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    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Environment

      1 day ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide focusing on Environmental improvement mods, the majority of which are retextures. 


      Vanilla Skyrim/General

      aMidianBorn Landscape

      - A texture for the landscape itself and a pretty decent base for those who don't want to use the normal highres texture pack.

      aMidianBorn Caves and Mines


      - these textures are pretty underground, you probably never heard of them before.

      4K Parallax Mountains

      - 4K textures for mountains and stones, obligatory rock puns.

      Skyrim Flora Overhaul


      - the largest and most widely used floral overhaul mod, things get greener

      Unique Grasses and Groundcovers

      - Changes the grass and ground coverings to add some variety. Grass will better correspond with the environment it's in.

      Realistic HD Mushrooms


      - embrace your inner mycologist

      High Quality Snow

      - 4K for the snow on the ground

      Real Skyrim Snowflakes - (Physical) Vivid Snow

      - Changes the way the snow falls

      Real Snow Flakes


      - This mod changes the individual snowflakes from small white dots into several different types of snowflake, precious little snowflakes.

      Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE

      - texture mod that focuses on glacial ice, water ice, ice in general.

      Realistic Water Two


      - a mod that improves the look of water, so good you can literally drown in it.

      True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone

      - a mod that changes the weather to make it seem more realistic and intense, rather than the mild looking rain in the vanilla game.

      Enhanced Night Skyrim


      - replace the night sky with something a bit more colorful

      Lorkhans Vision - Night Sky V2


      -replace the night sky with something a bit more realistic


      - enhances the auroras of skyrim for those who want an even MORE colorful night sky.



      - What, are you just going to stare at clouds all day?

      Real Clouds


      - This mod adds pseudo-volumetric clouds to skyrim

      Relighting Skyrim

      - Adds extra lighting in areas where it is needed. May be more useful for those who use particular lighting mods.

      Real Roads for Skyrim 


      - Changes the road mesh so the stones appear to pop out, like what you would expect from an actual road.

      Realistic Smoke and Embers




      Vivid Landscapes - Castle Volkihar


      - Improve the look of that fancy vampire castle

      Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture


       - a retexture for the Falmer temple ruins


      aMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape

      - a general texture that focuses on the landscape for Solsthiem

      Ash Rocks

      - a texture mod that focuses on ashes and the way it is spread on certain environment objects, similar to snow.

      Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Apocrypha


      - Improves the all the textures of Apocrypha including stonework, black books, and the pages strewn about that daedric realm

      Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture


      - Texture improving all the riekling structures that litter Solsthiem


      Previous Primers:

      Towns & Cities

      Weapons & Armor







      6 days ago

      K0Z The vision never dies

      So I'm some one of those people who lurk about the Elderscrolls threads on 4chan (and other places) usually looking for information regarding stuff like Starfield or Elderscrolls 6. After spending long enough time gazing long into the abyss, you start to make sense of some of it.

      That said you shouldn't take what I gathered there as fact, it's at best only speculation as the denizens of those threads only seem to argue over obscurely deep lore and inconceivably  proportioned waifus.

      They reason that Starfield will be Elderscrolls in space in a sort of literal sense, with some of the same (or some sort of counterpart) to the races we see normally in the Elderscrolls lore. The timeline would take place thousands of years ago, in the future; a previous kalpa(timeline) that has progressed far past the where we currently are in the Elderscrolls universe. Which is to say, if Skyrim takes place in 4th era, Starfield would take place some time in the 9th era.

      In this timeline the Thalmor exist as something similar to 'The Empire' from Starwars, the Hist are around and travel space in large bio-ships that have math-guns. Pelinal Whitestrake is said to have been created during this time as a sort of synth soldier who eventual was terminatored into the current Elderscrolls timeline, which sounds a bit weird until you read the 'Song of Pelinal' books.

      "...he was Pelinal the Whitestrake because of his left hand, made of a killing light..."
      -The Song of Pelinal, Volume 1: On His Name
      ... [And then] Kyne granted Perrif another symbol, a diamond soaked red with the blood of elves, [whose] facets could [un-sector and form] into a man whose every angle could cut her jailers and a name: PELIN-EL [which is] "The Star-Made Knight" [and he] was arrayed in armor [from the future time].
      -The Song of Pelinal, Volume 2: On His Coming.
      ...Pelinal called out Haromir of Copper and Tea into a duel at the Tor, and ate his neck-veins while screaming praise to Reman, a name that no one knew yet...

