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    • here i am....again

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska


      i'm depressed. i commented on a video and a comic just to get some awards. go me.

      not much to say. i have a quiz tonight taht i'm not prepared for. i have a persuasive speech to prepare, a paper to write, two projects to finish, both due next week.
      and i'm f-ing depressed.

      no one f-ing cares about me. boyfriend is no longer reacting to me when i say i'm not doing well. god, i hate myself.


      live long and prosper

    • oh tuesday...

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      so, I still hate my English professor.
      She got asked about an important detail in the book we're supposed to read (and are quized on, i might add), and she didn't know the answer.
      seriously, professor? You don't know the colors of the caste system and to what level of the caste system they are?! You are making us read this book, and then you are quizing us on it, and you don't know the material yourself?!

      I'm a little upset.
      She got it wrong by the way, when she did answer. she didn't even bother to look it up in the book. I wrote the correct answer on my quiz, even though it wasn't asked for. Gosh, I really dislike my English Professor.

      other than

      I deleted my exbestfriend on gaia and myspace.....almost cried. I need to get over it. She's never going to apologize. Never. Ugh. I need to get rid of that hope that she will see the error of her ways.

      f my life. i'm so stupid for hanging onto that hope.


      so Gaia still has their event going on. even though its past the date they said they would end it. blarg. i wish they would stay on task.

      oh well

      i think that's about it

      Live long and prosper

    • blah! it be monday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Well hello there

      had on okay weekend. didn't have class this morning. read five more chapters than i was supposed to for english class. starting to expand my comics to encompass zelda and pokemon. well...i only have one for each, but oh wells.
      food here sucks. made day better by splurging on a mocha frap from the vending machines. used dimes for part of the expense.
      it was a pretty good day. i wish i had more of these. well, not mondays, but more pretty good days. i need to start writing my term paper for anthropology. blarg.

      um....wish I could play Fable 3. or at least play more Halo Reach.
      I finished all the quests in Pokemon Ranger. And only have one more pokemon to catch to complete my browser. i should probably work in the time travel thing. make my pokemon partner's more formidable. blarg.

      maybe i'll draw my own pokemon trainer to represent me, for my pokemon comics, if more come anyways.

      i think that's about it. i need to go eat more crappy food.

      live long and prosper.

    • um...okay....bye

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska


      my boyfriend has gotten into the habit of not saying 'bye' when he get's off facebook and we're on facebook chat. blarg. it's frusterating.

      my newest comics suck. I finished an eight page paper though.

      I'm going to visit my boyfriends college again this weekend

      my great grandmother's funeral was either today or tomorrow. i didn't get to know because i couldn't go no matter what.
      oh well.
      hopefully i don't smack someone when my math project group gets together tomorrow. blarg that guy is so frusterating.
      i just want to smack him and call him an ass.

      rip great grandma.

      to everyone else,
      live long and prosper.

    • Blarg, Tuesday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      My interview paper is gonna be a b*tch to finish. oh well.
      I went shopping today, to get emergency things like shampoo, soap etc.

      boyfriend called me last night. he called me. not the other way around. it's nice to know that he actually wants to talk to me.
      i don't want to do anything important. gr.
      i enrolled for classes for the spring semester. looks like Political Science, Meteorology (and lab), math and campus band. would've added philosophy but the sucker had no spots left when I went to enroll. at least for the one that fit with all my other classes. i'll just take it in the fall next year or something.

      the system we use to enroll is so confusing. blarg. one good thing about it is, that when you enroll for a class that either has a lab or recitation attached to it, it makes you enroll for the lab/reci before it'll let you fully enroll in the actual lecture internet just froze for a second...

      i think we're good.

      back to procrastinating!!!

      live long and prosper.

    • and so it continues

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      still depressed.

      why? cuz it feels like my boyfriend cares less about me than he did in the past.
      and other stuffs.

      I'm really depressed these days, and i'm trying to find comfort in my boyfriend. he's just not being comforting. it makes me even more depressed.
      f-ck my life.i hate it. I hate my life.

      Live long and prosper.

    • Bittersweet Sunday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska


      planned out the classes that I need. I pray they don't fill up before I can register. that would be a nightmare. Ugh. Watch it happen now.

      15 credit hours. 16 if I could find Campus Band. Idk about campus band. I love it. but will it be too much for me to handle?
      I need someone to answer my f-ing questions. Is this class right for me? Will this be too much to handle? Am I in the right major? etc

      My life would be so much better if I had someone to answer those questions for me, like right now.
      I did the Halloween event on rune-scape, only cuz my boyfriend bugged me about it.
      Gaiaonline's event in zomg is frusterating. gr.
      I also have to wait until they get their asses together tomorrow to get another item. blarg.

      this Halloween has sucked.

      good news is, I cleaned out the moldy chili that was in the fridge! yippee.
      well, it's finally gone. so I don't have to worry about my rommie freaking out about the monster that was growing in our fridge.

      random thought: my title could be the name for a band, if it isn't already

      um....almost broke down today....and last night. damn. I'm unstable.
      let's add that to my list of problems.

      live long and prosper.

    • Goodbye, Great Grandma

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      My great grandmother died last night.


    • Weekend on Campus

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      So, I am staying on campus this think this will be the first weekend that I will stay in town the whole time.

      this gives me plenty of time to mope about.

      but i did end up passing the gateway exam this past thursday. that may be why i didn't really write a journal entry...

      oh well.
      so.......i got a package in the mail from the college, cuz they put together care packages that parents can order for their kids. This time, it was a pumpkin candy bucket with chips and candy and stuff inside. next to it, in the box was a monster energy drink. last time i had a monster, it make my stomach feel gross. I guess we'll see what happens this time.

      hm....looks like its gonna be a boring weekend. sigh.

      live long and prosper.

    • What's wrong you ask?

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      boyfriend asked what was wrong, today. I'm gonna share this with you, cuz i'm too much of a lazy-ass to do an actual journal entry today. This is what I told my boyfriend:

      I took the gateway again today, and failed it. I took a practice one when I got back to my dorm, and failed it. When I printed out the answers, I found I made stupid mistakes, and one was right, but the computer was stupid in grading. I only have until November 5th to pass it, or fail the class. If I fail the class, I will probably have to drop it, or let it stand. If I drop it, I will be kicked out of the dorms for having less than 12 credit hours. If I get kicked out of the dorms, I will have to live at home for the rest of the semester, and be a failure at home as well. I have an exam in math class today, and I don't feel prepared for it. I have a ten page paper to write with the high expectations that my professor went over with me today. I have a speech that I need to put together, with improvements by Monday. I have an Anthropology project I have to complete along with a math project.
      That's what's wrong.
      But it's mainly the Gateway that has me screwed over.

      Yep. I hate my life.

      Live long and prosper.

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