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    • A Red Stained Remnant

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      This is the first fan fic I've ever written, for anything, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.Thought y'all might enjoy it.

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    • Skyrim: Thu'um Master

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      If you haven't got Thu'um Master yet, haven't seen the videos, go and talk to Arngeir, leader of the Greaybeards (Don't quote me on the name by the way). You can ask him for the location of a source of power, he'll give you a Miscellanious Objective to find it. Go there, clear the dungeoun, and you'll find a word somewhere in there. :)

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    • Thu'um Master

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      If you haven't seen the Thu'um Master videos that the guys have done, I've found that if you go and talk to the leader of the Greybeards, can't recall his name at this point, I know it starts with an "A", you can ask him if he's "felt the power" of a word. He'll give you a Miscellanious Objective to find the source of power in "__________". Go there, clear the dungeon, and you'll find a new Word.

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    • Journal, The Third

      6 years ago


      Hey everybody!
      How we all doin'?
      That's great. :)

      It's me, back for my third journal entry that noone will read. :D
      Continuing the gaming theme, I'm going to prattle on about the new RPG from Bethesda...

      Now, I cannot stress enough how incredible this game is. I always saw Oblivion and thought the first-person sword fighting scheme was stupid, I thought it looked stupidly corny. But after all the hype in the build up to Skyrim, I felt compelled to buy it. And buy it I did. And from the moment the game started, I was in awe. Absolute awe. Everything about the game; the graphics, the size, the culture, the realism, the textures, the combat, the quests, the storyline. It is all immaculate! The genii at Bethesda have made an entire nation, with a history, a culture, a religion, everything that every society has, the we take for granted. And you don't realise how video games skip over it until you play Skyrim. I mean, the people wrote their own language, Draconic, a full charactered language. The sheer effort this would have taken, the time that would've been put into it. It's astronomical!

      I've never really liked games like Runescape and World Of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong, they're good, solid, well-designed games. I just hate the human interaction, people always take the anonimity of having an avatar as an excuse to be an absolute dick, and it's really annoying. Now, to simplify Skyrim, think of World Of Warcraft, but all the people running around are NPCs. And of course Bethesda made it, so it has an amazing storyline, and the freedom to abandon that storyline and do whatever you wish. I went off to do a quest for the main storyline, got side tracked, and three days later I'm the head of the Thieves Guild. So I go back to the main questline to finish that, only to get kidnapped by The Dark Brotherhood. Next thing you know, three days have gone past and I'm the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. The game is simply immense, I've finished every major questline and still find myself going back, even if it's just to walk around, exploring, watching the beautiful landscape and killing dragons.

      I would HIGHLY recommend it. I never thought the genre would really be to my liking, I had second thoughts while the game was booting up. But once you start, you never look back. It is immaculately designed, everything in the landscape has been perfected. I look forward to the first DLC they release, I want to see if they expand the world, the story, whatever they add, I'm sure it will make the game evermore amazing.

      Now, being a musically based individual, I adore the theme song for the game, Sons Of Skyrim. It's one of those rousing Scandiniavian choruses, with a hundred men singing in an epic choir. It comes on whenever you fight a dragon, and just compliments the situation perfectly. You're battling a beast capable of destroying armies, and this rousing song resounds in the background, it's an incredible sensation. Another aspect of this song that I love is that they wrote it in Draconic, the language that they wrote for the games. Draconic is the language dragon's speak by the way, the people speak English. It's an amazing song, for an INCREDIBLE game.

      Anywho, I've had my rant.
      Til next time.

    • Journal, The Second

      6 years ago


      Saluti readers.

      I went a little off track with the introduction yesterday, so I'll finish that off as our first point. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I like to think of myself as a sporty person, I play soccer, but am reasonably proficient in most other sports. Except crosscountry, I can't run for the sake of running, I guess it's a mentality thing. I am VERY musical, music is an enormous part of my life, I play the guitar, bass and want to learn drums and piano. I'm mainly into rock and metal, but I'm very open minded about my music, I like classical, jazz, basically anything that sounds good to me.

      I've been a Rooster Teeth fan since 2008, my friend told to me to watch this stupidly funny show called Red Vs Blue, he went on about it for about a fortnight, til I grudgingly indulged him and watched episode 1. I then spent every free moment for about a month watching every episode of RvB, quite a task. But I simply loved everything about it, then I found out in 2009 that Reconstruction was coming out, and I was wowed again.I know some people will disagree, but the remake seasons (Reconstruction onwards) seem a lot better to me. It's not a comedy for the sake of being funny. It's more action-packed, has a great story, and has funny moments weaved throughout it. Early last year the same friend showed me HORSE, Fails Of The Weak and Achievement Hunter in general, when I saw it was the same guys, I then watched through EVERY episode of HORSE and FOTW. That took me about three days, I slept more in 2008. Then when I discovered the RT Podcast, everything changed again. I love hearing the RT Crew being people, not characters, or commentating on flying SPARTANS. And so a fanatic was born...