      ...For a time, no weapon of the Ayleids could pierce his armor, which Pelinal admitted was unlike any crafted by men, but would say no more even when pressed... 
      -The Song of Pelinal, Volume 3: On His Enemy
      It was Morihaus who found the Whitestrake's head, which the kings had left to prove their deeds and they spoke and Pelinal said things of regrets... but the rebellion had turned anyway... [and more] words were said between these immortals that even the Paravant would not deign to hear.
      -The Song of Pelinal, Volume 7: On His Battle with Umaril and His Dismemberment

      ...so it sounds a smidgen less weird in that context.

      The 'Eye of Magnus' which we find in Skyrim during the Mages guild questline is also said to be from this different timeline and was called a different name, KINMUNE, and is somehow connected with Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion.

      But that's the limit of my knowledge of the subject. There's a pretty good chance that I'm completely wrong, but we will find out more when Bethesda makes an official announcement.


      One thing I know WILL happen in Starfield is that there will most definitely be a mod that replaces something with Thomas the Tank Engine.AuwOVWi.png

    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Weapons & Armor

      1 month ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide for the Weapons and armor you find throughout Skyrim. This includes new weapons and armor packs as well as new textures.



      aMidianBorn Book of Silence


      - The Book of Silence is a well known mod and has the best textures out of any other Skyrim texture mod

      - Covers a bunch of armor, weapons, and some other stuff

      - While this mod covers a bunch of stuff it doesn't cover some armor like Daedric,Dragonbone, Dragonscale, ect.

      - Its been a few years since it's last been updated so it's not clear if the mod's creator is still working on it.

      - Some other mods haven't been added to the Book of Silence yet, they are the Following:

      Elven Weapons for Silence 

      aMidianBorn Blade of Woe 

      aMidianBorn imperial light and studded armour

      aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour



      - Covers all of the clothing & robes in the game

      - This will mostly impact the appearance of NPCs 

      RUSTIC FORSWORN for some reason hasn't been added to the pack yet, so i'm including it.

      Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards


      - Covers all the City guard armor

      Stalhrim Armors and Weapon Replace

      - Both mods are from the same guy, and do the same thing

      - Makes the Stalhrim armor have a deep-Ice look

      Unique Uniques


      - Gives unique appearances to all the unique weapons

      Jewels of the Nord - HD rings and necklaces


      - Covers the silver and gold rings & necklaces, but not circlets

      - for Circlets use Better Circlets 

      Gemling Queen Jewelry for the gems in the jewelry

      Armor & Weapons Packs

      -This is all items that are part of a weapon and armor pack -or- stuff made by a single modder that isn't all available in a single mod pack just yet.

      Immersive Armors

      - A compilation of a bunch of different armors, most of which feel pretty lore friendly.

      - Also lets you choose which armors you allow to show up in the world

      Lore Weapon Expansion

      - adds some legacy weapons

      Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul


      - Adds a bunch of Weapons and jewelry, all of which are highly detailed

      Warrior Within Weapons


      - Adds a bunch of wicked looking weapons

      Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection


      - Adds a bunch of Lord of the Rings weapons

      JaySuS Swords


      - Adds a bunch of swords, some of which are unique and scattered throughout Skyrim

      Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods


      - Adds some weapons and artifacts of the Daedric Prince Boethiah

      Artifacts of Skyrim


      - Adds some unique Items scattered throughout Skyrim

      Johnskyrim mods72822-2-1453447848.jpg

      - Johnskyrim has been adding weapons and items from World of Warcraft and has been remaking them for Skyrim.

      The Lionheart



      The Ashbringer

      Thunderfury and The Bulwark of Azzinoth



      Finkle's Lava Dredger

      Zerofrost Armors


      - Zerofrost has been making crazy detailed armor sets that are scattered throughout Skyrim

      Evil MasterMind Armor

      Blood Witch Armor

      Silver Dragon Armor

      Knight Of Thorns Armor

      Contractor and Mavari Armors

      Raven witch armor

      Medusa and Drakul armors

      - Dragonlord, Nightingale Prime, and Valkyrie armors

      Dread Knight Weapon Set


      - FEEL THE EDGE!

      Standalone Weapons and Armors


      - Just the standalone stuff, or stuff that hasn't yet been added into some sort of compilation mod.

