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    • Cartoonist....not!

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      Kay. So, I basically spent most of today drawing cartoons of some of the things that have happened to me while playing Halo.

      My boyfriend says they're good, but he's biased.

      so...I guess I put a couple up for the ghost that reads these journal entries because he'll die of boredom if he doesn't.

      So me get my karma up? ;)

      Live long and prosper, ghost.

    • Gateway Exam

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      So, I have to take the Gateway Exam tonight for my math class. If I don't pass this exam, I don't pass the class. and I can't make tiny mistakes, even if I get the question right, they will count off for a mistake. To top it all off, there are only ten questions.

      The only good part is that the first time you take it,a human grades it. After that, you have to take it on the computer somewhere on campus.

      I hate the Gateway exam. I don't see it's purpose. We still have the regular class exams, but then they throw this at us. Its not like we already have plenty of chances to fail.
      I don't think we can use a calculator either. Ugh.

      I am going to try to take my time.
      I really should be studying my derivatives right now....
      but the thing is, I'm sick and so it's hard to concentrate. I wrote down the derivatives for arctan and arcsin and natural log all five times each. I feel like I got those. (the 'arc' means inverse, btw)
      I feel like I have the product, quotient and chain rules all down.
      Yet, none of this makes me confident.

      I think it's the fact that if I make a tiny mistake on three otherwise perfect answers, I'm screwed.


      now these damn ladybugs are attacking my window.


      what a day.

      Live long and prosper.

    • sick....again

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      ick. why did I get sick again? I'm only supposed to get sick once at the beginning of the school year. It always happens.
      I get sick, get over it, and i'm not sick until next year.

      nothing else to report.

      live long and prosper....

      and be healthy.

    • good begining

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      so....I passed that math exam!!!! Woot!
      I even got a decent grade!
      A decent grade being an 83% (which was a B)

      i don't have my communication class on wednesday, cuz it's a tutoring day. which i don't go to

      something interesting....
      I was reading one of my new books today.
      The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
      and there appeared a character named Gus.
      I assigned Gus from Roosterteeth this character, which made it really funny.
      Gus in The Strain is a Mexican living in New York, who just so happens to be a thief in a local gang.
      he's trying to go straight with his record, and all that jazz.
      it's a REALLY awesome apocalypse book.
      its about this virus that turns people into vampiric beings.
      kinda where zombies meets vampires, that kinda monster.

      it's really suspenseful and a good read
      I'm almost halfway through and i've only had it about a day.
      the fact that i'm a fast reader may be taken into account, but even if i wasn't, I wouldve been reading the shit out of it, none the less.

      go check it out
      The Strain
      by Guillermo Del Toro
      and Chuck Hogan

      i'm gonna read some more, and dream about Halo Reach

      Live long and prosper

    • I finally win!

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      I finally played Halo Reach!
      boyfriends little brother bought it while we were both in college. While we were home this weekend, he generously let us play it! And let me tell you, we played it. =P
      Played through the campaign. Since I had looked up achievements and easter eggs (on achievement hunter) I knew a lot, but i refrained from telling boyfriend most of it. he does that. doesn't look up a game he's really looking forward to so it can be that more epic when he does play it.
      I did let a few things slip. His little brother let slip that there was an achieveable for killing moas. and i accidently found the suicidal marine without thinking.
      i'm gonna keep more control over myself if he doesn't look up videos still.....welll.........i am definitely gonna find that secret ammo cache on Pillar of Autumn level.

      Yay! I finally win!

      I can't wait until we both go home again, so we can play some more Halo Reach.
      too bad the past couple weeks before this hasn't been a win. =(
      hopefully this next week is much better....but so far, it doesn't look like it.

      I think I will stop now.
      Live long and prosper!

    • first math exam

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      and I offically might fail this one.
      procrastinated by watching ahwu. thanks guys for helping me fail even more!

      kay...that's it.

      live long and prosper.

    • so tired

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      need more sleep.
      must go to sleep early tonight. which won't be a problem since I'm on my second to last book. "the Exiled Queen" came out today. no way can I afford it.

      my english professor can burn in a campfire and be shot up by the portal turret.
      I hate her.

      anyways....gonna go eat some mystery thing soon.

      live long and prosper.

    • ack....

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      so.....forgot to do some homework for english, forgot about the exam in math this week. have a speech to give on wednesday about myself that needs to bee three to five minutes long. and to top it all off, i need to find what the heck my dumb-ass english professor wants us to do about labeling generations.

      someone needs to officially make an official list of the generations in america. that would soooo help me out right now. ugh.

      miss my boyfriend tons.
      gonna mention video games in my speech about myself.
      along with my reading addiction

      i have yet to practice my speech.

      almost died of a heart attack when the person next to me asked if the math exam was today or wednesday.

      still haven't played halo reach

      pretty sure i'm forgetting about more english homework. professor can go to hell. or at least a firey furnace. in which she was locked inside, so that she could be incinerated in it's hot flames.

      so tired. stayed up till midnight reading an awesome book that made me want to cry multiple times. it was close. that almost never happens.
      so check out "Life as We Knew It' and "The Dead and The Gone" by Susan Beth Pfeffer if your done with Halo Reach and want to read something.

      so tired and somewhat depressed.


      live long and prosper

    • zomg

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      so, i basically spent the majority of today playing zomg on gaiaonline.
      although, i did end up reading a chapter out of my communications book.

      not much else to report.
      except my stupid english professor decided to start on our second paper today. ugh!
      i need a break!!!!!! gr.

      live long and prosper.

    • another day...blarg

      8 years ago

      Lady_Vossler Agt Nebraska

      so....i either did really awesome on my math quiz, or I did awesomely horrible.
      so yea...
      not much happened today.

      I brought my Gamecube to school. My older sister, who goes to the same college as boyfriend, thinks we should skype and have, like, a zelda night.
      so yea...
      I just need to run down the street to that game store and buy Zelda (orcarina) or her nintendo 64

      the 64 used to be mine, but being the idiot that i am, i gave it to her for her going to college gift. she say's i'll most likely get it back when she graduates. Since this is her last year.....well, i hope i get a gift at the end of it.

      so yea...
      still haven't played reach
      the only thing i have to do for academics now is: communications quiz and speech about me.
      yay. not.

      i think that's about it.

      Live long and prosper.

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