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    • LeoSerious

      Let's Play Wonder

      3 years ago

      Hey dudes and dude-ettes, just wanted to do a little plug here. I know everyone enjoys a funny let's play, especially with the popularity of the achievement hunter ones, so if you ever want anther option, check mine out. Just uploaded a portal 2 episode and a Mafia 2 episode, and I don't upload to often so it's not too hard to keep on top of; although I am aiming to upload more often.

      This is the link to the Portal 2 Part 8 I just uploaded. And you can check out my others on my channel.

      More to come. Uber thanks! smiley0.gif

      P.s. Sorry for shameless plug.

    • LeoSerious

      The Director's Stupid Face

      3 years ago

      My hate for The Director is growing every episode, especially in that last episode. We finally got to see his Alpha torture method, and his bare corruption. The only time I want to see his full face, is when Epsilon is punching the shit out of it. What would be a good ending is they find The Director, Tex dies by the hand of Carolina, Epsilon take over Tex's dead body, and beats the shit out of The Director. FUCK YEAH!

    • LeoSerious

      Lin Dan is my HERO!

      3 years ago

      I know my last entry was all about whining about the Olympics, but I'm a huge fucking hypocrite, so shut up.



      ...IS A BADASS!

      I was rooting for him in the badminton final just 'cause he looks cool. Fun fact by the way; I kick ass at badminton. I've always been a really good... badmintoner, but never really watched it. But let me tell you, the olympic badminton final was one of the most exciting things ever. Super fast, super skilled and super tense. Also, Lin Dan is the best. I mean just look at him. What a cool motherfucker.

      ...But still, fuck the olympics.

    • LeoSerious

      The Shitty Olympics

      3 years ago

      What is up, mah RT pals?
      Haven't posted anything on here in ages, and can't think of much new to post, so I'm just gonna be a storytelling blogger type man. So get ready for Leo's Life Stories... Of Boredom.

      The "The Olympics Is Shit" Story.


      So as quite a few of you know, I'm a homosapien of the British variety, so the Olympics is all over the place, shoving it's irritating bullshit into my every oraphis. Although I actually don't live in London, the Olympics Football (Soccer for you yanks) is still on in my city because Newcastle is a big football club and we have a rather large stadium.
      I partook of Olympic football today because I was given free tickets, and it was the biggest pile of faff ever. First of all we were walking in and we each get handed this small plastic bag, and get told to put all of the metal things in our pockets into it. Which is all ready seeming ridiculous and over-the-top.
      After this I was instructed that I had to go do a compulsory bag search. I had my bike seat in my back pack because I had cycled into town and didn't want someone stealing my saddle, because it just clips off. They went through my bag, not looking in the DVD case I had (Could have had blades in it), not unfolding my jacket, or looking through the pockets of it (Could have had a concealed handgun or a small explosive device), and then they pulled out the bike seat. The fucking imbecile who'd been searching my bag pulled it out, looked at it with a puzzled expression while saliva dribbled down his chin. He looked at me and said "What's this?". What? Who doesn't know a fucking bike seat when they see one? But alas I indulged his idiocy and exclaimed in a very patronising tone, "It's a bike seat.". His face just looked shocked, panicked even, and he had clearly lost all idea of what to do.
      He then called his superior over to check if it was alright if I brought my bike seat in to the match, along with the blades in my DVD case and the gun in my jacket. The guy looked at it, then with clearly no clue what the fuck he was doing, just said "Nah, you can't take that in.". At the point of disbelief I could only say "SERIOUSLY!? It's a fucking bike seat.". They wouldn't budge from their position just in case their small delusion of authority was shattered. So I had to go all the way back to a friends car to dump my bag then come all the way back for the match.
      None of this is needed at a regular football game, why is the Olympic football, that's not even in London, so special? The stadium was only half full anyway. Pisstake.
      So in a nutshell. Fuck the governments bullshit, un-necessary, waste of tax-payers money, counter terrorism tactics. And FUCK THE OLYMPICS!

    • LeoSerious

      Featured User

      3 years ago

      Hey guys! So yeah, I suppose I should make a FU day journal, a little late but whatever. Thanks to everyone for all the kind messages and what not. I haven't been around in a while and I haven't made posters in a while but I think that's because I just moved past them and I wanna do other things y'know. I might still make an occasional poster but I wanna start doing something different on the site. Any suggestions would be helpful :)

      But apart from that thank you for all the suport and you can find me here on YouTube . Let's Plays and whatnot. But yeah, see you guys soon when I figure out what my next move is :D

    • LeoSerious

      RT Movie Poster #7

      3 years ago

      Exciting poster today. I've been waiting for a good Michael poster idea to pop up, and finally I think I have the perfect thing. Also this is another good poster for me because like the shitfaced one I did it completely from scratch rather than editing another poster.
      Also if people do maybe wanna buy any posters then get in contact, just know that I'm British so postage will be high.
      Deriving it's inspiration from the classic film 'Bullitt', I ring you 'Rage Quit'!


      Here's the original:


      Thanks once again guys, keep coming back for more xD

    • LeoSerious

      RT Movie Poster #6

      3 years ago

      HEY GUYS! Time again for another RT Movie Poster. Goin' out a bit early today for you Yanks but I don't really give a fuck. I was actually gonna do it earlier then I found out, later than everyone else, about the scavenger hunt thing, took about half an hour out to do that then came back to post this for ya'll.
      So this one's an idea I had for a while and was just figuring out the right way to do it, and I think I did a pretty awesome job. So everyone knows that Joel is the oddest, most abstract... thing ever right? Well this film is a story of that man.

      Based on the poster for the smash hit comedy "Paul", I bring you...



      And of course the original in which the font for "Paul" is completely different but my font is obviously better:


      Once again thanks for checking out my stuff and spreading word and what not, you guys all freakin' rock. Twitter is NFTEOLeo and youtubeosity.

      See ya's on the next one!

    • LeoSerious

      RT Movie Poster #5

      3 years ago

      Hey guys! First of all sorry there was no poster last week, I was rather ill and didn't really have the time or energy to make one. I felt very guilty though.
      But the posters are back this Monday, WOOP! Not gonna say much other than to check my stuff out and whatnot. Let's Plays: NFTEOGaming

      Remember that mindless action film Killer Elite that came out last year? Well this is my Rooster Teeth version:


      And here is the original:


      Thanks once again guys, anyone looking at these gets 1000 AWESOME POINTS!!!

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