      Giant Hammer - For when you need to hit things REALLY hard

      RetributionHonorus, Vindicator - Holy looking swords

      King Crusader Armor & Blade Set- Gothic style armor and weapons

      SPOA Silver Knight Armor - Silver armor in the style of the steel plate armor

      Dragon Carved Armor Set - Armor in the style of the nordic carved Armor

      Kynreeve Armor - a lighter version of Daedric armor

      Royal Greatsword - a royal looking greatsword

      Heavy Spellbook - Force the knowledge into your enemies

      Crystal Sun Sword - A glassy sword 

      Armor Of Intrigue - Rogue/Thief armor with a lot of customization

      Skaal heavy Armor - Also includes a pretty rad backpack


      - More may be added in the future

      - Some armor's (like Daedric armor) currently have no decent textures, which is why there is none currently listed.


      Previous Primers:

      Towns & Cities






    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Magic

      1 month ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


      The following is a magic modding guide for Skyrim. To clarify; the guide itself is not magic, but rather is magic themed. You get the idea.


      Spell Packs

      Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

      - Adds 155 new and unique spells

      Ancient Spells 2 - Morrowind and Oblivion Spells

      - Adds over 50 new spells based off previous games

      Lost Grimoire of Skyrim

      - Adds over 120 new spells

      Skyrim Spells And Powers

      -Adds ~30 new spells, most are overpowered


      Midas Magic Spells for Skyrim

      -Adds a few dozen new spells that the player needs to 'make' after gathering the required ingredients, all of which involve gold.

      Colorful Magic


      - Adds over 340 new spells as well as new followers, armor, weapons, and unique items. Many of these new items can be bought or found on the 50 new bosses added. 

      -*Winterhold Edition recommended

      Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge


      - Adds 42 new spells based on starlight and the void. Includes a questline full of [DEEP LORE]

      Coldharbour Resummoned


      - Adds several new spells, mostly strong summoning spells, all themed after Coldharbour.

      - Spells are found at the center of the Soul Cairn

      Spell Sneak Attacks

      - mod makes all Destruction projectile spells able to benefit from sneak attack bonus

      Soul Gems

      Acquisitive Soul Gems

      - Souls only go to soul gems of appropriate value (ie. no more Grand Soul Gems filled with petty souls)

      Rustic Soul Gems


      - New Texture for soul gems, giving them a more crystalline appearance

      MultiLayer Parallax Soul Gems


      - Adds a sub-surface texture to soul gems, giving the appearance of a deep internal visual effect

      - Not sure how compatible this mod is with 'Rustic Soul Gems' but having to choose between the two, this one is the better looking

      Spell Effects

      Deadly Spell Impacts


      - Improves spell impacts

      Magic Runes HD


      - Improved rune textures

      Ultimate HD Fire Effects


      - Improves the effects of fire, all the fire, burn it all down.

      Necromancy -- Undead FX


      - Adds a decaying effect to all corpses raised from the dead, a must have for any necromancer.

      - Reminds us that there's a skeleton inside us all



      -Improves the appearance of absorbing souls

      Shouts & Dragon Souls



      - Adds ~30 new shouts and an extra area to High Hrothgar

      - Adds challenges and ways to augment some shouts

      Dragon Soul Relinquishment


      - Add an option to use accumulated dragon souls to enhance your character in multiple ways

      - Very useful if you maxed out all your shouts and have a bunch of unspent dragon souls


      No Enchantment Restrictions

      - Removes the armor/weapon type restrictions on all enchantments

      Remove Enchantment

      - Adds the ability to remove an enchantment on an item you enchanted

      Enchanted Arsenal


      - Adds over a dozen visual effects for enchanted items

      - The effects count as visual only enchants themselves

      Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim

      - Adds ~120 new enchants for weapons and armor

      - This supersedes Wintermyst, so use this version

      College of Winterhold

      HQ College of Winterhold


      - Improves the texture of the College of Winterhold

      Immersive College of Winterhold


      - This mod Hogwarts the fuck out of the College of Winterhold

      Books & Stationary

      Book Covers Skyrim


      - Adds custom book covers to every book in Skyrim

      Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library


      - Similar to the previous mod, but adds books from previous Elder Scrolls games to Skyrim, each book has its own custom texture

      HQ Paper


      - Improves the appearance of all paper, journals, and notes

      Business Ledger HD Retexture


      - Improves business ledger texture, you can actually read it now

      Retexture for The Scroll


      - Makes scrolls look more magical



      - retexture for the Elderscroll

      Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons


      - Ceramic option looks the best.


