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    • Post-Thanksgiving Monday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      I'm back

      That new video was awesome. Made my day
      Bough some Christmas gifts. Three to be exact. Mom's, dad's and older sisters. I just need to get younger siblings and boyfriend.
      siblings are easy to buy for, boyfriend is impossible. blarg.

      i have a couple ideas, but I really don't know. I'll probably go to the game store down the street and get that nintendo 64 game. idk. he doesn't really play on his 64 anymore. blarg. this is so hard. maybe i'll copy what my parents are getting him, xbox points or whatever they are.

      i did horribly on my speech today. i'll probably have to retake it next monday. I have to write up my expert letter for english by wednesday and also on Wednesday, I have a math exam. to end the week I'll have to take a Fund. of Human Comm. exam. blarg.

      this week is gonna suck.

      live long and prosper

    • Good Morning...

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      I decided to write this now, so I don't have to worry about it when I get home.

      blah. got my Essay 2 back. Total score is; 45/50
      I'll take that.

      only have Anthropology to suffer through now. blarg. That's gonna be torture.
      I already took most of my stuff out to my car.

      it's freaking cold outside. my nose hairs freeze whenever I breathe. it's very uncomfortable.
      can't wait to play more video games. Halo Reach....hopefully some Fable 3. I sure hope boyfriend rents Fable 3 this week. I'd even pay for the rent, if that's what it took (i'm a poor college student, I can't really afford much).

      blah. roommate just left for work and class and whatnot.

      blarg. As of right now, I hate my Anthropology class. I could be home right now. Right now! blarg.

      oh wells. I decided not to skip so I might as well stop complaining.

      I think that's about it

      live long and prosper

    • OH shit!

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      it's monday! Which means I have to do one of these things! I almost forgots.

      so...I didn't go to Fund. of Human Comm this morning, cuz the workshop required evaluation and critical thinking, and I already have over the required number of workshops done.

      and now I'm just waiting for six o'clock to roll around so I can head to math class.....I hope that chick is we can turn in our project. ahhh, crap. now i'm gonna stress.
      other than that, I just have two classes tomorrow then FREEDOM! Too bad that Anthro is probably gonna take for flippin ever.

      i need to make copies of my draft for english....blah!

      anyways, so far, it's been a good monday.

      yesterday, i caught Mesprit and Cresselia on Pokemon Platinum. Win!
      yea....been playing platinum. trying to finish the pokedex.

      um....that's about it.
      boyfriend showed me a cool new game. galexee wars or something.

      maybe i'll tell you laters. maybe not.


      live long and prosper

    • Almost-Friday-Day

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      that means Thursday.

      I drew another comic. Thought I did very well drawing the one face. but i'm not gonna put i up on here, unless I get tons of comments on my okay. no comic for you!

      I'm gonna order pizza tomorrow to celebrate surviving the week. And boyfriends mom might come to town for something, and she offered ice cream! it's gonna be a win!

      boyfriends in town for some music thing. he hasn't talked to me, but oh wells. he's probably really busy with the music thingy. and his friends. he's staying with these two guys that are his friends.
      i acted like an idiot in front of them (more than once), and I just can't face them. i try to act normal whenever i'm around them now, but....sigh. i'm paranoid like that.

      let's add paranoia to my list of problems, shall we?

      um...dinner's gonna suck tonight. supposed to be a special dinner, cuz of Thanksgiving and all.
      Speaking of thanksgiving break, only five more classes until I can go home! two of those are the same class, but oh wells.

      so....i think i passed my math quiz last night! Woot!

      i need to email my anthro project tomorrow. i'm gonna write a post- it note so i don't forget.

      i think that's about it.

      live long and prosper.

    • Sometimes...

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      ...I just hate waiting.

      I wish I didn't have to feel uncertain about me and boyfriend. I also wish that we would both be happy with the outcome. Not eventually happy, but happy right away.

      but i'll always feel an underlying uncertainty. I don't feel good enough for him. Or anybody for that matter.

      blah. I'm not good enough for anybody, who am I kidding?

      blarg. I just hate this...

      live long and prosper.

    • College food sucks

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      I hate the food that my dorm is serving me today.

      i actually liked the food we had this past weekend. make your own sandwich. best. idea. ever.

      i hope i find something edible. i'm flippin hungry from not eating much at lunch.

      a week from today and I'll be back home.
      I wish I could fastforward.

      I totally passed my anthro exam this morning. Damn, I may hate the class, but the exam comes right from the study guide. it's the only win in there so far.

      i totally wish there was a legit bookstore somewhere nearby. that way I could just buy The Fall of Reach and not have to beg boyfriend to let me borrow it.

