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    • Kaijin

      Like Flies to a Bug Zapper

      4 years ago

      I've got eight minutes to rant before I read the shit out of this book we're discussing today in British History. ._. My classmates in General Psychology... they're unbelievably dense. >_> One of them could have waited for me to finish up my test! I had to triple check it to be satisfied. I also took a few moments to cheat off of my review sheet for the short answers. I spent nearly five minutes trying to weasel my teacher into giving me the names of the people my group (she didn't have a roster with her and could only give me their first names), then another ten minutes patiently stalking someone I recognized from my class until I could intercept them.

      He turned out to be from my group, as I suspected, and he was as clueless as I was. We talked it over and decided we'd wave the white flag of surrender if we didn't have time after class on Monday to meet up with the others. >_> That's what happens when you put the absent guy in charge of the powerpoint! It's chaos!

      I'm not happy with my teacher. She gave us fifteen minutes to meet with our chosen group and didn't tell us we wouldn't be meeting again. Such a huge presentation should've been left for December! Two weeks and no classtime allocated to it? I would've actually preferred socializing with my group members if it meant we'd get some work done!

      *sigh* I'm gonna get into class on Monday twenty minutes early with a large sheet of paper stating: "ADOLESCENCE GROUPS - MEET HERE." Maybe the all-caps will persuade them to see what I want them for. It'll be like attracting flies to a zapper. It'll be glorious.

      Merde. I need to read now. D: When I get home, I'm probably gonna be the only one getting the house ready for the Halloween party tomorrow since my dad's gonna be busy getting the garage cleared out, my mom will be at work, and my sister will be at soccer practice. The party wasn't even my idea. My god, there's going to be handicapped people in there. As if our house wasn't small enough! I think I might just barricade myself in my room the entire day. No way I'm going to maneuver through all of that. It'd drive me insane, and, as with all parties in our house, my dad'll literally lock the computer desk up. Damn that thing for having a lock anyway!

      Whatever. I'll continue working on my outline for NaNoWriMo. I plan to become knowledgable in the workings of the FBI and the Russian mafia. I want to name the chapters after cool FBI terms.

      Also, Check this out. It's pretty cool. There's a fuckin' sweet Final Fantasy VII AMV that was recently made to it.

    • Kaijin

      Wannabe Alien Technology

      4 years ago

      I spent the better part of my evening organizing my family's DVD collection, then on helping my sister and her friend on their Spanish video project. Since they're both pretty active, they didn't have any time after school together, so even though it's technically due tomorrow, today was the only day they had to work on it. Before he came over, Kim (my sister) showed me a piece of technology that looked like a... a... I forgot what it looked like, except that it awed me for a few seconds with its USB connector.

      They were like prongs of doom.

      I worked my ass off for four freaking hours, trying to get their thirteen minute video off that piece of sh... wanna-be alien technology. Eventually, I looked up the product and it said it would need a freaking program that allegedly came with it to get the files off completely. Whatever happened to regular camcorders?! Last I checked, they recorded just fine and only needed a cord to access the shit! I could have recorded it on my iPod and put it to disk WITH extra scenes! I can't believe that weird little thing was a requirement! Her teacher should learn to deal with what she's handed!

      After the third hour, I confessed that I wanted to turn the thing on and shove it up their teacher's ass. I provided much comedy relief throughout the ordeal, cooing to the computer in between bouts of growling and nonsensical swearing. I've purged my computer of everything I downloaded to convert and merge video files. ._. I don't need them. If they bring that thing to me again, I'm just gonna drive their asses back to the school. I'll even help them sneak in if it means I won't have to touch that slime again!

      I'm so glad I did my General Psychology response on Friday; otherwise, I'd feel tempted to skip that class tomorrow. I'm already tempted to skip the second part of my Sign Language midterm. *twitch* She gave us a piece of paper on what we were supposed to sign, but never clarified as to whether she'd ask anything in between or just watch us do it. If it's interactive, I'm going to tell her I didn't study apart from that and walk out. Yeah, even if she tells me to just do my best. I'm not going to deal with that.

      On the bright side, my sister told me I could blame her if I bomb my midterm and her partner backed her up on that. I told him that as punishment he'd have to come over more often so I could corrupt him some more. He thinks he knows anime and that he's listened to it all... mwahaha... just by the look on his face when I turned on my Thai music, he's in for a rude awakening! XD

      So I still had a bit of fun tonight. Had my friend over to watch Merlin and Billy Elliot.

