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      So I have a dirty love for when things go wrong during streams but this is a bit much.

      1 month ago

      This dude burned his house down while streaming.

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      I just got my biggest fanboy mousepad

      3 months ago


      You might think it's not the best but shit it was 99 cents.

      No seriously it was 99 cents.

      If you want one right now Arts Cow is running a promo where you can customize your own large mouse pad for 99 cents, with free shipping, it's a freaking steal, and they are better feeling than my 20€ Logitech gaming mousepad, just not as big, this is my laptop mousepad because I need a LARGE mousepad for my PC, having 2 monitors means I need twice the size of a regular mousepad.

      If you want it go to artscow and select large mousepad and use this cupon (that I used, pretty sure it's still vaild) Z099MOUSEPADUEWPD and customize your mousepad, I must say I'm not dissapointed, for 99 cents this is pretty good, I'm seriously unable to complain about it, I would have to pay closer to 5€ in my local PC store..

      So yesh, enjoy if you want it!

    • MetalDevil MetalDevil

      I made the thing for Achievement Hunter

      3 months ago

      I'm not proud of myself watch?v=0xbDpaWKjIw

    • MetalDevil MetalDevil

      I took a picture of a wheat and barley field across the year

      4 months ago

      So I had no idea I have done this until today looking at the photos I took to make the wallpaper for the site, I just liked the separation of the field and I took a picture of it.. 6 times.. without knowing what I have done, I swear to god if my subconscious brain was actually my conscious brain I might actually be somewhere in life.

      Now enjoy!







    • MetalDevil MetalDevil

      4 months ago

    • MetalDevil MetalDevil

      Is it possible to quit reddit?

      4 months ago


      Yesterday I figured out when I became lazy, about three years ago when I made my initial reddit account, I couldn't remember what I did before reddit, like my head couldn't wrap itself around the idea of not procrastinating watching dank memes on reddit. I remember three years ago loving making youtube videos, loved editing, loved using photoshop, loved so many things.

      Now that's not to say reddit has been all bad, I mean I lost 15 kg thanks to them, the weird part is I lost it because of a subreddit called "fat people hate", I started loving photography, I made the bed I lay on every night because of the "do it yourself" sub, reddit has been something to me, but before reddit I found enjoyment on the internet doing what I wanted to do, now I use reddit to see what other people have done and loathe on the fact I will never be able to do it, it became my new facebook, oh look how great everyone else's live is, don't you wish yours was this great?

      Reddit became a scapegoat, I let it go too far into my mind, I know all their inside jokes, I know when certain reposts have been posted before, before clicking on a link I know the top comment.

      So yesterday I decided to block to see what I will do other than browse reddit, and right now it's 10:30 AM and I have done everything I usually do in a full day.. I can't beleive how much of my life reddit was until I decided not to use it, think about it like this; hllLYgW.jpg

      So I just freed up more than half my day to doing.. stuff.

      What made me stop is Adam Kovic from Funhaus saying that you should follow your goals and than Gavin on the latest podcast saying that he never procastinated to get where he is today, if that was the case he would be laying on his couch at home now, and as someone laying on a couch, that shit hits hard man.

      So after making a cup of coffee, editing a youtube video which I haven't done in about a year, using Adam Kovic's photoshop tutorial to make the thumbnail, going for a run with my dog, uploading the video, I got to the point where I pretty much have free time for the next 3 hours.. So I wanted to check R... R.. R.. shit.. ROOSTERTEETH, right because we just got a brand new home, a brand new sexy home overlay.

      So let me rant about that rather than procrastinate on that other site.

      I absolutely love the new design, everything is big enough to fit a screen, on the previous site the text, the video player, everything was tiny, here on the big boy site I can read without staring at my screen from like 10 centimeters away, I absolutely love it.

      The modern look of the site is sexy as hell, I'm not the biggest fan of minimalism but this sort of modern design (or Metro or whatever Windows calls it, flat for google, every company has a different name for it) is the perfect fit for me, it's minimalistic but not bland, it's flat but not boring, I absolutely love the look of it, and though it's still in the launch week and I can't be expecting perfection, it's pretty damn good. Though the video player is laggy, the site is slow, it look good.

      This site vs the old site is like opening windows on a 70 year old house to let new air in, it's a breath of fresh air, and I am only on this site for 3 years, I can't imagine seeing the same thing for 12. (jesus the site was almost as old as me, I'm 17, I was 5 when the site came about, oh god.)

