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      X-Ray and Vav Title Card Contest!

      1 month ago

      Hey everyone! Since we're in the middle of our mid-season break for X-Ray and Vav, we wanted to keep the excitement up until season two resumes in a couple weeks. So we're having a contest!

      We know you love X-Ray & Vav as much as we do, so we would like to invite you to become a lasting part of the show. Many Saturday morning cartoons use title cards to showcase themes and important moments in each episode. We are asking you, the community, to create title cards for the four episodes that comprise X-Ray & Vav season one. This art will appear on DVDs and BluRays featuring this content, and your art will live on forever as part of the show! We'll also send you a sweet X-Ray & Vav swag pack with cool merch signed by the cast and crew!

      By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to allow Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC to include your artwork on our DVD and BluRay.

      The image must be 4000 x 2250 pixels at 200 resolution/dpi. Use only episodes from season one, and include a sketch of where the title of the episode should go (You must leave room for the title of the episode!). To enter, post a link to your image in the comments section of this journal and we'll message the winners on the site! If you just post a direct link, the image should populate itself and we'll see it. There's no cap on how many times you can enter, so feel free to take a crack at all the episodes. It must be your own original art, created by you. The contest will end in two weeks, on September 12th. Get your entries in by then and you'll be entered to win!

      For your reference, the titles of episodes from season one are:

      Episode 1: X-Ray & Vav Rise

      Episode 2: Operation: Rescue Friend

      Episode 3: Evil Unlocked

      Episode 4: Storm the Tower

      And here are some neat examples of title cards from some of our favorite shows to inspire you!


      Thanks everyone! Have fun, and good luck!

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      X-Ray and Vav Season 2 is Go!

      2 months ago

      Hey everyone!! If you're a sponsor, you can watch the premiere of X-Ray and Vav season 2 now! It's going to be a very exciting season, and this is the start of that. New characters, new foes, new problems. Check it out! The X-Ray and Vav production team from top to bottom has been working hard for months to make this season bigger and better than our last. We hope it pays off! Enjoy.

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      3 months ago

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      RTAA requests

      4 months ago

      Hey y'all, it's time for me to make some new RTAAs! But I need your help.

      If there's funny moment from a podcast, Let's Play, Funhaus video, or anything related to Rooster Teeth, hop on over to the RTAA Requests forum to suggest it to be animated. You'd be helping me out for real, since I have been busy focusing on X-Ray and Vav season 2, and have missed a couple videos in the meantime. Plus it guarantees that I'll make videos that you'll want to see! It's a win-win. Just go to the forum, follow the format, and upvote any other suggestions you wanna see made into an RTAA. Thanks everyone!

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      5 months ago

      I call the Xbox One the Xbone because I'm a clever guy.

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      Bearth Day

      5 months ago

      Back in 2009 I was involved in a writing project where I wrote a blog every day for the month of April. Recently, I came across some old entries and thought I would share the one about Earth Day. Here's what I wrote this six years ago today:

      I'm sure you already knew this, but today is Earth Day! Earth Day is one of those holidays that is widely celebrated, but not yet significant enough to get you the day off from school. It is also, and I think this is true, the Earth's birthday. I mean, it has to be, otherwise what's the point of having it on this day? Random date on a calendar selecting by some guy named Gaylord? Most certainly not.

      There has always been speculation about the Earth's actual date of birth. In 1650, James Ussher calculated the Earth's date of creation to be October 23rd. Which is fine with me, because that is my birthday, and I have no problem with sharing my birthday with someone as great as the Earth. However, thanks to "modern science" and whatnot, this well thought out and previously accepted theory has been kicked to the curb.

      Though the Earth's exact birthday is still not known (and honestly, no one is ever going to find out; it's just impossible to tell when the Earth officially went from lava rock in space to planet capable of holding life), we still have Earth Day to fall back on and celebrate its apparent birth, and also to raise awareness that we might possibly maybe most definitely be killing it . . .

      Earth Day started in 1970 as a way to pledge for a better environmental future by decreasing population growth and the entrapment of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The plan was that by 1994, everything should be evened out. And now, in 2009, things have become progressively worse from where we started 39 years ago. But, we can at least feel guilt free on Earth Day, when we ride our bikes to work and use mousse for our hair. PROBLEM SOLVED.

      All this Earth Day talk reminds me of when I was in sixth grade and I went to an undeniably GREEN camp for a five-day trip with my school. There, the counselors took us on hikes and showed us the world around us. They also told us that Earth was slowly dying, and it was all our faults for using hairspray, voting for Republicans, and driving Hummers. Naturally, I had no idea what this hippie guy was talking about, but he had a very colorful and hypnotic shirt, so I obeyed him.

