26 years old
from Southlake, Texas

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    • cyd0nia

      cyd0nia The Globalist

      2 days ago

      Hi, Lindsay! Thanks so much for accepting my friend request!

    • krissyface07


      1 week ago

      Hello Lindsay! I met you at the lazer team premiere after party! (I showed you the picture of my black and white cats, and my daughter was holding them). It was the most amazing experience meeting you. I was really really nervous because I had never been to anything like that before but you all made my experience great. I love rooster teeth and getting to meet you all and just seeing how amazing you are in person made me love this company even more. I hope I can go to some RTX's in the future and get more pictures with you. :D <3 (I was wearing a tri force necklace and had a little black zelda purse.Oh yea, and my husbands tie matched my dress [black with white polka dots].) Thank you for being amazing and for being someone who I could have a conversation with comfortably!

    • Kurayimi

      Kurayimi Idiot

      2 weeks ago

      Hey, I'm an amateur writer and I made a fan (non)fiction for you. I call it "Youtube is Great"

      Lindsay: "Hi!"

      Youtube: "Fuck you for everything you have and haven't done and everything that might be involved with you and blabljajkghoreb jgo;fn kon ghak (gargles semen) jabslihbsdjgsbpn."

      And yeah....thats it.

    • rtkristina


      1 month ago

      Loved your speech as Kimball. Made me get goosebumps! <3

    • r3dray88


      1 month ago

      good luck at afterbuzz linds

    • Teslianu

      Teslianu NO, FLUFFY!

      1 month ago

      Hey there! It was wonderful meeting you and Michael! I'm glad you liked my Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter outfit that I made. I actually dismantled it so I could give the front RT panel to burnie and the back AH panel to you guys. Adam Kovic assured me he would get them to the office for you guys. He's such an awesome dude. I'm also hoping that, someday, there will be a Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter rave I can wear the next one I make to. :) Anyway, thanks for being awesome and I definitely will see you next year. :)

    • BiRubyRose


      2 months ago

      You're a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for being you!

    • BIGGRIFF14


      2 months ago

      Thank you so much for staying and talking to fans after the careers panel, I really learned a lot there.

      I'm the guy who had the 4 badges btw :3

    • Arthro

      Arthro Banjo

      2 months ago

      Hey Lindsay!


    • BiRubyRose


      2 months ago

      Dear Ms. Jones,

      You are amazing. I had to write a proper informal letter to say this because I do not want to look like a fool in front of you.