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    • w00t

      13 years ago


      Losing mod points.

      No doubt its for my political views, I love it how people yell when you dont respect their views....and then are quick to judge and condem others.

      Meh, dont care anymore. I believe what I believe and that is enough for me

    • Mission Impossible: Job Search

      13 years ago


      Yeah since im finished for the year, i need to find myself a Job over the summer. I only hope ColesMyer get back to me and give me a Christmas Casual position. I need Cash Fast.

      Ahh, also sorted out my Enrolment for 2nd and 3rd Year Uni, looks like im an International Relations Major, Minoring in History and Philosophy. So if I do my honors in 4th year, hopefully i'll end with a job in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade...or DFAT lol. Although I prefer the Army, but with flat feet I dunno.

      Federal Police wouldnt go astray, and a couple of others I wont mention :P

    • Games

      13 years ago


      Yes, everyones favourite past time, Games.

      I just want to comment on the various "Classics" ranges that are out.

      Each publiser seems to stick out a range of cheaply priced games of past classics, like i've picked up Jedi Academy for 10 bucks and today I got Aliens Vs Predator 2 for 20 bucks. Its brilliant, it means you can find top class games of old for really cheap prices and not have to pay full price for a 3 year old game.

      Now game companies need to drop the prices of new releases, cos 100 bucks for a few CDs of a DVD and a piss weak manual is not cool...unless its Knights of the Old Republic, then its worth the 80 bucks i paid for it :D

    • Mmmm *falls in a heap*

      13 years ago


      University over for another year....

      I think, after 2 and a half years...I've complete 1st Year Uni :D

      Story: 2002 and 2003 were spent at a shithole of University with the most ghey range of subjects possible. So I spent the first half of this year working at a shitty job in that shitty town and realised I didnt wanna end up doing this all my life, so second half of this year I went back to a different Uni and loved it.

      Majoring in International Studies seems to be my thing.

      Next years subjects will be:
      Semester 1.
      - Australias Foreign Relations
      - The United Nations and Global Governance
      - Ethics in Global Society

      Semester 2:
      - International Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region
      - Conflict, Security and Terrorism
      - Political Philosophy
      - The Holocuast

      So yeah, looking forward to next year, but the next 4 months of freedom is going to r0xX0rz

    • Mmmm....I sense a disturbance

      13 years ago


      I see alot of people bitching about the Prequal Trilogy.

      Now, personally I like these movies, they are different from the originals because basically their in a whole different galaxy, with different characters and different themes.

      In the Original Trilogy we have the struggling band of Freedom Fighters, with limited personnel, supplies, ships and bases, battling against the galaxy-spanning Empire with its unlimited resources, troops, ships, and Dark Side Power binding them all together. It a dark time and for all intents and purposes there are 3 Jedi left. One of whom is only a boy who knows precious little of the Force. It is industrialised, cold and harsh.

      The Prequals are dealing with a time of granduer, with evil on encroaching on the seams in Episode I. Speaking of Episode I it is an adeventure movie, it introduces us to the Star Wars galaxy at the time of the Old Republic, where the Jedi Council in all its wisdom dispense Jedi across the galaxy to various hotspots. We see this in the form of Naboo which should have been a trade dispute but was the harbringer of the times to come. It introduced us to characters we knew but dont really know. Obi-Wan is an old hermit in ANH, not really a Jedi anymore. Palpatine is a Senator and not the decrepit old man we prolonged by his hatered. And finally we met a character that was in ROTJ, that we dont know only by name....

      Anakin Skywalker.

      These movies while being set against tumultuous galactic events, is his story. We are introduced to him as a child. Someone who knows nothing of greed, who is willing to help complete strangers because its the right thing to. He is a good kid....hard to believe that this kid becomes the incarnation of evil.

      Episode II would always be a difficult movie. It had to show Anakin in between his pure self, and the pure evil he would become. I think Hayden Christianson (I cant spell so what) pulled this off. It is how Anakin is meant to be in this movie...innocent and yet capable of evil, how his emotions begin to corrupt him, his connections to family and people breed emotions he cant control because the Jedi havent taught him how to deal with them properly. He shows flashes of innocence, playing with Padme on Naboo...and then of Pure Evil by slaughting a whole tribe of Sand People because some captured his mother. He shows us why the Jedi dont allow connections. Obi-Wan Kenobi is starting to show us some of his wisdom, but he still not the old man we know. Palpatine while getting older still does not resemble the twisted Dark Side abomonation we know. These characters are all foreign to us still...

      We are still in a galaxy we dont really know, that we havent seen before and is not Star Wars to us.

      Episode III is what brings it all together. It will show us the characters becoming what we know them to be, it will show us familiar faces, so the final changes that brings us into the Galaxy of the Original Trilogy. It will show more than ever the style of the OT blended heavily with the PT.

      And we come the critical point. Style. George Lucas says many times he is a visual filmmaker, the story is in the images not the dialouge or the story, but in what we see, the visual style....He succeeds, and I think that the story and dialouge also works well.

      I wonder if the I II and III had been made first and VI V and VI been made now would you be bitching as much? Frankly I dont care, I love these movies, i love the galaxy, I love the characters, the worlds the ships, the institutions.

      Just be fucking grateful he made the movies at all.

    • Oh....My.....F***ing.....God

      13 years ago


      Yes I just saw the trailer and was paralyzed....

      I have to see this movie. I dont care what anyone says, this is going to fucking pWn...

      "Lord Vader"
      "Yes Master"

    • Thank god thats over...

      13 years ago


      Had my Philosophy exam today....all i can say is im glad its over. I think I did enough to pass it and the subject, got 78% for my essay on Creationism and Scientific Theory so yeah :D

      I have to say that Robert Nozick is the "philosopher" I connected best with, his entitlement theory of justice really hit home. Taxation and the Welfare State are evil, they take away your justly earnt goods and redistriubte them to other people.

      Now I am all for giving people who genuinely cant make their own way in the world through physical or mental disability, this is fine with me. I will give them money, or to an organisation to help them...if i can afford it. I dont agree with fucktards who dont work, sit on the couch watching jerry and smoking dope getting my hard earned money for doing nothing while I am at University trying to make my own way in the world and cant find a fucking job.

      These people should be forced to work through not getting any money and making the choice - Work or starve.

      These is most likely alot of other things i should go into and clarify but atm I cbf :P my ankle hurts and im tired and grumpy.

    • Philosophy and Examinations

      13 years ago


      Ack..philosophy exam tomorrow.

      Its on the Last 2 sections of the course....the two that I happened not to pay attention too ;D

      Ahh well, I'll read up on Aristotle and Hobbes, also Nozic and Rawls and I should be fine.

      Got my International Politics and History Exams next week...should be a blast. Its the on thing i hate about Uni...exams. Oh and Research.

    • There has to be a title?

      13 years ago


      Heh, there journal things are cool...

      God knows why im writing one, I dont know anyone here who reads it...

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