      Previous Primers:





    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Dwemer

      1 month ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


      The following is a Dwemer themed modding guide for Skyrim. Since the Draugr Dungeon primer covered ~half of the dungeons in Skyrim, this primer will cover the other ~half of dungeons. Also included some Dwemer gadgets and machinery. GEARS



      Markarth & Dwemer ruins from Noble Skyrim


      This mod is a part of the Noble Skyrim collection which covers a whole lot of things, however in this case we're only interested in the Dwemer ruins files. Specifically for all the stonework as the metal texture are covered in the next mod. [Choose the Markarth & Dwemer ruins only file]

      Ancient Dwemer Metal



      This mod improves all the textures for Dwemer metal things, ALL OF THEM. All the Dwemer automatons, all of the piping and metal paneling, all of the metal scrap pieces, all of it. This mod contains two separate files for the automatons and the environmental stuff.  

      Dwarven Armor by aMidianBorn


      aMidianBorn Book of Silence should actually cover most of the armors and weapons and has some of the best textures in all of Skyrim modding.

      Dwemer Tech

      Aetherium Armor and Weapons


      This mod adds a bunch of armor and weapons that can created only at the Aetherium forge, as well as adding Aetherium ore to find. This is some of the most powerful armor you can make.

      Dwemer Exoskeleton

      Add more armor on top of your armor! Also includes some interesting weapons that can only be used with this armor.

      Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves

      This adds the tools for Dwemer tonal architecture and includes a quest that demonstrates how to use them. The quest somewhat strains plausibility lorewise if you're a big on the lore, for everyone else it will be just a fun quest mod. (Also includes a version with no quest)

      Dwarven beam blades

      A lore-friendly alternative for those who want light-sabers in Skyrim.

      Dwarven Rifles 

      Adds of a dozen ranges Dwemer guns, ammunition included. All of the guns have an impressive amount of detail to them.

      Animated Dwarven head gear


      Adds some Dwemer head gear that can be worn on top of your existing helmet, fits seamlessly with normal Dwemer armor.

      Animated Dwarven back pack

      Adds some fancy Dwemer technology to haul around on your back. All dwarven craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

      Dwarven Field Generator

      Adds three Dwemer 'shields' that are all high tech looking.

      Dwarven Sorcery Armor

      - Adds a set of Dwemer armor that has a Dwemer-tec look


      Previous Primers:




    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Towns & Cities

      1 month ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide for the towns and cities throughout Skyrim. The mods in this list greatly expand on the cities and villages, some of which with can be a strain on low-end PCs. Please report any unlisted compatibility issues. 


      City Overhauls

      JK's Skyrim

      - Adds a bunch of building, objects, and other structures to make the cities and towns feel more filled out

      - Affects Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude, Markarth, Riften, the towns of Riverwood, Dragonbridge, Ivarstead and Rorikstead, and the small open cities of Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar and Winterhold

      - Mostly incompatible with other mods that add stuff to above mentioned towns & cities (excluding textures)

      - Mod author also offers these as standalone mods 

      Dawn of Skyrim

      - Adds various structures, NPCs, vendors, and extra stuff to the 5 major cities

      - Similar to JK's overhauls but is more minimalist and adds different stuff 

      - Only affects Whiterun, Windhelm, Markarth, Riften, and Solitude

      - Mod author also offers these as standalone mods 

      - The great thing about these mods is that there are compatibility patches available that merges the changes of Dawn of Skyrim with the changes JK's Skyrim makes to the major cities. Though running both mods at the same time is not recommended for low-end PCs. 

      Winterhold - Expanded Ruins

      - This overhaul only affects Winterhold

      - Makes Winterhold look like an actual city that's been destroyed and includes a buried part of the city and [a quest?]

      - Will conflict with mods that also change Winterhold like JK's Winterhold or  ET&C

      Town Overhauls

      Expanded Towns and Cities

      - Greatly expands on most of the towns and exterior cities

      - This mod affects Darkwater Crosisng, Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Falkreath, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Kynesgrove, Morthal, Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shors Stone, Stonehills, and Winterhold

      - This mod has should now include the content of Immersive Settlements which adds content to Morthal, Falkreath, Dawnstar, Rorikstead, Riverwood, Karthwasten, Ivarstead, Dragon Bridge, Shor's Stone, Stonehills, Kynesgrove, Orc Strongholds.

