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    • This is why I love roosterteeth

      5 years ago


      I ordered my rvb blood gulch chronicles boxset on sunday 10th June 2012 and its dispatched a day after. 7 days later I have it in the UK you guys are amazing I will hopefully order something soon after I watch everything on the dvds. I love roosterteeth you guys rule. Long live roosterteeth

    • Parents and age ratings do not agree with each other

      6 years ago


      OK so first of all you may already know by the title of this you know what its about where as some of you wont. So here it is most parents in the world we live in do not give a shit about age ratings . I know my mum did care , but eventually just gave up, however she did not buy me any of the most contreversial video games i.e. Manhunt or Manhunt 2.

      So I was on youtube watching manhunt 2 trailers , but then I saw a news report on it then the news correspondent was at gamestop for the launch of it and I saw the most horrible thing in the world a mother, father and their child at the launch. Now you must be thinking whats so disgusting about it, well they interviewed the mother outside gamestop on launch night and she said how disgusting it is and how she is not going to buy it hmmmmm I sense a lieing bitch who should get death penalty. If she hates it so much why is she there.

      I was on MW2 the other day and there was this 8-11 year old kid talking smack. so I put him in his place and then guess what he played the controversial mission in the story and thats it . So i asked him do you think your mum is a good mum? he replied 'yes' I asked him why and then he said this ' she gets me everything I want'

      I will admit I am 16 and grew up with violent video games like MK and GTA but I didnt turn crazy I would love to speak to Jack thompson and just show america and the world its all bout self control of the mind or the parents have exposed them to so much horror movies and other graphic content they are already crazy due to the exposure to the graphic content but the violent video game just assists them a bit but even then its self control. I will defend my mum though she tried her hardest to not let me even see or taste chocolate or to not let me get exposed to violent video games but my brother always had the stuff and I played them with him.

      But I will make sure when I have a kid my kid only plays games of his age range and also help make sure his friends parents know how to set family controls on the consoles or dont buy games of the older age range.

      I leave you with the thought whos the real problem the shitty parents getting the children the violent video games , the actual games or is it about self control and awareness that I should not be playing this.

    • 2018 years ago

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