      Speaking of Billy Elliot, I told my teacher that was my inspiration for the Prime Minister I picked to research and he told me I could use it in my presentation in December. For the first time in my life, I'm looking forward to presenting something! 'Course, that could change once I actually get started on the research... but I like research and Margaret Thatcher seems like an interesting woman. So yeah, I'm kind of looking forward to that.

      *sigh* I'm gonna go study for that midterm. It's gonna be a nerve-wracking five minutes tomorrow, I just know it... after I get home, I'll pick up my clothes (they're lying in organized piles on the floor) and pronounce my room officially cleaned. I spent most of Saturday working on cleaning it. I can see the entire carpet. It's so weird.

    • Kaijin

      So it's six in the morning

      4 years ago

      and, yes, I am combing my hair. The Avast! scan finished about ten minutes ago, turning up nothing. xD I didn't think it'd be that easy anyway. It's actually not that big a deal. Just a bit annoying. I'll fix it... and I can't believe I'm saying this... later today. Like it or not, I must admit it's Saturday. I'll head up soon. After I'm finished combing my hair.

      I'll pick up my room a bit before I take a nap. Yes, a nap. I've gotta be up early to clean my room some more, fix the computer, and (hopefully) go to Fredonia for a concert. Dunno what it's for, only that my buddy's involved in it. It could be chamber strings, come to think of it, but since my sister's not in it this year, I have no way of knowing. smiley4.gif It'd probably be a good idea to find that out first, yeah. Too bad it couldn't be at Borders. I like concerts at Borders. I can listen and browse to my heart's content. I wish my town wasn't so goddamn lame. >_> We almost got a bookstore, and they scrapped it. Assholes. I refuse to even look at that plot of land. Don't even know what's on it.

      I got rid of some rootkit viruses today. ._. I feel very accomplished. The computer's working faster than ever. I'm not used to not having to deal with something. It's kind of nuts. But the rootkit ordeal took up a big chunk of my time, along with frequently monitoring Avast's activity. I want to know this program inside and out before I fully commit to it. lol On Facebook, I got into a row with some guy I knew back in high school who was talking about Windows Security Essentials. *twitch* That's the farce that gave me all those damn trojans. I will not forgive, I will not forget!

      Meh. Stupid warning. Avast's network shield "blocked a harmful site" and is being a real prick about it. It's like a child wanting attention. xD

    • Kaijin

      Enjoy It While It Lasts

      4 years ago

      Avast! is working like a charm, ever since I completely removed McAfee. *rolls eyes* It was just taking up space on the computer by then. Stupid outdated remnants. It was all fairly easy, and I'm surprised nothing untoward has happened yet. As you can see, I don't have much faith in my computer. But it's not impersonating a snail anymore, nor have any viruses made themselves known. I'll run a scan tomorrow when I wake up and make it a routine thing, according to how long it takes. I'll also go on a deleting spree, purge all the stuff I know I can get rid of.

      In conclusion: Avast + Malwarebytes = best decision I've made with my computer thus far. Thanks to Martienne for the push in the right direction. ^_^ I really appreciate it.

      So it took about fifteen-eighteen hours of scanning, quarantining, and removing to get my computer back on track. Let me tell you, I'm not looking forward to having to do that again.

      I played Persona 3 two nights ago for the first time in ages, got in about two hours of gameplay. Problem? I didn't save it once and the main character died. lol So after that, I just shut it off and let that be that. I guess I grew overconfident. Rest assured, that split whatever ego I have over that game in two.

      I'll spend much of tomorrow cleaning my room, but I might be on later at night. It's 'cause I feel bad for my dad. He seems to think I'll follow the same track as the women on my mom's side of the family. ._. God, I hope not. Even my sister is a slob. I can clean up my own messes, and I'm determined to show him that.

      Plus, he called me his best friend on Wednesday. Says I'm the only one who really speaks to him anymore.

      Today, a sinus headache and a menstrual headache got together and ganged up on me. It was hellish. I've still got a bit of an ache that's building up, but I'm determined not to let it keep me from the computer. Still might head up before 3am, though. smiley6.gif

      Eating KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) right now. It's... it's nice, I guess. I don't want to get up to get a drink, though. I don't want to move, not even to grab the chair in back of me. Our dining room chairs are infinitely more comfortable than this damn computer chair. But my dad wants me to use it now that my mom went nuts and cleaned out the spare room (which has turned into a bottomless pit of a supply closet over the years). If you ask me, it didn't do much good since the room's getting filled up with bins again, but who am I to question my mother? lol She's paranoid enough as it is. Don't want her thinking I'm against her as well. Being the mediator of the family can be kind of sucky sometimes.