      - ET&C and IS make changes to some of the same settlements but both allow you pick and choose which you want, allowing you to avoid conflicts and pick which style you like best.

      - Don't use the texture pack included in this mod, unless you REALLY want to.

      Town & City Textures


      NobleSkyrimMod - Windhelm only


      - Major retexture for Windhelm

      Osmodius Windhelm Texture Pack


      - Major retexture for Windhelm

      Authentic Windhelm


      - Major retexture for Windhelm



      - Minor retexture, only affects tombstones, monument slabs, and wall of names in Windhelm (and other places).

      Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4k Metalwork


      - Minor retexture for Windhelm metalwork

      Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4k Grey Quarter Flags


      - Minor retexture for the Grey quarter flags

      Windhelm Enhanced - 500 Companions Wall 8k HD Retexture


      - Minor retexture, affects only the wall of names. An 8 fucking K texture.


      NobleSkyrimMod - Solitude Only


      - Major retexture for Solitude

      Osmodius Solitude Texture Pack


      - Major retexture for Solitude


      NobleSkyrimMod - Markarth only


      - Major retexture for Markarth, Dwemer ruins in general.

      - This was covered in the Dwemer Primer


      Skyrim HD 2k Textures - Riften Only


      - Major retexture for Riften

      - TO CLARIFY, only download the 'SHD - Riften' file under 'Older Files' and NOT the 'Complete pack'.

      NobleSkyrimMod - Ratways Only


      - a retexture for the Ratways and sewers in general


      aMidianBorn Whiterun


      - Major retexture for Whiterun

      Gildergreen 4K Parallax


      - Minor retexture, for just that one tree (and the Eldergreen tree?)


      Vivid Landscapes - Orc and Farmhouses


      - For the average farmhouses, and orc houses.

      Better Towns Textures


      - Major retexture for several towns

      - Gives a unique texture to the smaller cities of Falkreath, Dawnstar, Winterhold and Morthal.

      - Also includes the inside of the structures as well

      - Don't use the 'Winterhold - Expanded Ruins' compatibility option if you're using 'Colorful Magic - Winterhold Edition' as it moves part of the building those vendors use and makes things look sloppy. This issue don't affect the normal Winterhold option, just the compatibility option for that specific mod. I haven't tested if this issue occurs with JK's Winterhold, if it does then let me know.

      ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Cities - Falkreath


      - Gives Falkreath a more unique appearance

      - Should be compatible with Better Town Textures, so no worries.

      Better Mills Textures


      - Similar to Better Towns textures (same modder)

      - Only affects windmills, and things the might be windmills in disguise 

      Other Textures and Stuff

      Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM


      - a big overhaul that improves appearance of a bunch of things

      - *Custom Install this one

      - DON'T use the scaffolding though, it looks like garbo

      - The Lanterns in this mod are lit as fuck



      - a big retexture for a bunch of clutter, all sorts of clutter

      RUSTIC WINDOWS - 2K and 1K Textures


      - Retextures all the windows in Skyrim



      - Retextures for all the rugs in Skyrim

      PELTAPALOOZA - Pelts of Skyrim Expansion


      - retextures for the furry parts of Skyrim



      - retexture for cooking stations, now i'm hungry. 

      Better Signage - Inns and Shops


      - retexture for signs


      - More may be added in the future.

      - Major texture packs for specific cities will conflict with each other, minor textures usually won't.


      Previous Primers:






    • _____

      2 months ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


    • The Unrecorded Hours

      3 months ago

      K0Z The vision never dies

      [Excerpt from 'The Fugue Feast' book from the Dishonored series]

      At the end of every year, after the last day of the Month of Songs, we begin the Fugue Feast.
      The new year has not started and thus the time that follows is ‘outside’ the calendar. A period of celebration and feasting begins, during which the people abandon the very practices that keep them whole and healthy over the year.
      Many leave their homes, euphoric with spirits or potent herbs. Some paint their faces or wear masks to conceal themselves as they pursue their passions without reservation.
      When the right cosmological signs are observed and it is time for the calendar to begin anew, the sitting High Overseer calls for the hymn of atonement and the Fugue Feast ends.
      Families return to their homes, wives to their husbands. Enemies put down their weapons and fires are extinguished. No complaint is given for those who have wronged others, deviated from ancient codes, or discarded oaths; for this time during the astrological alignment does not exist, and is not recorded.
      The following day starts the new year, marked on the first day of the Month of Earth, as it has always been.


