Dear Rooster Teeth,

           Hello my name is Matthew Carey and I have a problem I think you can help me with. You guys are great but you are starting to drive me insane. There are just way to many podcast to keep up with. My problem isn't that I don't like the podcasts, itrs instead the I like them to much. I finally caught up with the rooster teeth podcast the other day but as soon as I finished, I looked back to find out another one had come out. Don't you people have places to be? I know that the podcasts are really entertaining to watch so i can understand why there's so many different ones but enough's enough right? So I guess what I really want is for you people to stop being do damn entertaining. If you could just, you know, start making bad content, it would make my life so much easier.

Thank you in advance,

Matthew Carey

P.S- please ignore everything i've just said i'm just really tired. Keep making awesome content.