      So that's the introduction more or less out of the way, back to gaming. I said last time that I adore a story that I can lose myself in, characters I can fall in love with, or a world I can explore. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare doesn't have so much of the explorable world sense of things, but I love it all the same. The story is incredible, gameplay is immaculate, the graphics are unbelievable and I couldn't put it down. I only got into the games about a month ago, I picked up Modern Warfare cheap in a Hi-Fi store, saw it for twenty dollars, and bought more out of obligation than anything else, everyone went on about it, thought I should try it. I went home, somewhat reluctantly booted it up, sat down to play a game I was expecting to be moral and intellectual torture. And proceeded to not move for the next six hours. I played through the entire campaign, in one sitting. I'll admit that I played it first on regular difficulty, I like to play games through once on an easier difficulty, so I can focus on the story more than the surviving, then go back and play it on the hardest difficulty for achievements.

      I simply fell, head first, into this incredibly well pieced story. It is a revolution to gaming, particularly warfare games. Soap Mactavish became a legend to me, as did Captain Price. I went straight back to the store the next morning to buy Modern Warfare II, thoroughly addicted. I raced home, booted it up, and didn't move for another six hours. I'll admit I was a little upset to be playing WITH Soap, instead of AS him, but after a level or two playing as Roach, I grew to enjoy Soap having a voice, and seeing him in action for himself.

      Now everyone knows that Infinity Ward have no qualms against killing off main characters, the nuke in the first game kind of gave that away. Then in number two, several key characters were killed. And I've even heard Jack complaining about it, saying "Yes. It was a good gimmock in the first game, we were all shocked. Stop using it all the time!" And I'm sure many of you would agree with him. I'm inclined to disagree, I found that knowing my character could actually die made action sequences much more exhilirating. In the escape from the favela mission in MWII, in Brazil, when Roach falls from the rooftop, and has to run to escape the oncoming militia, my heart was about to explode it was beating so hard. After all that time, I didn't want Roach to just die! Sure they kill lots of characters, but it makes you KNOW that they will kill characters, just like that, and your favourite people could die at any moment. It made the game that much more exciting for me.

      Anywho, I think that's enough for one day.
      Til next time.
      Stay frosty.

    • Journal, The First.

      6 years ago


      I've had the idea to start writing a journal, for no particular reason, because I fully realise that noone's going to read it.
      All the same, I'll start here, just on the off chance someone starts reading them in the future.

      So, first off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name's Josh, Gamertag is Kerrigor2, I use Gamertag in a loose term as I'm a Playstation 3 user myself. I've been going with Sony since 2000, when the PS2 came out, and didn't feel any desire to change when I upgraded. I'll admit to all 360 users that the control scheme is better, the controller is better laid out, particularly for shooters. But I've grown accustomed to the Playstation control scheme over the years, so I decided to stick with it. I kind of regretted it when I saw my bank account after I bought though... Went from comfortably lucrative to a freakin pauper. But at least I had my PS3.

      I absolutely adore the Assassin's Creed franchise, the first was life a revelation for me, and I've loved them ever since. Critically speaking, my favourite game of the series is Assassin's Creed II. The jump in gameplay from I to II was fantastic, it recreated the entire dynamic. While I adore the gameplay in Brotherhood and Revelations, particularly the combat system. But AC II had an immense story, spanning a nation, over years of Ezio's life, it was brilliantly told, wonderfully engaging, and I found myself lost in it for hours, wandering the streets of Venice or Firenze, wanting to drag out the story as long as I possibly could, just so it wouldn't end.

      I love a good story, I absolutely adore a well-told good story. Assassin's Creed gives one all of that, with incredible gameplay, and an immense immersive world to explore as well. As much as I hate the people at Ubisoft at the end of each game, because of the dreadful cliffhangers they leave you with, I have the utmost respect for them in game development, and narrative story-telling. I still get excited whenever I find that Nolan North is doing a voice-over on a game I have, or am about to get. For those who don't know, Nolan North does the voice of Desmond Miles. Desmond is an amazing creation in terms of character development, especially in Revelations, in which you find out all about Desmond's childhood.

      I'll try to do a journal everyday, whenever possible. So in the next one I'll speak of my other gaming interests.
      Not a very broad subject, should take another two, possibly three journals.

      Until next time,

      Requiescat in pace.

    • 2018 years ago

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