      Since then, I have, admittedly, fell of the wagon a bit: I only drive diesel cars, I do not recycle, and I have a bad habit of leaving all twenty-three of my microwaves on for days at a time. Also, the nine acre lot on which I live has been rented out for nuclear testing by the government. But at least I can feel good about my impact on the environment on this day, for I unplug all my microwaves, choose not to leisurely ride my coal-powered bicycle, and recycle old jokes down at the Comedy Club. Obviously, I'm forced to make sacrifices, but someone's got to save this planet right?

      I bet you are sitting there at your computer (which is hopefully hamster-powered, if not only for today) and thinking to yourself, How can I decrease my negative impact on the environment? I like it here on Earth! And there are many ways you can do this! But be warned that none of them are easy or practical.

      First, you can move to rural Pennsylvania and become Amish. Live off the land, wear straw hats, and play games like jacks or "Count the Bricks." But do not use candles, as these are very hard on the atmosphere as it turns out. Convince your Amish brethren that halogen lights are green, and that green is good. If they do not know what you mean by green, just tell them Jesus came to you in a dream and said to use them. That should work.

      Alternately, you can do nothing. By which I mean go out into a field and stand there for the rest of your life, doing nothing. Do not breathe, do not move. This will make you completely and 100% environmentally neutral. Then, when you die, your decayed corpse will serve as a fertilizer for Mother Earth, thus making her stronger. Good work.

      Less helpful ways of cutting down your carbon footprint include using green technology, driving hybrid cars, turning off lights (who has time for that?), or recycling. These steps, while somewhat helpful, are not as great and drastic as my two previously mentioned "green ways of life."

      So, have a happy and green Earth Day, everyone. And remember: Every time you Tweet, you might as well be stabbing Earth in the heart

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      X-Ray and Vav Season 2!

      6 months ago

      Hey everyone! In case you missed it yesterday, we put out what will be the intro for season 2 of X-Ray & Vav! Check it out and tell us what you think.

      Big thanks to @Peter for animating the whole thing. The intro song was written and performed by Micah Risinger, who really knocked it out of the park. They the real MVP.

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      Looking for Animators

      6 months ago

      Hey guys!

      In addition to the production artist position, we're also hiring 2D animators. There are two categories, junior to intermediate and intermediate to senior, so choose whichever fits your skills and experience and check out the details here:

      Animation -- 2D Animator - Intermediate to Senior

      Animation -- 2D Animator - Junior to Intermediate

      Thanks, and be sure to tell me how you wish you could apply but can't in the comments.

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      Needed: New Barbara Puns

      7 months ago

      A couple years ago we asked for help finding every pun Barbara made on the RT Podcast.

      Since then, there's been (probably) thousands of groan-inducing attempts at humor, and I need to find them! But I need your help. If you know of a pun (Barbara or otherwise), post the podcast number or video and time stamp in the comments and I'll track it down. Hopefully it will lead to great things.

      Thanks everyone!

    • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

      8 months ago

      I'm really into myself and getting compliments on my selfies so the internet is a great place for me.

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    • Blutonian

      Blutonian Tech Guardian

      3 months ago

      Hey man, It just occurred to me that we're not going to make RTAA #200 in time for RTX 2015. Can you either confirm or deny any speculation that your RTAA panel this year will have a sneak preview of it and/or the outtakes?

    • 0UTL3T


      5 months ago

      Hey Jordan, I'm a huge fan! Do you think you could do the bit by Funhaus, where Bruce talks about "The best prom ever". Its on Open Haus #7 at 3:01-3:30. Thanks!

    • AllElectric


      6 months ago

      Gus had another dream about his dog. You definitely need to animate that along with the millionaire cat.

    • Noodles6789


      6 months ago

      Hey jordan :D

    • yelnocp

      yelnocp TNETENNBA

      6 months ago

      I love the little things you put in the RTAA. The last one where you animated Barb's cough at the end was such a nice touch.

    • VulgarWord


      6 months ago

      Do an RTAA of Podcast #45 where Burnie gets fed up about a comment you make about Conan and how they didn't know it was you until like 2 years later when Jack connected the dots on a podcast with You, Him, Joel, Burnie, and Gus. Please do that!

    • WingofTech

      WingofTech Ultra Rare

      7 months ago

      Where the heck have you been? :P

    • Gildarts

      Gildarts That Guy

      8 months ago

      Please make an RTAA on Podcast 307's conversations on the paintball wars(especially the flare in the sky "we're fucked" moment) and on how hot is the sun is. That would be hilarious and you could use more colors. ;)

    • MeaganCwierz


      8 months ago

      Hey Bro :)

    • legotroop


      8 months ago

      Hey Jordan you should do a "How to: draw RT animated aventures character"