      My dad's birthday is coming up, and he's given me an idea of what to do for him. He mentioned a restored dining car in Buffalo-- you know, how diners used to look? Here's a picture of the one he was talking about:


      Said he wanted to eat there sometime. Got this really wistful look in his eyes, so I'm gonna talk to my sisters and my mother, see if we can arrange something.

      Lake Effect Diner is one of the last few dining car-style diners left in America. Lovingly restored by the Curtin family, this diner hearkens a better time. With old-fashioned milkshakes and a hearty menu of home favorites, Lake Effect has become a popular destination for locals and travelers.

      The Curtin family's decision to switch to a menu with a focus on meats, fruits and vegetables from Western New York's farms landed it a starring role on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" featuring Guy Fieri.

      And since it's right down the street from the University I want to attend after community college, I might be able to kill two birds with one stone if I time it right! I like a plan where we all win. I'd make one awesome senator if I wasn't poor as f*** and as disinterested in politics as I am! smiley0.gif

      But see? I can be nice when I want to be.

      I'm gonna go watch Bill Maher with my dad. Bill Maher's the only connection I have to the outside world nowadays. All my info on the world comes from him! XD It's sad, but an undeniable truth!

      Be back later.

    • Kaijin

      Thank You, Windows Task Manager...

      4 years ago

      ...for working when I actually need you to. Most of the time, I just sit there and wait with nary a shred of hope in my soul 'cause, you know, when I call for you, you never come to my rescue. Do you seriously want my motherboard to be fried?! Yep. I have a masochistic computer on my hands. I guess I should have expected it, huh?

      So I spent five hours, forty minutes and thirty-four seconds running a full scan on my computer. Got rid of a whole bunch of trojans and shit. Just... not the one I had on the forefront of my mind. *twitch* It's more of an annoyance than anything, really. As far as I can tell, it's not doing anything harmful at the moment. Not eating away at my files or anything. I'd have to activate the asshole program thing first. I can access everything I need with a bit of searching on the aforementioned Windows Task Manager.

      Do you know how I can tell it's dormant? See, I'm smart and kind of know what to look for. In WTM, the only thing actively working in the Processes section is Safari, my browser of choice mostly because it's shiny, neat, and easily managed. :/ After Internet Explorer, it was like a breath of fresh air and I've never regrett-- wait, I have regretted it because I can't work offline. If I could do that, I could bypass those goddamn Megavideo boundaries. You know what I'm talking about. I mean, I don't watch movies on here all that often, but when I do, I expect to be able to watch more than seventy minutes at a time. *rolls eyes*

      The thing I miss about not having desktop icons and a task bar is that I currently have no idea what time it is. I'm too lazy to walk two feet to my right and squint at the clock on the microwave. Oddly enough, however, I totally feel up to running upstairs to grab my watch. XD

      I have to study for my Sign Language midterm tomorrow. I figure everything else can wait since it's not due immediately. Well, besides reviewing for the Understanding Drugs test tomorrow, but since she only gave us two pages to work with, I think I'm good. o_O I'll study for Sign Language... sometime tonight.

      I'll probably leave my computer running with another fucking scan to see if THAT does any good. lol I really want my task bar back. It gives me the most accurate time in the house!

      I mean, seriously, we have five TVs in the house (laundry room, living room, sister's room, parent's room, my room-- it's disgusting, I know), two DVD players, a PS2, a laptop (mine), a desk computer (also rightfully mine since I'm the one using it 90% of the time and I annoyingly loom over other people when they use it)... around 250 DVDs and maybe another hundred VHSs...

      Anyway, point is there's a lot of ways to tell time in the house and the only truly accurate ones are mine; namely, the one on this computer, the one on my iPod, and my self... performing alarm clock. I don't know what it is. It accesses a satellite or something. lol The one I utilize most is the computer's one. And I can't see the time, as I've said probably five times already.

      Yeah, I'm still kind of irritated it didn't go away. :/ Five hours wasted... *sigh* I blame my computer. I thought about keeping it running tonight to do another scan, but I think that would be a bit cruel. ._. It's working so great now. I don't want to piss it off. It might break my fingers in retaliation. I just never know with this thing. *shakes head sadly*

      I was reading an online novel last night since I couldn't do much else. lmao This crybaby was doing a brilliant impersonation of a snail. I was very impressed, albeit displeased. Scrolling took more than five seconds to kick in. It was pretty bad, which is why the only thing I could do was read! But I had a good time, even if my computer didn't.

      Hey, maybe it had a hangover?

      ...you never know.



