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    • Update for Weight Loss

      5 years ago


      Alright another week and already I am not on the ball, especially when I have good news!
      We are finally back in business baby! Just had a huge week where I got my shit together and back on track, happy to announce that I dropped 5.5 lbs. getting me back to what I had originally lost and then some. The total lbs. lost now is over the 140 lbs. mark and just 30 lbs. away from reaching my first goal weight with Jenny Craig. I would like to thank my counselors there for all the work that they have done with me to help me get to where I am and also would like to thank Joel and his gym Pro Performance Athletic Centre. Of course I would like to thank all my friends and family as well for all their support and friendship, I am always amazed that you all have stuck with me even during my lowest of times. Thank you all and I hope to give you more good news tomorrow.

    • New weight loss journal

      5 years ago


      Hello everyone my name is Kale Renner and go by the same profile name except for the two __.

      What I am planning on doing is what I have been doing on my facebook page, which is going week by week explaining what I have gone through for my weight loss since the very beginning, I am doing this to help keep myself in check so that I do not fall back into my old habits and also as sort of a therapy for myself and what I have gone through and also what challenges may lie ahead for me and working through them just by putting it down.

      Well alright, it has been a long time since I had started out so I will explain where I was at the time and where I have gone from there. It was a year ago in September when all of this began I had decided that my life hat hit it's all time low, all I was eating was fast food, burgers, fries and tons of pop (averaging about 12 cans a day easily). I didn't go out much with friends, just stayed at home eating and drinking things that were clearly good for me. I'm not sure exactly what it was but something clearly had popped into my head that the way I was living was only going to lead me to a future of misery and loneliness and so I had began to take steps to get myself back into shape.

      The one main thing that I did was that I signed up for Jenny Craig and one of the first things that we did was weigh and measure me. To my shock and dismay because I had avoided a scale for so long that I didn't know just how much damage I was doing to my body, well reality had sunk in, I was weighing in at 416 lbs. So obviously changes had to be made, the first thing that was changed was my diet, no more fast food and no more pop, and Jenny C. would provide a plan food for the week and supply it.

      The second thing that I did was join a gym that my friend had opened in the town I work in, after doing these two things progressively through the year I began to lose weight to the point where I have now lost over 139 lbs. Now my goal with Jenny Craig was to get to 240 lbs., which I thought was crazy at the start until I realized that I am around 30-35 lbs. away from reaching that goal. Also my goal after I am done with Jenny Craig is to continue to lose weight until I reach 185-190 lbs. total, the journey will be tough but since I have come this far I just want to see how far I can go and hopefully reach my goal within the next few years.

      Thank you for listening and I hope to bring more good news as time goes on, I will also try and find old photos of me before going on this journey on current ones up to finally reaching my goal, the after shot.

    • Comic Reality TV Show "The Stash" 2012

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      To hear that a comic book reality TV show coming to AMC was something I had wanted to hear for a long time to come to reality TV considering that I have just recently started collecting comics again and would like to see more into the world of people who are hardcore into this niche genre.

      The show will be taking place in The Stash, a very popular comic and collectible shop owned by Kevin Smith and run by his good friend Walt. They will include many people from the podcasts of Tell Em' Steve Dave, Space Monkey's, Pucknuts, etc. (if you haven't heard them, check them out, they are hilarious).

      I can't wait for this show to air and was wondering if anyone else had heard of this and is excited as I am.

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    • I am ready for the 2011/2012 NHL Season

      6 years ago


      It's finally here! Opening day of the 2011/2012 season of the NHL and there is much to look forward to with the new season.

      First things first I am a huge New Jersey Devils fan (one of the loneliest fans in Canada) and cannot wait for our season to improve after our very rough campaign last year. Not even making the playoffs is a tough pill to swallow and watching my team for years make the playoffs, win 3 Stanley Cups and tear up our division every year made my stomach hurt.

      But I kept the faith, and this year looks to be our bounce back to a dominant standing in the Eastern Conference. First of all we have a strong goal scorer in Zach Parise coming back from a long injury that took him the entire season to recover from. We have drafted a strong defenseman that shows a ton of promise to become a franchise player for the club. Kovalchuk looks to be reinvigorated and hopefully into his 30+ goal scoring ways. And we can't forget about Patrik Elias who has been dedicated to the team through and through and will continue to put points on the board for the club.


      The one staggering question I have is about our goaltending. With Brodeur reaching the 40 age mark begs to ask the question, can he keep up with a young league and still compete with the best?


      During the pre-season we did see glimpses that he is ready for this season, but I do not think he will be playing as many games as he has in the past. We will be looking to our back up and youth to pick up more games than before to help Brodeur stay healthy for important games, especially when it comes closer to the playoffs.

      But enough about my team, I have faith that they will bounce back and have a stronger campaign than last year.

      We have many other things to look forward to, such as:


      - A young and fast paced Edmonton Oilers
      - The fact that the Winnipeg Jets exist again with a team that looks promising
      - Sidney Crosby's Return (possibly)
      - A strong Tampa Bay Team with one of the best players in the league in Steven Stamkos, Martin St. Lousie and Vincent Lecalvalier
      - The Detroit Redwings (they are always good, can't be stopped)
      - The large change of faces with teams (eg. Jeff Carter traded from Philidephia)
      - The returning champs the Boston Bruins coming back with most of the original roster that won the cup
      - New rookie faces making NHL team rosters
      - New rules to help players stay healthy and no have to suffer effects of concussions, etc.

      There is always so much to talk about and the season is just starting. I am looking forward to having a game showing on one TV and the other playing a game. It's going to be another great year.

    • 2018 years ago

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    • Kale__Renner

      6 years ago

      No WAY! I have met only one other Kale in my lifetime! That is bad ass, it's so rare to find another kale lol. That's just awesome to find another Kale in the world.

    • void165

      6 years ago

      Hey. Is your name Kale too? That is pretty cool. I have only met 2 other people with the same name as me. What about you?

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