    • The End of the World of Warcraft?

      4 months ago

      K0Z The vision never dies



      Like the light at the end of the tunnel, it's coming. For the past several months there's been a rather conspicuous demon world in the sky, now replaced with with this shining distant star. 

      So what happened to change that? The defeat of the Burning Legion.

      So now Sargaras is imprisoned by the rest of the Titan Pantheon with Illidan serving as his jailer for the foreseeable future; but not before stabbing Azeroth with a huge ass sword and completely destroying the Silithus zone (which is no real loss anyways).


      An impressive end to the expansion, but how does this all mean WoW is coming to an end? Well of course it's not ending soon since we have Battle for Azeroth next. But the problem that remains is that we're simply running out of enemies to fight. The Lich King and his undead Scourge defeated, Deathwing and his black dragon flight destroyed, Xavius and his Emerald Nightmare are destroyed, and most of the Old gods and their servants have been defeated. Now Sargaras has been imprisoned, his main generals Archimonde & Kil'jaeden are permanently dead, and the Burning Legion's main source of power (The titan Argus) has been destroyed, rendering the Burning Legion largely irrelevant. 

      So who's left to fight? 

      - N'Zoth the last of the old gods, who is possibly rests in the sunken city of Ny'alotha. 

      - Queen Azshara who made a brief appearance in Legion and is set to make an appearance during Battle for Azeroth. 

      - The prophet Zul who we only heard about in past expansions but never really seen and is set to appear due to the Zandalari civil war between the followers of Zul and the Zandalari King.

      - The Void Lords, who we don't know much about.

      So about half of the remaining threats are guaranteed to appear in the coming expansion, and the other half? Who knows! Legion could of very well been two expansions but they instead decided to make it one big expansion. So it's entirely possible that they could finish off the remaining threats during Battle for Azeroth or the expansion that comes after. 

      But after that? Well there's no known threats left, after that World of Warcraft could legitimately finish up its remaining story arcs and end. Nobody knows the future, we will just have to wait to see.


    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Draugr Dungeons

      5 months ago

      K0Z The vision never dies


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide centered around the Draugr Dungeons for Skyrim, because there's ALWAYS more Draugr; might as well make things interesting. This guide probably doesn't include everything, but should do enough to improve your experience.


      Gameplay Mods

      Armored Skeletons and The Walking Dead


      If there was ever a mod that exemplified this comic, it would be this mod. This mod greatly diversifies the type of undead you fight, and adds some unique ones as well. It also adds some stronger higher level undead, strong enough to be a problem for even higher level characters.

      Dragon Priests - Enhanced


      This mod enhances Dragon Priests to make them a more satisfying dungeon bosses.

      Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory


      This mod adds a unique dragon priest set to go along with every dragon priest mask you acquire, as well as some extra sets you can forge. These armor sets can be looted from the dragon priests and will also need to get de-cursed with a unique scroll. The mod also allows you to re-summon dragon priests to fight again if you want.

      Konahriks Privilege48776-1-1386930889.jpg

      Made by the same guy who created the previous two mods, this one adds some unique abilities to the Konahrik dragon mask to make it more of a reward for completing the mask collection.

      Texture Mods

      There's two flavors of Draugr Dungeons: 

      Smooth Stone from Beauty of Skyrim 37496-3-1393854580.jpg

      Rough Stone from Vivid Landscapes49344-4-1391614955.jpg

      Pick one, not both.

      Same goes for the Standing Stones:

      Smooth stone from Skyland - Standing Stones84820-1-1498223792.png

      Rough stone from Rustic Standing Stones68493-0-1441842778.jpg

      Pick one, not both.

      Ruins Clutter Improved

      14227-2-1356639187.jpgOnly one to choose from. Unlike the previous mods that focused on the stonework, this one improves the metalwork and almost everything else in the dungeon. This one is completely compatible with the previous mods. 

      Rustic Word Wall

      68561-0-1438994103.jpgOnly one to choose from. Improves your experience of staring at wall by making the wall prettier.

      Rustic Nordic Murals

      65602-3-1430937430.jpgImproves the murals for the puzzle-door hallways (and other places), by making them clearly depict something.

