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    • Family update

      2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      If you follow me on Twitter, you already know. My mother passed away on April 11th.

      Life has been difficult for me and everyone in my family.

      I guess there isn't anything else to say.

      Live long. And prosper.

    • Family

      2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      A few of you may remember that my mom was diagnosed with myelodysplasia a little over a year ago, and last September, she had a bone marrow transplant to try to combat it.

      Even though she got her new bone marrow from her brother, her odds were only 50-50. And she survived that.

      Unfortunately, her success didn't help when she got a stomach bug. Normally, she'd be sick for a bit and then get better. Except, the bone marrow transplant left her already shitty immune system pretty damn weak. And even though the dangerous 100 days had past, the graft vs host disease decided to get nasty and not help her stomach bug.

      She was admitted to the hospital a month or two ago. The doctors have tried all the usual treatments. Every new treatment has a decreasing odds of success.

      The doctors are now at the point where they want to try a trial drug. It's usually used for something else, but it helps a couple people with things like what's happening with my mom, sometimes. They aren't sure why. As you can probably imagine, the odds of survival with this treatment are very very low.

      This is the news my siblings and I received this news yesterday. We do not know how long my mom has.

      I will continue to try to post here, like I promised myself. However, if quite awhile goes by without a post, please understand.

      Live long and prosper.

    • Don't want to talk much

      2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      It's been awhile, and I said I'd post more, so here I am again.

      I don't want to talk about it, but I've been going through some bullshit.

      On the brighter side of things, I've started playing Devil May Cry 4. Because I'm a weirdo, I designed my own dmc4 inspired self, complete with giant sword. Then, during one of the angry days I've had, drew this:


      That's what I've got this time around.

      Live long and prosper.

    • 2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska
    • Art and Guns

      2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Finished my Random Elf Cosplay! Don't have any good pictures, but here's a quick drawing:


      Took the art in the previous journal and added a little bit more to it:


      Also did some art with Diamond Designs, where I pretend Diamond likes to design clothing in his spare time:



      No progress on projects. New year started off not that fun in terms of anxiety and depression.

      I did do some social stuff with my older sister and brother-in-law. And I learned how to shoot a gun the other day.

      (since my dad, little sister and I were using the same target, I aimed for the head, so I guess I'm ready for zombie headshots kind of)

      I currently have a plan of streaming Dragon's Dogma on Twitch. Having fun with the stream being as confused with the plot as I am (but just wait until we get further into the game, SO MUCH CONFUSION).

      That's it from me.

      Live long and prosper.

    • Elf-y stuff

      2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Bought elf ears for myself:


      I really like them! I got a cool dress too. It'll be awhile before it arrives. But slowly, I am making a Random Elf cosplay thingy.

      Also made this drawing:


      More Dragon Age Inquisition fan art.

      Having a tough depression time. Just trying to survive one step at a time.

      That's all for now.

      Live long and prosper.

    • 2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska
    • 2015.

      2 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Hm....not seeing a lot of artistic progress. Hopefully I can figure something out next year.

      Finally got my diploma in math and business this year!


      Started a job two days after earning that degree and still have said job. Yay!

      Mom had a bone marrow transplant, and is finally home. Still taking a lot of pills, but she's getting better.

      My older sister got married and my younger sister started college. Both of these are weird and sometimes I stare off into space and wonder how it happened that they both grew up (and I'm still looking to buy nintendo handheld systems - but seriously, I need a new nintendo ds so I can play Xenoblade).

      No progress on projects due to depression starting to ramp up. Let's just say I'm taking the holidays off.

      Got awesome art from @Ember:

      I'm a warrior elf!


      If there was a Diamond Funko figure thingy, I'd buy 50.

      That's all I've got right here, right now.

      (there's a dot in the title because apparently RT doesn't like titles less than 5 characters long)

      Live long and prosper.

    • Door Handles and Dragons

      3 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      This morning, after returning from running an errand, I tried to unlock the door to my building. Except the handle came off in my hand.

      Let's hope that's not an omen for how the rest of my day will go.

      Mom's 100 days count is almost done. See, after someone has a bone marrow transfusion, they have to live within so many miles of the hospital, just in case the donated cells rebel and start killing the person. They have to live near the hospital for about 100 days, just in case. So far so good, and it's possible mom can go home as early as the middle of next week.

      I haven't done much to progress my projects. I did finish a drawing I had been working for months.

      Look, I really like Dragon Age: Inquisition. And it may have broken my heart.


      I think this drawing has stolen all my energy. I have ideas to work on other things, but no energy to actually do them. Or maybe that's the depression. -shrug-

      Live long and prosper

    • 3 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska
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