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    • 6 years!

      3 weeks ago


      I have been an active part of the RT Community for 6 years!


      Who would have thought that when my (now ex) would put on the drunk tank for back ground noise that I would end up being so enamored with the company as a whole. 

      My first video was Let's Play kinectimals with @jack and Joel and the phrase Cinnamon No! Still brings a smile to my face.

      Since then I have been apart of 4 RTX's as a guardian, (missed last year because of stupid stuff) and this year will be my ride for five.

      I love all the friends i have met in the community, who always look out for me even if we don't talk much.

      @BrandonGropp , @Johannah , @Royplayer89 , @rendog97 , @MaddyMonster , @kriss , @LoZelda , @SailorTweek , @dstark55 , @Desayjin , @TheStig20 .

      And undoubtedly more that I can't remember the tags for..


      See you all at RTX, I hope  barbara

    • Sexual Assault - It is NEVER your fault. *Trigger warning*

      1 year ago


      Hey everyone,

      As you can probably tell by the title of this post i'm gonna be talking about some pretty heavy stuff, so feel free to run away now  benson

      Some of you know, many of you don't, I was assaulted by ex in Jan of 2016, I pushed it down inside, trying to avoid it, thinking I had done something that deserved what he did, I let it fester and in September of last year was diagnosed with PTSD, 

      "But wait, That's for veterans?" - While the most well known occurences are amongst military and first responders (I myself being a firefighter) it is by no means the only method of having it, any traumatic event can lead to it, while others may not perceive something as traumatic it is all subjective.

      I never reported my ex for what he did to me, until last month.  church1

      The police officer dealing with me was excellent, while i'm not going to discuss details it is now being dealt with by the courts. I was ashamed and afraid to come forwards, feeling like it was all my fault, I want to tell anyone who is unfortuante enough to experience this, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, YOU DID NOT ASK FOR IT.

      I encourage survivors to report, or at the very least seek counselling help, there are so many resources out there and no one should deal with it alone.

      I am excited to go to RTX and guardian again this year, but I would be remiss to not acknowledge how hard it can be since the incident to go places and do things. I thank @kriss , @LoZelda & @SailorTweek for their being their badass supportive selves when I told them bits and parts about what was going on.



      If you made it this far, I love and appreciate you all , thanks for all the support <3

       barbara jack jaune

    • Highlights of a so far dark year

      1 year ago


      Ladies and Jellyspoons,

      It has been an age since I last wrote a journal and I apologize for that


      However, so far 2017 can kiss my ass, seriously though.

      * Lost my job

      * Lost my dog

      * Lost my home

      Alas, my friends, I am lucky that my grandparents took me in and are feeding and housing me until I can find a new job, They're the real MVP's.


      But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining and for me that is


      I am not going to ONE but TWO RTX'S! Yes, my dear sweet famjam, I am Guardian for both RTXAustin and RTXLondon this year, I honestly can't wait to see my extended RT family in Austin and London this year. I love all of your faces muchly and can't wait to see you!

      Until then.....


    • RTX Guardian Application

      2 years ago


      So I did indeed do the thing.

      I had to, I love all my RT friends and the community and most of all RTX is the one weekend every year i am guaranteed to be excited for and feel accepted and loved.

      A few tips for the first time applications

      * Treat it like a real job application, sweet god do you know how many people will put stupid things on the applications because of the nature of the company.

      * Draw on all aspects of your life to contribute to the experience section

      And most of all..... (in my opinion anyway)

      * Don't be afraid to apply! As long as you can afford it, do it! It will be the most fun you've ever had!

      Also, can't wait to see @kriss , @SailorTweek , @BrandonGropp <3

      Regardless of if I get chosen or not ( though clearly I would prefer the former) I will be there with bells on :D

    • People Suck

      3 years ago


      Seriously though....
      While on a medical with my fire department I come back to find someone has stolen my wallet from my car.

      Seriously though, whoever you are stealing from a firefighter on duty?


    • Guardian Assignment

      3 years ago


      It's been a while since I wrote a Journal but in the mean time heres what's happened
      smiley9.gif Guardian Applications were opened.
      smiley9.gif I applied
      smiley9.gif I was accepted

      and the best news of all

      smiley12.gif I've been assigned to the PA team :D


      So yeah, I am going to miss working with the always fabulous @DWNLDBLCNTNT
      but am super duper excited about working with @LoZelda & @kriss

      We will rock this smiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

    • Guardian Applications

      3 years ago


      They are coming soon...
      This gif about sums it up!


    • Monty Oum 1981 - 2015

      3 years ago


      It's crazy to think that you're no longer here, that someone that shines so bright has had their spark extinguished.
      Monty impacted so many people in his 33 years with us, when talking to people and asking how something like this could happen to someone as amazing and young as Monty someone told me "The good ones go sooner, because they have taken all they can from this life"
      He lived life to the max and was such an inspiration.

      My favourite memory with him is from one day at RTX he saw me looking a little upset and distant, when he asked me what was wrong, I told him that I had low self esteem, and wished that I could cosplay but didn't want to because I was worried people would make fun of my size, he then stopped me in my tracks and listed everything he admired about me that he had learned from previous conversations and told me it didn't matter what others said, that I was beautiful no matter what, he then gave me a hug.

      I have never felt so humbled as I did at that moment , he was so kind to me when I needed it the most, taking time out of his busy schedule to comfort me in the most profound way.

      I will miss you Monty, you were one of a kind, and I loved all of our little conversations, the world is a little darker without you in it

      The whole community will love you always <3

      I invite my friends to write their favourite memories with Monty or whatever helps them with their grief <3 @Kriss @SailorTweek @caiti @MrArcys @Kaisonic @Country1059 love you all <3

    • 3 years ago

    • I've missed you

      3 years ago


      Oh my dear RT friends, how I have missed you so! 2 months is a damn long time for me not posting anything but let me give you the run down on what's been going on in my life

      smiley13.gif Good Stuff

      smiley9.gif This is finals week, then i'm off College for a month.
      smiley9.gif I've applied to be Captain at my Fire Department.
      smiley9.gif I'm starting to feel good about myself.

      smiley13.gif Not-so-good Stuff

      smiley9.gif My boyfriend of 2 and a bit years and I broke up.
      smiley9.gif My friend got 2nd and 3rd degree burns down his legs and may need a skin graft.
      smiley9.gif I have seen a lot of death lately, it's starting to bother me a little bit.
      smiley9.gif My stress got me sent to A & E because I was having trouble breathing, boo.

      This gif pretty much sums it all up

      So that's all that is new in my life, what's new in yours?

      Also congratulations on the sexy faces of @sailortweek & @Kriss on their promition-ness to mods :D
      Also love your community faces!



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    • supertits No Longer Super!

      3 years ago

      Hey babes! Thanks for the request.

      I love your pictures from that shoot! Adorable hair! smiley9.gif

    • demonprince

      5 years ago

      what is up?

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      6 years ago

      Welcome to the site!

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