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    • What if...Metro 2033 was open world?

      5 years ago


      One of my friends said this once to me...What if, a game series like Metro 2033 was a open-world territory war sort of like Planetside 2? Mutants versus humans? So then I wrote up the basic idea: You get to choose between survivors and mutants. The mutants have been (sort of unfortunately) interwined so that you can choose air mutants like "Demons" and other versions of nosalies. No Librarians unless it is in the library. The mutants can also spawn different AI that they then control strategy-game style. Sort of like Natural Selection except with AI. The survivors basically hold off or attack new stations, they can also go up to the surface but must carry a gas mask that they either loot off of dead corpses or purchase from vendors that are sometimes exclusive to different stations. The point is that it is incredibly difficult to go by unnoticed but it is very much possible. Clans / groups with over 100 players will be able to create "Factions" with certain pre-set names. These factions either go against or group with the survivors that dwell within the Metro.

      When a station is taken by the mutants, the mutants can then spawn more AI like a threshold. Basically: The more stations you have, the more mutant AI a commander can spawn. A commander controls the AI and directs troop from an overhead view. Everything is seen in real time as well. But, what I was incredibly keen on would be the survival aspect. Flashlights, as one would imagine, play a huge role in the game. But as one survivor, you can't really go in guns blazing, can you? A commander or a single mutant scout would easily find you in the linear tunnels...But on the surface? On the surface it basically allows for everyone to traverse safer or harder around the world of Metro. For example, say you want to get to Exhibition because you are needed there. So you round up a squad of four and head out. You reach another station but your friends are killed and spawned back at the main base (Polis) and thus cannot follow you back. So you walk up to the surface so that you may hide better. You get to the surface with the gear you collected from your friends' corpses and begin walking. You have to constantly check your map, be wary of bandits (that may no doubt be in the game for gear), mutants, demons and if you want to get to D6 (which exists outside the limits of the actual game until someone finds it); Librarians. If a mutant dies, they can spawn back virtually anywhere that is not within a 60-130 meter radius of either a survivor player or a station. A Commander can also direct his NPCs on the surface.

      The limit of AI mutants the Commander can direct are 20 at a time. To get points to get more AI mutants, you have to kill survivors. If an AI mutant or a player mutant get a single kill on the commanders team: That is worth 5 AI mutants.

      Personally, I would be hogging the survivor all the way. The feel that a well team go into a tunnel and get attacked from everywhere by three-four commanders is appealing to me.

    • New things happen all the time.

      5 years ago


      This is a big leap for me. I am going to bounce back the Xbox 360 games which are in my possession and then use that money to purchase PC games. (You know, beside GTA V which they didn't say if it was getting a PC version or not.) As I do not have a lot of PC friends (but I hope I will get!) it was a tough decision and I felt I should share it with all the 0 people that will ever view this. Personally, I am stoked for Metro: Last Lights, which brings me how I decided to start PC gaming instead of continuing console gaming. Well....It wasn't because of the graphics, but how EASY and functional everything was. I could browse up steam directly, or pause midgame to download something (and continue playing while downloading!) I could listen to music, skype, chat instead of talk (I hate talking in chats, as my voice is incredibly high pitched.) and so much more! I felt it was not only useful and so much better, but also stopped me from wasting money to purchase "time" spent on games online. Communication but I have to pay not only for the internet used but for the access to a server? No thanks, Microsoft. I'll stick on to the wall of the huge giant that is PC gaming. (Of course, I will keep my Xbox 360 just in case I missed any exclusives that will obviously deflate in price soon enough.)

    • 2018 years ago

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