RWBY makes allusions to many legends and stories, and some of those legends and stories have been made into movies. We're going to be trying to watch them all, one week at time.

Hi folks! I'd like to invite you all to what will hopefully become a long running event: RWBY Movie Matinee. It was a lot of fun last week and we're doing it again this week. Sadly I forgot to announce it on the RT forums along with everywhere else, so anyone here who was really itching to watch The Wizard of Oz missed out. But I'm putting the announcements in even more places this week, and everyone and anyone is invited! Today's showing will again be at 1PM CDT/6pm UTC. We'll be continuing our advance into RWBY's allusions with 2004's Troy. Runtime is 163 minutes.

Voice and text chat along with the film link are on this Discord Server:

On-topic conversation during the movie is encouraged. We hope you can join us!

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