      I need my peer to get done peer editing my paper.
      math group is hopefully meeting for the last time today! hopefully will get everything written down on the Holy Manuscript of Math.

      I'm gonna go try to eat.

      live long and prosper

    • Procrastination Monday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Fund. of Human Comm. wasn't all that bad this morning.

      Some chick sent out a mass email for anthropology, asking the answers to some questions. i told her what i got for the ones i knew, and asked her my own questions.

      Wrote my proposal, and the draft for my anthropology project. I just need to email it to the person that's gonna proofread it. and get it back, then write it with the changes. then I'll email the whole thing to my TA.
      she'll probably fail me. blarg.
      wait! gah, i'm supposed to be thinking positive aren't i? Damn.....uh....I actually tried to follow the requirements? yay?

      anyways...I got far more done than I originally thought I would. I'm too lazy ass to change the title of this entry though. blah.

      had a nightmare last night. still makes me sick just thinking bout it. since no one actually reads this thing, i won't put up the details.

      hm...almost a full day down. if I finish out the week, only four classes next week till Thanksgiving break! win!

      I think that's about it. damn. I was hoping this would take longer. sigh.

      Oh! awesome detail. If my evil professor allows me to do my English paper as I wrote in my proposal, then I get to write about Halo! Well, the book, The Fall of Reach. but that's still pretty awesome. I just need to actually go out and buy the book, so I can cite it and make references to it and what not.
      but yea, my paper is going to compare Brave New World and The Fall of Reach. I'm comparing the conditioning and augmentation of children in each book.
      fun fun

      i think that's about it.

      live long and prosper.

    • how i loathe sunday nights

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Boyfriend and i are still on rocky ground.
      i drew a lot more today. made a small plot. it was fun.

      life sucks and it's getting harder and harder to look on the bright side of things.
      i wish my boyfriend would figure things out. I wish we could both be happy. I wish I could fastforward to friday. That would be epic.
      ugh. I didn't get enough homework done today. But at least I got my Fundamental's of Human Communication homework done. Let's see when things are due:

      Monday: Persuasive Speech Topic Approval Form with Outline
      Tuesday: Proposal for English Paper, Anthropology Exam
      Wednesday:Communications Exam, Mathematics quiz
      Thursday: Anthro Paper, probably some English homework.
      Friday: probably something Comm. will throw at me

      Good news: next week, After classes on Tuesday, I get to go home for Thanksgiving break.

      I hope I can play Halo and Fable 3

      I hope I can survive this week without my grades totally failing me by the end.

      There, that one first, then video games...

      ....well, if i were being honest in my wishes....oh never mind.

      Blarg. It's so darn hard looking on the bright side when you're looking forward to a shitty week. damn.

      sigh. I guess I'll record the progress of the week on here.
      have fun laughing at me.

      live long and prosper.

    • Scared Saturday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska boyfriend might break up with me.
      it has me scared sh*t-less. I've been trying so hard to be optimistic about stuffs, but knowing that he might break up with me makes it pretty darn hard.

      I sent him a gift on Gaia cuz it was a One Piece item, and he watches Once Piece almost religiously. One Piece is probably one of his favorite anime. I thought it'd be awesome for him to have the item, so I bought it and gave it as a gift.
      he didn't say thank you. he asked me why I bought it for him, something that he might not even use.
      this seriously had me rethinking about trying to be optimistic. it ruined my morning. I was trying to be nice. I seriously thought he would like the item, and if not the item, the gesture. I wasn't trying to be annoying or anything.

      ugh. i probably messed up my chances with him. God, I really hate myself.

      anyways....that's about it. I'll let you know what happens.

      live long and prosper

    • friday...

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      it's friday.

      i went to Walgreens and picked up some meds for a really had headache. it works! yay. =)

      i want to get a badge on zomg, but it lagged majorly, so i tried to reload it, but it won't load. so i'm waiting it out.

      i really want quiznos right now. i think i'm least im addicted to something yummy!

      um...I really want to play Fable 3. I looked ahead, cuz i can't help myself, and it looks like i'm gonna be trying to make some money along the way. I'm not telling boyfriend, mainly cuz, he doesn't want the game spoiled. Most of the time I hate spoiling games for myself, but I always try to be a good person in Fable, so...I guess i'm kinda glad I looked ahead....? oh well. i looked, i'm saving my money, and i'm not telling boyfriend

      anyways...i think i did that spoiler thing right....?
      oh well

      live long and prosper.

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