      Soooooo.. I have no idea how to close this..

      What do you write as a closing to a journal? .. uhhh UHHH



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      My dog is a troll

      7 months ago

      Okay little flower, just trying to take a picture of you

      Dang I moved, better take anoth.. GOD DAMN IT DOG

      But come on, you can't stay mad at him, just look at his face

      I think he has the same problem as Burnie does, I just can't take two pictures that are the same of him

      ^^was taken in a span of 10 seconds

    • MetalDevil MetalDevil

      Anyone having trouble with Firefox?

      8 months ago

      Recently I've been trying to switch back to Firefox since Google chrome is eating my ram with a big spoon, everything is great but there is this one little problem, I can't seem to log into with it, every time I log in it just logs me back out, I made this video explaining what happens:

      I thought it had something to do with cookies, nope, nothing, I googled around, I can't seem to find a fix, maybe someone else here found a fix or had a similar issue?

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      Sunrise resort

      in Forums > Sunrise resort | Follow this topic

      Sunrise resort is a hotel near Thousand Oaks, which has 48 rooms, 8 corner elevator rooms, sized 9x7x5, 8 corner elevator rooms sized 8x7x5, 8 extra large rooms sized 8x9x5, 8 corner extra large rooms sized 8x9x5, 8 corner extra large rooms sized 9x9x5, 8 large rooms sized 9x9x5 and roof access with a pool.
      Get a piece of heaven today, Extra large rooms cost 300t, extra large corner rooms cost 400t and corner elevator rooms cost 200t.
      When facing outside the elevator, the left side has rooms that are by 1 block shorter, thus you pay 30t less if you buy one of those, the mistake came from our designer MetalDevil being a failure at math and life in general.














      If you want to reserve a room contact MetalDevilTV in game,
      Rooms are divided into
      Room 1-6 Floor 1
      Room 1b-6b Floor 2
      Room 1c-6c Floor 3
      Room 1d-6d Floor 4
      Room 1e-6e Floor 5
      Room 1f-6f Floor 6
      Room 1g-6g Floor 7
      Room 1h-6h Floor 8

      Floor 1-5 get all plank walls
      Floor 5-8 get oak wood walls

      The room you get is empty and you can decorate it however you want, as long you aren't disturbing the room next to yours, or if you want you can merge them and pay for both rooms.

      I have no idea if I should have posted this here..

      3 replies

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    • Joel_K

      7 months ago

      Hola mi amigo de perro! That means Hi my friend of dog, or something like that! Nice to meet ya!

    • Shagrazir Tech Guardian '15

      8 months ago

      Glad you want to get more into the community. Welcome to the social side. I hope you find fun and friends here.

    • bigfish62

      8 months ago

      What's up?!

      • bigfish62

        8 months ago

        I am AOK with random friend requests. I'm trying to do the same thing.

      • MetalDevil MetalDevil

        8 months ago

        Hey mate, I'm trying to use this website as a social media more, since until now I just watched videos in it and I really want to get more into the community or how should I put it, sorry if you dislike random friend requests, I'm just interested in what you and so many people have to say in journals, etc :D

    • LOWlifeSpIdEr CH - GwPS+

      8 months ago

      Thanks for the FR, how goes it?

      • LOWlifeSpIdEr CH - GwPS+

        8 months ago

        No, I completely welcome them. How else will we get to know anyone without sending a FR?

      • MetalDevil MetalDevil

        8 months ago

        All good, sorry if you dislike random friend requests, I decided after 2 years I should start getting more into the community part of this site

    • aerostreak THE GEE

      8 months ago


      it looks super cute i just love dogs ;u;

      Post edited 3/01/15 3:33PM

      • MetalDevil MetalDevil

        8 months ago

        I just found out my dog doesn't fit into an envelope; so here are some more pictures adPoE9v.jpg

        Post edited 3/01/15 4:52PM

      • aerostreak THE GEE

        8 months ago

        ;a; send him to my dorm so i can pat him forever

        i have no shipping address available smiley2.gif

      • MetalDevil MetalDevil

        8 months ago

        Ok, I will send him in an envelope, please leave your shipping address smiley4.gif

    • Raf ShimmySham Gaming

      8 months ago

      Hey! Thanks for the add, dude! smiley13.gif