      Did you hear about those Google cars that drive themselves? I'd like me one of those. I'd drive it manually, but if it could park itself, that'd just be awesome. Gas prices are still annoying, so I'll have to schedule my road test for sometime in November. Start driving myself to school. I can drive there just fine, but I need my driver's license to actually keep it in the student parking lot. :| What's the point of a driver's license? Really.

      I need to practice parallel parking, but I don't see why I'd need it. Urgh. It should be optional for people like me who would park at the very back of a parking lot to get away from cars. And it's not like I'd be stupid enough to work in a city (the stress and lack of sleep would kill me!), and even if I did, I'd go with public transportation. Let other people drive me around. I'd sooner starve to death than drive through city traffic on even a semi-regular basis.

      What? I'm just saying.

      I brought my PS2 back up to my room and played Persona 3 for the first time in months. My friend's brother wants it back... xD I'm not too inclined to give it. I'll go up to GameStop in a few days and order it in for an early Christmas present. They always have Persona 4 up there, but P4's weird. Yosuke's great, really, but I wouldn't pay just to see his face. Persona 3, ftw. Can't wait for more info to be released on Persona 5. If it's not going to be like Persona 3, I won't buy a PS3 for it, though. >_> Male character, hidden background, angst and doom everywhere. I DEMAND IT. Persona 4 was way to goddamn lighthearted to tide me over!

      Guess I should go up and grab my watch now.

      Man, I'm a chatterbox once I get going. o_o'''

    • Kaijin

      Starsailors || Safe At Home

      4 years ago

      Sit down, my wounded friend, you're safe at home again.
      Or in a strange hotel where we can play pretend...

      But when it rains, my heart, it soars;
      What's yours is mine, what's mine is yours.

      But there's still a cloud, hangs over my head.
      Can't block it out;
      I'm going to bed.

      Sit down, sit down again... there's nothing left to lose.
      It's a golden age where all I have is you.

      But when it rains, my heart, it soars;
      What's yours is mine, what's mine is yours.
      But there's still a cloud, hangs over my head,
      Can't block it out...
      So I'm going to bed.

      I've listened to this song over seventy times in the past two days. ._. It's my inspiration for that Shadow of the Templar fan fiction I'm dead serious about writing. I've looked up some FBI terminology and everything! It'll be nice. Gotta get a solid outline together by November in order to write the thing, though... giving myself a month's time for it isn't the smartest idea, but it might be just the kick in the rear I need to get writing again.

    • Kaijin

      I Actually Contemplated Smothering Her

      4 years ago

      These are the days when I really fucking wish I could take a sleeping pill like a normal person. But I have shit I actually want to do today, and I don't need to be groggy on top of it. D: I think I might cancel my plans altogether. I feel like a dust bunny, may they burn in hell.

      That friend that didn't reply until 7pm? That friend stayed the night. It was a good night up until the "good night" part. We watched The Addams Family Values ('nuff said), Hocus Pocus (since she's never seen it before), The New Nightmare on Elm Street (since I haven't seen it yet), Law Abiding Citizen (which shall always be an epic flick-- my favorite was the judge's death, hands down), and... well... Nothing But Trouble.

      She says it's the weirdest movie she's ever seen in her life, and I might have to agree with her. I don't think either of us will ever un-see it.

      Anyway. She stayed the night. She snores sometimes. I didn't think this would be a problem until she actually started snoring and didn't stop. I guess it wasn't all that loud, but goddamn... I wanted to smother her. I actually had a tight grip on the pillow before I realized what I was contemplating and knew I had to get the hell outta there. But I can't sleep downstairs. What little traffic that goes by here at 7 in the morning keeps me wide awake.

      I realize it's a normal thing, okay? I do. I'm just a very picky sleeper and tend to get homicidal thoughts when that sleep is disturbed. And as I said before, I had plans for today, plans that are being ruined every second I'm still awake. I can't wait to chase her out of here.

      I need a shower. After that, I'll wash my comforter. In between, I guess I should type out the scene that's been on the forefront of my mind these past few days. <3 It's for that Shadow of the Templar fan fiction. I just... need to get it out.

      Wait. Tetris. Tetris first. Every third time I close my eyes, I see those little fucking boxes. Take out my frustration on them or I'll never get anything done.

      Oh, by the way, I'm a-okay. I'm also learning that some specific friends should be un-friended for not being up this late on a Saturday. YES, LATE. On a Saturday. I refuse to acknowledge the new day until I wake up. You say "denial," I say "drivel."

      I'm also hungry, but that can also wait until whenever I wake up from my eventual sleep.

