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    • Dread that Inbox

      1 year ago


      There is nothing worse in the world than checking how many emails you missed for work while away on vacation.

      Current tally:

      Email: 142 unread messages

      Phone: I have no idea because I'm too much of a wuss to look

      Welp, tomorrow is going to be fun.

    • Nothing interesting happens to me, except when interesting things happen to me

      1 year ago


      Today, my co-worker came into my cube while my back was turned, cackled, deposited a mug with two balloons tied to it on my desk, and left.

      Do I want an explanation? Not really.

      Does it matter? Absolutely not.

      Did I draw faces on the balloons? You better believe it.

      And who exactly owned this mug before? No idea, but it's my mug now.

    • Lazer Team Easter Egg List (Spoilers)

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      I have a pretty decent list of staff and object/music/line Easter eggs going on my tumblr (thenerdcellar.tumblr.com), but I'm sure I'm still missing some. Where better to turn to complete this list than the RT website?

      These are the RT Easter Eggs I remember seeing in the movie. Let me know what I forgot!

      Rooster Teeth Cast and Staff (besides the obvious 3 main characters) NOT in Order of Appearance:

      -All voice actresses for RWBY standing together behind Zachary at the opening party (Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman)

      -Meg Turney standing in the same line at the same party

      -Caiti Ward/Pattillo and Maggie at the above mentioned party. Maggie stumbles and Caiti catches her (thanksto luffles424 for this)

      -Barbara Dunkelman, Lindsay Jones, Arryn Zech,Kara Eberle, and Meg Turney as cheerleaders at the opening football game

      -Chris Demarais as the dopey military guy

      -Trevor Collins as that guy in the crowd with the phone

      -Joel Heyman as a field reporter

      -Gus Sorola as a scientist

      -Kerry Shawcross as a cosplayer (wearing his Simple Walk into Mordor outfit) in a crowd

      -Miles Luna as a cosplayer (spartan armor) in the same crowd

      -Adam Ellis as a cosplayer(in one of his legit cosplaying outfits he makes) in the same crowd

      -Blaine Gibson and Brandon Farmahini as two soldiers in the hospital

      -Ashley Jenkins in her X-ray costume in a crowd

      -Yomary Cruz as a TV host/reporter

      -Shannon McCormick as a hospital orderly

      -Ed Robertson from Bare Naked Ladies as a host/reporter

      -Matt Hullum shooting tennis balls

      -Jon Risinger on the On The Spot set being shown on the news

      -Josh Flannagan as a youtuber reacting to the whole alien thing

      -Kdin Jenzen as a soldier who carried the nuke briefcase (thanks to shaaaauun for catching this one)

      -Aaron Marquis as the hospital intercom announcer (thanks to shaaaauun for catching this one)

      - Tom Booker as Hagan’s enthusiastic doctor (thanks to shaaaauun for catching this one. I laughed my ass off at this bit and I am awful for forgetting him.)

      -Alan Abdine is one of the cops at the stadium(thank you luffles424 )

      -Anna Hullum with the little kids asking for Lazer Team to save them on the news(thanks again luffles424 )

      - Pretty sure one of Matt’s kids was one of the kids on the news in the background I think

      -Mica Burton as Mindy’s friend, Jules, at the party and the Worg Broadcast (thanks to soloontherocks for this!)

      Objects and other non-people Easter Eggs:

      -RWBY sticker on Mindy’s laptop

      -Hagan says “Drunk Tank”

      -Red vs Blue music when they go to Hagan’s ex’s house

      -That metal rooster in the yard outside Hagan's ex's house

      -RTAA as a recommended video on the side of a YouTube video shown on the news

      -RWBY, Simple Walk, and X-ray and Vav cosplayers

      -When they’re at the hospital, Herman

      tells Hagan he wants him to know that he always hated him the most,

      which was what Church said to Tucker the first time Church died (a lovely anon sent in this one).

      -Red and Blue football teams (thanks soloontherocks!)

      -One of the generals is named Marquis (thanks soloontherocks!)

      -dreamwings231 suggested the Worg alien might be based off a cat, specifically a puma. Not sure about this one.

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    • An Update

      4 years ago


      Turns out I survived, which makes my previous entry a moot point. Carry on ignoring my existence.

    • About to go give a presentation for my written rhetoric class...

      4 years ago


      In other words I'm about to go humiliate myself in public.
      Thought I'd make this my first journal post in case I just have a spontaneous heart attack in front of the whole class, or you know if I just pass out and or vomit onto the front row of desks and have to drop out of college to try and save any dignity I have left.

    • 2018 years ago

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    I'm Julie.

    I'm a business and creative writer, and sometimes photographer. Currently, I work as an editorial assistant for a medical journal. When I get home from that job I get to work on writing poetry, prose, and skits for submitting to literary magazines. I am extremely passionate about the process of storytelling and am always ready to talk about it.

    In addition to all this, I am in the process of creating some short films and animated cartoons for a collaborative production project based in the Philadelphia area.

    I generally enjoy all forms of alternative music, love spending too much money on comic books, think I am better than I actually am at video games, and will always shriek in joy at pretty much anything small and fluffy. Particularly ottters, if we're being honest here.

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