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      Possibly at RTX and having fun :D

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      PS, There's a new bornavirus.

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      Random health info: according to the New England Journal of Medicine, synthetic cannabinoids (compounds created in a lab that are similar to active compounds in marijuana) are associated with a lot of what they are calling "adverse health events," or "adverse health effects," and several deaths. But they are hard to regulate because people keep making more new ones.

      There were over 200 "adverse health events" for one in Colorado and over 100 in Dallas, but no deaths with those.

      I think "adverse health events" means trips to the doctor, hospital, or ER.

      O, sometimes they turn out to be poisonous compounds, but they are new and somehow classified as "herbal" so they're unregulated. It's great that manufacturers are avoiding regulation like this : /

      And this must be why doctors were ordering obscure send-out toxicology tests at my work - patients might be sick and doing from synthetic cannabinoids, but there's no way to test for the new ones immediately. So they wouldn't know how to treat those patients.

      Anyway, if you see "synthetic cannabinoids" as an ingredient, you may want to run away. X)

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      Did you know that there is a "disable track pad" button on keyboards? X) I was so sad because I thought my laptop was broken, but now it's good XD So... just FYI...

    • Another April Fools Joke?

      3 years ago


      So.... this is another joke, right? They wouldn't actually remake Final Fantasy VII, would they? (And is that Steve Blum narrating the trailer?)

      I used to read a blog about how the creator/director of FFVII (who apparently also created/directed the Metal Gear Solid games? was compared to the creator of the Metal Gear Solid Games) seems to enjoy messing with fans and not giving them what they want or expect. So this trailer can't be real. Right?

      ....I may be buying a PS4 :D (You know, in 10 years when I might be able to afford it XD )

    • Transliteration

      3 years ago


      Today I learned that instead of saying "OK," I need to say "ΩΚ."

    • Quick Update on Bio News

      3 years ago


      I'm sorry I'm late to report this X)

      So there's this new way to modify genes called CRISPR/CAS9. There's a neat video explaining it here:

      Scientists have developed an easy way to genetically modify parts of an organism's genetic makeup; though for mammals it has to be when they are only a few cells right after the fertilization of the egg. There are a lot of far-reaching and possibly scary implications of this.

      Nature has a letter calling for a pause to think about it before trying it on humans.

      What if we could "knock out" (a bio term) the gene for Huntington's disease?

      What if we modified any other gene?

      In the lab I worked in, we needed a strain of the yeast we were studying that didn't have a working copy of a certain gene. It was expensive to send away for the strain because it used to be a really hard thing to do to get rid of a gene. This new method makes that so much easier.

      So it makes research for things like finding new ways to combat pathogens much easier :D but now we can also genetically modify humans before birth with the same technique.... Which really doesn't sound ethical. Unless it's validated as a treatment for major genetic disorders. I don't know if it's a good thing yet X)

      I mean, genome modification has been possible for years, but with the new CRISPR/Cas9 method, it is suddenly much easier and effective.

      There are also somatic applications of this technique, meaning that it is possible to modify genes in only certain, localized cells (in localized cancer cells, for example). These changes would probably not be heritable.

      Also, Ray, why? : /

    • Measles Outbreak

      3 years ago


      Hey, remember measles? That disease that you learn about in school that was mostly wiped out in the US by an effective public health campaign to get everyone vaccinated? Well, now people have been deciding not to get vaccinated even though the disease is still infecting people who live in other parts of the world. So just last month a measles outbreak started in California and has not spread to 14 states in the US. Now the unvaccinated people in the US could die of a disease that was close to being eliminated completely and was eliminated from the US.

      Apparently, people are choosing not to get vaccinated due to a common misconception that the measles vaccine causes autism. There is a book that is easy to read and goes into this subject in great detail with meticulous citations called The Panic Virus that everyone needs to read. There's a lot of truthiness used to argue for a link to autism and a problem with the way scientists will not state conclusions as facts and will avoid absolutes.

      So if you live in the US and did not get vaccinated against measles, you might want to go get vaccinated now. Before you get measles.

    • Re: Podcast 293 on Dogs and Ebola

      3 years ago


      I'm a little behind on the RT Podcasts. Please tell me they correct the part when they say that dogs can be infected by Ebola asymptomatically. There is a problematic study that suggests that it might be true, but further research needs to be done before we can say for sure that dogs are infected with Ebola, instead of something else that might also give them antibodies that react to Ebola. The study, conducted in 2002, found that dogs that were far away from Africa also had antibodies to Ebola, and this is not explained yet.

      And right now, research on Ebola in dogs is really not the priority.

      But the dog in Spain was killed because no one knows whether or not it could contract Ebola, nor does anyone know if it could transmit the disease if it could contract it.

      If this is not corrected, I'll respond to the podcast thread. X)

    • 3 years ago

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      looks like you need a friend... let me help you out there

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      As i'm on my 1st semester on Molecular Biology it would be nice with some pointers to good readin' :)
      A very scantily clad profile....maybe you could post some more info?

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