      JS Dragon Claws

      75377-6-1462149076.jpgThis mod makes those dragon claw keys for the puzzle-doors all fancy.

      Dragon Masks Retextured

      54805-1-1402529817.jpgThis mod retextures the original 8 dragon masks. Does not cover the golden Konahrik dragon mask or any of the masks from the expansions. These will look... off if you use Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory.


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      merry featured user day!

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      I'm now downloading the newly released Xbox One release of Outlast. I'm curious, how hard is Insane difficulty?

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        While I haven't played it I imagine it's the hardest difficulty to it would probably be difficult. Most of what I seen of it is the Lets Play done by Markiplier & RT.

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      Hey. Just wondering how the internet and server situation is going.

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      Yes, I can feel your pain there. However, we push forward and gain experience in our new environment, learning to adapt or make people adapt to us! Am I right?

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      when i had the old CleaveMech profile on here, I remember you being in the Karma level of the twenties. xD That was so long ago lol.

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      how to: make lemon napalm
      you will need;
      lemonade concentrate
      large vat
      stiring device

      Mix lemonade and gasoline in a 3:1 ratio
      apply on surface you want burned

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      On it.

      How long will this thing take to reach you?

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      Me a few other people from xbox live are working on a care package for you.

      Any shit you want specifically?

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      I was actually hinting that you could take part in the Conquest of Palaeus. The more people the better.

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      Care to try impose some direction on the masses?

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      And what's with the random roaming MMA fighters?

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      Wouldn't mind at all. The only problem is transportation since I'm staying in a hotel in Tumon.

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      I'm here. And if you're a ginger kid, I've seen you.

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      Well played on the fantastic advertisement Header man... fooled me very well smiley9.gif

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      They'll never see us coming. BRILLIANCE. The world shall bow to our COWMOFLAUGE!

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      TDY. Part of Eielson's traveling road show. We bring the camo jets.

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      You can talk on xboxlive again? NICE!

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      Ya I know dos and port infiltration.
      and basic firewall patching

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      Never forget.

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      I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE smiley13.gif

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      Feels like a cartoony version of Dragon Age to me.

    • LTedd

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      Maybe. Still trying it out.

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      I know right?
      Morrowind is the sexiest damn thing in the universe!
      I got my flesh light lubed up and everything smiley7.gif

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      Or let ghost have him for his experiments
      Either one is fine smiley7.gif

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      I see, well it's good to be back to doing what I do best.
      Lets see who's acting like a n00b today >:)

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      How bad is the situation?

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      Non-medical equipment is elevators..... Duh..... ;)

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      Hey if all the Shards are different then maybe you should name them all differently and give them all different purposes and put a bit about each in the Bible.

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      So do you intend to send the Bible around like you suggested, so we can sign it?

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      Ah. Good to know.

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      Hey what ever happened to the Shards of Dawn? You mentioned that there were ten bt as far as I am aware you have not given any out. Have I just not heard of it or has no-one proven themselves yet.

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      But its not even tuesday. A bit early to be doing that with gummy bears isn't it?

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      Don't got one.

    • rvb_caboose9

      8 years ago

      K0Z, if you thought anything from warhammer was awesome, this top them all.


    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      Dragon Age Nexus

      Tesnexus and Fallout3nexus the ultimate sources for Bethesda mod's have deemed Dragon Age worthy of it's own Nexus!

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      For PC on Dragon Age: Origins Bioware released a toolset like the construction set for Oblivion to make your own content. Except this one is a lot more advanced and in a nutshell is what Bioware uses to make the game itself.

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      So have you gotten captured and sent to Fort Drakon yet in Dragon Age? And have you downloaded the toolset?

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      Also in Dragon Age my dog brought me the Pantaloons. Yes those Pantaloons you know which one I speak of.

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      In Left 4 Dead 2 he has returned. The Garden Gnome of Half Life 2 is back............

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      Dude my xbox killed my Modern Warfare copy. :(

    • LTedd

      8 years ago

      Well it is the best armor in the game. If you download Wardens Keep you get a party storage chest, when you reach a higher level and put the Dragon armor in it, leave the area, come back, and open it again it will improve it's stats (I put it in when I was level 18, it went from silverite to dragonbone).

    • OmegaBlue

      8 years ago

      Haha. BMT is a joke ain't it? It sucks while you're there but as soon as you get out you just laugh at the bull shit.

      Warrior Airman!

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