, usage of dust, and summoning, however each of them are different based on the Schnee. For example, we already have variety of weapons as we saw Winter fighting Qrow. We already know that while Winter and Weiss both have rapiers, theirs are completely different, with Winter duel wielding while Weiss has her dust at the ready. But what if Weiss's glyphs aren't like Winter's? We see a glance that she summoned a small version of something she defeated before, perhaps her's are just smaller in nature? With the fact that no two snowflakes are the same, perhaps the Schnee's glyphs aren't exactly the same either.

      Anyone else notice/thought about this?

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    • What I want to do with my life

      2 years ago


      So, Burnie came to my hometown of Lincoln, NE to give a talk about internet content. The talk was awesome! I also got to meet Burnie a few times during the event as well. I gotta say, he's awesome. During his talk, he talked about wanting to create stories and tell them, which is something I've always wanted to do. I'm a theatre major at NWU (Nebraska Wesleyan University) and would love to aid Rooster Teeth with my skills as well as not only honing my current skills, but learning new ones. I'm studying Japanese culture (and Asia in general) as well as Japanese language (and Chinese). I'm also hoping to go to Japan again after I graduate. I will be graduating this May and if I do get to go to Japan, I'd depart in July. I'm excited, but scared at the same time. I'm trying to plan my future so that I get to do the wonderful things I wish to do. I know I plan on sending a resume down to Rooster Teeth at some point soon, and while I have "no" for now, I know I won't get a "yes" unless I go for it. That's what I'm doing with my chances of going to Japan on what is known as the JET program.

      So, I guess that's it for now. Excited to watch RWBY!!!!!!

    • 2 years ago

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