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    • Caribou

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      title is a reference to my extremely boring anthropology lecture this morning. caribou was the most interesting part. blah

      i took the gateway exam, again. i failed, again. this time i cried. go me. not.

      life sucks.

      happy birthday to my boyfriend! =D

      going back to my sucky life

      live long and prosper, especially you, boyfriend

    • depressed

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      hello depression. long time no see.....wait, didn't I see you last week. that right, i did. Why are you back so soon?
      Oh yeah. well, thank you for making my life suck even more. i don't know what i'd do without you. I mean, other than build up my nonexistant self-esteem and self-confidence.
      welcome back depression....your stay is indefinite? that's okay man. ruin my life as long as you want.

      i hate this. damn depression.

      live long and prosper, even if I don't

    • Caution: Bad Mood

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska


      F MY LIFE!

      I can't do fucking anything!



      I don't fucking care right now
      if you live long and prosper!

    • ninja speech

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska


      too much to do, not enough motivation


      I finished my outline for the next speech i have to give. I'm giving a speech on ninjas. It will be epic, mainly because it's about ninjas.

      have some ideas for a couple comics in my head. i'll probably post them in my images cuz they pertain to videos achievement hunter did.
      we'll see. depends on how good they are.

      i don't remember doing an entry yesterday. so....I apologize Mr. Ghost.

      i think that's about it

      my life sucks

      live long and prosper

    • During A.H. stream and future job (?)

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      "I love how you fire warning shots above the zombie's heads."

      love this live Achievement Hunter thing.

      I'm home, at boyfriends house. he's playing reach while I'm on the computer.

      We had a discussion about working at Rooster Teeth. We both decided that we'd take any job there, no matter that it's in Texas and we'd have to leave our family's to do it.

      I decided that the only real job I could offer Rooster Teeth is as an accountant. I couldn't think of anything else that I could use my math degree for. boyfriend is majoring in Music Education...but he's really good at computers...idk.

      The joke jobs we assigned me are: artist assistant for Luke McKay or help Gus with my mathness. Gus doesn't need help though.


      back to watching boyfriend play reach and listening to the live broadcast!

      Live long and prosper.

    • Fall Break - Beginning

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Woot! Fall Break has officially started!!!!!



      I'm still at school, waiting for my incredibly bossy older sister to get into town to have dinner with her and boyfriend.
      I sometimes wish that I just went to their College instead of the University. Then, she couldn't be so obsessed about having dinner with me every time she's passing through. And I could also see boyfriend anytime I wanted. sigh

      So bored. I'm thinking Culver's for dinner, so then I can have ice cream afterwards! Ice cream is a win.

      so, anyways....

      I get my mew today, and I get to play Halo this weekend. It will be a win besides the fact that my professors piled me with lots of homework and projects.

      I hope they get here soon...

      Live long and prosper.

    • can't remember

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      can't remember if i did one of these
      well, my dad took me out to dinner cuz he was in town.

      fall break's almost here.

      i haven't studied for a quiz that i'm gonna take tomorrow after class.

      i still fail at life.

      at least i'm gonna get a mew this weekend, since Pokemon finally decided to give American and Europe a change to celebrate the 10 year anniversary.

      hopefully, I will play Reach this weekend.

      my sister has not confirmed dinner plans tomorrow.

      life still sucks.

      no one reads these but i still write.

      megavideo still sucks balls.

      live long and prosper.

    • I hate this

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      I suck.
      I hate college. I hate myself. I hate that I can't make friends. I hate that I can't remember anything anymore. I hate that people act like little bitches on the internet when you don't tell them your name and age. I hate people on the internet who are mean. I hate that I'm a coward. I hate that I'm not great at anything. I hate that no one needs me. I hate when people say "best friends forever!". I hate that Amber taught me that "best friends forever" is false. I hate that I hurt so much when other people are mean to me. I hate that I have to take pride in having a journal on Roosterteeth just to feel good. I hate that I've turned incredably stupid. I hate myself.

      life sucks but I keep going. too bad that can't be my paper for f-ing English class.

      I hate that math is holding less and less joy for me. I hate that I'm not sure about my future. I hate the future I'm destined to get.

      i hate that no one will listen.

      I hate my life.

      I hate that i'm about to cry.

      I hate this.

      I hope you
      live long and prosper.
      I truely do.

    • hmmmm.....Tuesday

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Not much happened.
      Still hate my English professor. Still hate Anthropology class. Still have a sucky life.
      GradualReport still funny.

      drew a couple more comics. I'm not putting the rest of them up until all the people that read this claim their love for me in various ways.

      computer almost crashed. ugh.

      dining hall food still sucks.

      Tuesday. Another day down until Fall Break.

      Live long and prosper.
      and claim your love for me.

      p.s. I failed the gateway exam. life sucks.

    • monday fail

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      So, not a good monday morning.
      Got made fun of in Fundamental's of Human Communication, and realized later that I forgot to do a quiz for the same class, so I got a zero for it.
      Then porceeded to write a 19 page interview transcript. 19 pages of copying down the ramblings of my grandmother. 19. f-ing. pages. and that took about half my day.

      i'm done with it now.
      tonight, i get to find out if i passed the gateway exam. ef.

      gonna try not to die of nervousness and depression. because i know you are just waiting on the edge of your seat waiting for my next journal entry. fml.
      no one cares.

      I'm gonna leave so I don't start rambling about how much I suck.

      Live long and prosper.

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