Ever have one of those moments where you receive a bit of news that just leaves a hole in your heart? When I heard Monty Oum passed I was (and am) in shock. I don't regularly let my emotions get the better of me, but Monty Oum's death succeeded in striking home.

I honestly can't really articulate how I feel about the man. I never knew him personally. And there are only a times he spoke (outside of RWBY) in the short Animated Adventures. But his creativity really inspired me. I won't claim some spiritual connection to him or make that "kindred spirits" cliche statement. But his passion made me passionate; I've been motivated to try harder/be more sincere in my martial arts and parkour of late and among the many reasons why stands Monty Oum's own zeal.

Being naturally pessimistic and thoroughly disgusted with the milking of creativity I occasionally despair of happiness and long to retreat to fantasy; a good book written before my time, when imaginations run free, or a CD where the music is truly exceptional. It's rare for an anime, movie, or other TV-based entertainment to offer such a joy. But RWBY, even still in the stages of infancy, was an exception. It held a simple premise but was being driven by fun and passion.

Monty's effort to introduce the world to his own ideas and inspirations resonated with my own desire to introduce to the world something from the recesses of my mind where everything that makes up my life coalesces. Henceforth I devote this month and my future work to his legacy and impact on me.

Rest in Peace, Monty.