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    • Approaching people online.

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      So a massive debate was started where I work nearly a week ago and its still going, and at its core its a simple as the title says, oh and most conversation where I work last 5minutes maximum, so this has taken a strange level of importance in our warehouse.

      It started with a one of my male co-workers asking another female co-worker, if it was Ok for him to ask a girl out on face book, even though the only time he had ever seen her, was when they walked past each other in the street and exchanged a smile. His reasoning was the likelihood he will just pass by her in the street again is a billion to one. He doesn't know is she is single, with someone, or even married.

      She countered that it might come across extremely creepy, even if they have "Mutual" friends on facebook.

      I don't really know what to think about it, I never use face book, but im used to just messaging people on twitter and here on RT where we all tend to share something in common to start with, but I get the feeling Face book is more personal, since you can find nearly anyone and the only connection is that they also have face book.

      I feel like you guys might offer some decent insight so I can maybe go into work tomorrow and hopefully bring and end to this debate,
      So question is

      Is it appropriate to message someone to ask them for coffee/dinner date, having never met them, and knowing nothing about them?
      Or should he just cut his losses and hope they bump into each other in a relatively large town?

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    • So this hotel.....

      4 years ago


      Is known for having hookers, meth dealers and known sex offenders staying her to a degree that when i checked in, i had to sign a waiver saying, if i hired a escort, dealt or abused substances, or used the wifi or room to house child porn i would be fined and arrested immediately

      Fucking classy portland >_>

    • Quck update - Austin

      4 years ago


      So im still in 'MURICA , just travelled out to portland for a day or 2 then back to austin for the last days of my trip, when im back in England on the 18/19th i might actually write the obligatory, i attended RTX journal, but there is A LOT i want to say,

      Ive had to take plenty of flight and im actually starting to enjoy the entire flying process, seriously not as hard as people make out, even easier if you only travel with a carry on, i have met alot of people on my flights, from a guy who is moving to Austin to publish his book, to a guy in North Carolina who build creates and makes armor plating for tanks and Humvee's who broke down how it all work to me,

      Easy enough to say Americans are substantially louder then us British are, but there so freaking friendly it doesn't matter :D

    • Today I learned

      4 years ago


      If I say anything with confidence in a clear British accent, a lot of American women believe it word for word no matter how stupid it is. Like we hold a competition in England to see who gets to play the next Dr who it's a bit like American idol, called 'Who gets to be who' Does this make me a bad person?

    • 4 years ago


      Ray rocks up the entire q goes nuts

    • 4 years ago


      Been here 10 minutes have seen gus Barbara jack and Caiti in the space of 10 minutes

    • Plan for first day in austin

      4 years ago


      Find somewhere that sells food on my way down to the convention centre, check in scout out Austin for other RTXers and then pass the time away till the massive RTSQ gathering at the raddison hotel

      Wearing a Bright blue shirt and jeans for anyone in the area, coem find me if you see a british dude looking pretty lost,

    • And so it's arrived

      4 years ago


      Time to pack up ship out to the US for two weeks, to say nerves are an issue is understatement but bring it on! smiley0.gif

    • Social Anxiety & An RTX Request

      4 years ago


      So this will be a weird journal to type since its something that i utterly avoid talking about, at every turn ill go out of my way to change the topic if someone brings it up with me but its been on my mind alot the past months and lead to doing something insane over the next week where i try and change.

      I have always grown up with social anxiety, every scenario of social interaction from friends in school to family, to colleagues i work with, even walking into town to run errands im hit with it, and i know its stupid and i realize the things that run through my head are just severe over reactions. Hell i overly censor what i say in threads on this site, simply because i don't want to annoy anyone or say anything out of place.

      A few years ago when i left college i lost contact with literally everyone i spent time with in secondary school, and in college, because of how social interactions made me feel, until a few weeks ago when i walked past a friend i hadn't seen and she ran up and hugged me and wanted to know how id disappeared for so long had i gone to university or travelling somewhere?

      The truth was id been living 2 roads away from her and she worked in the same area of town as me and took the same route to work and started roughly the same time as me, so the likely hood i was about 5minutes away from her on every walk to work is extremely high. We just never intersected and the only reason we met that day was because i stayed behind a while after work. I still never got her number so i probably wont see her for a long time again.

      However back to the point i was making Anxiety and fear of talking to people crippled my life, its pretty boring to be fair and just head banging against a wall levels of lonely, and im fed up with it. Ive been so glad to met a handful of people on this site who i can talk to from time to time and they know im thankful for it to.

      Now in comes RTX after i saw my this girl again i started thinking how hard can it be?
      Just going up and talking to people, turns out- Still really fucking hard i just lose the ability to comprehend words.
      I want to learn to get over it, so i came up with a plan, not just a simple one, a really dumb throwing myself in at the deep end style of plan

      I booked tickets to and a flight out to RTX a convention of thousands of people ( i barely handle a busy high-street or semi-busy Tesco's) so i know a fairly large portion of people wont read this but my request is simple,

      If you do recognize or see me, please come up and talk to me smiley0.gif

      My Avatar pic is pretty spot on to how i look, i always where check shirts aswell haha,

      I want to talk to as many people as i possibly can whilst im out there, i want to know who you are, how long you have liked roosterteeth, how you got to RTX, how your finding austin, what you plan to see, literally anything, so when i get back from RTX if i am lucky, i can write another journal about the countless number of awesome people i have met.

      Well im gonna stop rambling anyway, i hope i see at least someone out at RTX ^^

      Thank you aswell if you read this nonsense smiley1.gif

    • Refusal

      4 years ago


      I completely refuse to let getting ready for RTX Get the better of me so my biggest decision for the next few hours is do I sleep on my left hand side or sleep in my righthand side.

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