    • Kaijin

      My Computer Is The Biggest Dick I Know

      4 years ago

      Windows XP can be such a pain in the ass. I knew that system update couldn't be good news. >_> I forgot all about it until I saw it mentioned on a board. It's like a dick measuring contest on there! Jesus, all I know is that my computer is a Windows XP. I've gotten by fine on that. Who needs to know all that techie crap? Grr. Can't even get into Safe Mode because it freezes on agpCPQ.sys!

      The guest log-in works just fine, though, which is how I'm able to write here now. Even that's a backstabbing son of a rat, though. I don't have administrator rights, meaning I can't really do anything on here. When I go into the usual log-in, it says I have a virus and won't load anything. *rolls eyes*

      I swear, this computer is like a jealous, pissy old man. The communist makers of XPs poisoned him with their freaking "security update", and now he's more of a paranoid creep than ever before! D: I've gotta reinstall Java, too, so google stops redirecting me. Viewing the cached versions of websites can get to be such an eyesore after a while.

      I'm gonna play a game of tetris and abduct some company for tonight... possibly watch some more Six Feet Under. That'll sure as hell cheer me up.

      I'll also download the story, Mat. I sent the .doc to myself on Friday for this reason. I guess having a gut instinct does pay off once in a while.

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    • lofpbplayer


      5 years ago

      Thanks. That was really the only poem I have ever written that I liked.

    • lofpbplayer


      5 years ago

      The Torture Of The Mind
      As the soldier sits in his deep fox hole,
      he begins to think upon the battle.
      To shoot or not to shoot?
      To stab or not to stab?
      Kill or be killed? It consumes his soul.
      At the same time he sees his smiling wife.
      For him there is no peace.
      The sergeant calls for the charge.
      The soldier with gun in hand must now choose.
      Stay back and cower with the dead
      or run forward and do what is asked.
      Men falling all around, friends screaming and dying.
      He makes his decision. He wants to see that smiling face again.
      He runs forward still bearing the questions in mind.
      To shoot or not to shoot?
      To stab or not to stab?
      Kill or be killed?
      Now his daughter is urging him on.
      He can hear her voice yelling the questions that plague him.
      He thinks how can this be?
      She died with her mother 2 years ago.
      The questions are repeating over and over.
      Bullets whiz by. Still he runs on.
      The sergeant is gone, plastered to a tree 50 meters back.
      Men continue to scream.
      To shoot or not to shoot?
      To stab or not to stab?
      Kill or be killed?
      The words spill from his dead family's mouths.
      Over and over.
      The enemy is in front of him. He shoots.
      The first shot takes his shoulder. He continues.
      The next salvo takes his legs and he can see sky.
      And two beautiful faces.
      He pulls his bayonet as the enemy leaps.
      The man lands dead on his chest, bayonet between his ribs.
      The soldier closes his eyes and imagines being with his wife and daughter.
      He opens them only to see the mortar flying down.
      He is able to finally answer his daughter's questions.
      He went down shooting.
      He stabbed upward.
      But in the end he was killed.
      He watched as the mortar slowly fell down and landed on the enemy body above.
      The last thing he saw was a great flower blossom of color and noise.

    • lofpbplayer


      5 years ago

      That is win. The paper is about a lit. narritive. Story telling about a paper or thing dealing with school. I wrote a poem last year that I was really happy with. took me less then an 45 minutes to write it. It was read aloud in class. The class was silent . The teacher only said it was deep. I still have it open if you would like to read.

    • UBCS_Lt


      5 years ago

      Just wonderin how you doin

    • UBCS_Lt


      5 years ago


    • grifisgr8


      5 years ago

      replying to journal comment:

      Actually, I don't really mind lit crit. There were some things in the prologue I wasn't really comfortable with when I posted it, so your suggestions were actually very helpful.

    • ElunaNuv


      5 years ago

      Wow cool! That thread is kind of old. I haven't been as active on this site lately... And yeah~ I listen to a bunch of Jrock. There is lots of good stuff (and lots of bad stuff, imo of course).

    • Tetrameth


      5 years ago

      Whatever, brohan. I don't mind.

    • grifisgr8


      5 years ago

      No, I've never played Silent Hill, but I did go to Youtube to listen to some of the music, and it is pretty good.

    • grifisgr8


      5 years ago

      Yeah, that's another thing I forgot to mention. I really like the music from HALO (but then I like soundtrack-type music in general) both the games and movie. I'd have to guess that there's a soundtrack to all that and if I could find it, I'd definitely get it. I also ordered the Trocodero CD, since they have some pretty good music from the rvb series.