Beautiful friend...

So, in short, my mom saw the MySpace rapes things, and told me i had to get off this account. Just so y'alls know, i took off all my stuff, but i left my friends and comments as sort of a memorial until they delete my account. I would've just deleted it but it's more trouble than it's worth >_<. So, to all my 3 friends on here, I loved meeting you and chatting with you and maybe we'll meet again someday ^_^. To my lovely one who got me on this site in the first place, i thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet people. Much love ^_^<3

Tis the end of an era

Farewell, my lovelies ^_^. Those of you i actually talk to have recieved my AIM and can hopefully remain in touch ^_^

Stay classy, RvB

KellyKaPooPoo out~*