Straight off the bat I would like to thank RoosterTeeth for the awesome privilege for a sweet Beta key and mostly like to thank Aspyr Media and Digital Continue for creating a wizard game.


So let's get into it, the title screen for the game is an eye catching one which is accompanied by a great title screen music. The soundtrack is very fresh, a nice set of tunes to listen to whilst playing or if you are like my and personally like it a lot you might just sit on the menu screen or any character choice titles just to listen to it some more.  The music in the game also goes very well with the combat, it lightens the tone before being mushed into the ground by a giant hammer or whilst being overran by orange penguin miniature bear guys ( I truly no idea what they're but they sure hit like a brick wall if there is a lot of them).


Now to the important part, who to select as your hero! So far there are five awesome heroes to choose from. Doubledown your melee guy and life steal, Rook with the ability to become a flying boomerang which is pretty frickin' cool, Paladrin which is your overall character good ATK and DEF but did I mention a Captain America styled shield for all you Marvel fans, Morta a rocket launching beast and my personal favourite Widget who is able to blow up his enemies with remote bombs and along with turrets which one can be a flamethrower when you get the prestige skin, pretty cool right?


The session screen is nice because it shows you how many people are currently playing which levels, the difficulty, who made the session, how many echoes are in that level, your attempts and how far you have got within it and who has managed to get top throughout the level (no name of player who managed the furthest), who has got most kills, who has played the level the most and the most echoes revived.


Feet first into the thick of the action you've decided to play a session you get teleported into a realm, currently there are two choices tundra or forest both are equally cool (which are selected when a player or yourself creates a session), the game is very easy to pick up so don't worry too much and also has a nice clean simplistic UI. The enemies are found in groups and there are rare enemies every so often which are stronger. One of the things I personally like is that you can see how many enemies are left throughout the level by pressing start on a Xbox controller another neat feature is when a certain amount of enemies have been defeated by you and your echoes, you can proceed to the next level or if you want to clear the entire level you can do that as well.

The art style of the enemies are pretty and very well done with a nice colour palette, a good amount of detail on the enemies. So far my favourtie enemy is the floating tree man ( sorry don't know the correct name) with a nice colour style and design for an enemy.


This being a beta has blown me away there are some many good things so far within it, I have encountered a few issues but they haven't ruined my experience because even some triple A titles which have been released have tons of issues. The issues are an infinite loading screen which is common, won't be the first or last game to have that ( looking at you Bethesda) and just a duplication of my character which happened to stay in one place and was killed when I was on another side of the map. It was slightly annoying but as I said and will say again it didn't and won't the gaming experience.


I am very much looking forward to the final game in Early 2018, the game is based for the community to complete and work together at separate times to complete the levels. It is unique in that sense which I personally love that everyone has to work together. Every death shouldn't be annoying for you as you are helping someone else and vice versa. So with that said and done I am going back to the game and you're up next.