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    • Michael

      Rage Quit - Suggestions

      3 months ago

      Have you ever heard of Rage Quit? No?! Well golly, it's a show that I make! In it, I play a lovely little game while I provide some cheeky commentary over it. It's all great and a lot of fun is had. Here's where you come in.

      Have you ever had a game that you would like to see me feature in an episode of that show you've never heard of before? Remember, that Rage Quit thing? Well now is your chance! I'm looking to make a return to the wonderful world of rage and I need some suggestions!

      If you have one, leave it in the comments below! I'll probably ignore it because it's a terrible suggestion, but there's a very slim, microscopic, I mean like almost impossible chance, that I won't! Consoles, Steam, Mobile, you name it! Nah, just kidding. I literally named them all just now, nothing left for you to do except suggest a game.

      Thanks in advance for the amazing and not in any way horrible ideas!

      P.S. Shoutout to everyone who read this on the RT site. You da bes.

      P.S.S. Suck it everyone else, but thanks for clicking that link I posted somewhere on some form of social media. You're ok too....but not as good as RT members. I'm sorry to tell you like this but you should know.

    • Michael

      Off Topic Official Launch!

      5 months ago

      The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. The official launch of Off Topic!

      First off, I want to thank all of the Sponsors who tuned in to the first 4 test episodes. It was great to see all of the feedback and we couldn't be happier with the tremendously positive response.

      If you're unfamiliar, Off Topic is a brand new Achievement Hunter podcast. Each week, myself and 2-3 AH members will sit down and shoot the shit about this and that and whatever. No strict topics, no set time limits, and did I mention the set has a working tap? We started the show for Sponsors a little over a month ago with 4 exclusive test episodes, streaming live each Friday at 12 pm Central.

      We used these first test episodes as a proof of concept. Could we do this every week? What worked, what didn't, what needed to be changed. We also thought what better way to test the show than with our Sponsors?

      Well I'm glad to say it went great and the show will officially be launching Episode #1 this Friday, December 4th! What does that mean for non-sponsors? I'll tell you now!

      The schedule for the podcast release will work as follows:

      Friday: Live Video Stream at 12pm Central for Sponsors, here at AchievementHunter.com

      Saturday: The previous day's episode will be posted to the site for Sponsors to view at any time. An audio version will also be posted to iTunes*.

      Sunday: The episode will be available for public viewing on the site, and available on the Achievement Hunter YouTube channel, located here: youtube.com/user/AchievementHunter

      *The first few episodes won't be available to iTunes immediately, as the show has to be submitted and approved first. This usually takes a week or two, but after it's approved, every episode will be posted each Saturday.

      The first 4 test episodes will not be released to the public, so if you want to see them you'll have to sign up to be a Sponsor. If you haven't before, you'll get a 30 day free trial that you can cancel at any time!

      I think that about covers it. If you tune in this Friday, be sure to tweet us with #OffTopicAH

      ADDED BONUS! Patrick Schmidt, the graphic designer who came up with the super sweet logo for the show, also designed a bunch of backgrounds for your various mobile needs!

      Be sure to slap them on and watch the show this Friday, it's gonna blast your nips off!

      Desktop (for full size, right click and copy image URL, paste link in open tab, then download the image):


      Smart Phone:




    • Michael

      Brand New Achievement Hunter Podcast, Off Topic!

      6 months ago


      Hello! Prepare your anuses for the most exciting announcement in the history of mankind. Friday October 30th, at 12PM Central, will be the premiere of the first of four test episodes of the brand new Achievement Hunter Podcast, Off Topic.

      It will be available for Sponsors to watch live, right here on AchievementHunter.com, just the same as the RT Podcast, and will be archived to the site the next day (Saturday) for Sponsors. At the current time, there is no plan to release these 4 episodes publicly, so if you can't live without them, we would love to have you as a Sponsor! If you decide to you sign up, you'll get a 30-day free trial that can be canceled at any time!

      After the initial four test episodes, the Podcast will officially launch Episode 1 (assuming we haven't burned the set down) which will in turn be available to the public every Saturday on iTunes, and Sunday at AchievementHunter.com and on the Achievement Hunter YouTube channel.

      But what will the podcast be about, you ask? Anything, my friends. Just the Achievement Hunter lads and lasses you've come to know and love, sitting down each week to drink beer, (and diet coke) tell hilarious (and not so) stories, and further grow our love and affection for one another.

      I'll be the most permanent member of the cast, with the other 2-3 people rotating each week from pretty much the entire Achievement Hunter staff. I'm sure we'll have AMAZING guests (we fucking better) at some point too, but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

      There will also be no set time limit for the podcast. The goal is to make it as natural and free form as possible. Might get an 80 minute episode, might get 2 hours. It will just vary from week to week depending on how boring we are and how long you can listen to us ramble. I have a lot to say so listen to me, dammit.

      But seriously, will Geoff be there? He will! For he has told me so and I've placed all of my faith in that. Please don't fuck me, Geoff! The fans won't have it.

      So if any of this sounds interesting, then I implore you to check it out this Friday. I'm sure it will certainly be a time of some sorts. Huzzah!

      Sneak peek of the set:


      EDIT: Yes, it will be weekly!

    • Michael

      Video Games Are Awesome

      4 years ago

      Having bunk-beds gives me so much more room for activities. Here's a few of my all-time favorite games.











      What are some of your favorite games? Let me know by posting your comment here.

    • Michael

      Just A Spray Away

      4 years ago

      Fellas, don't fret. You too can have the aroma of a superstar.

      The Spray is Sick

    • Michael

      Rage Quit T-Shirt, Buy It Now!

      4 years ago

      Yes, you heard correct! It's black, it's a shirt, it says Rage Quit...what more could you want?


      So head on over to the store and pick up a couple dozen. It'll make a great gift this holiday for all of your loved ones, especially young impressionable children!


    • Michael

      A New Series?

      4 years ago

      In our infinite wisdom, Geoff and I decided to try something new for Achievement Hunter and just recorded 40 minutes of the two of us playing Saint's Row The Third.

      Check out the video and let us know what you think. If it gets a good enough response, there might be a new series for you guys in the future. ;D

    • Michael

      Happy Thanksgiving, bitches!

      4 years ago

      Gobble gobble, mother fuckers.


    • Michael

      NYCC Recap

      4 years ago

      I was thinking long and hard about what to write about for the time I spent at New York Comic Con. In doing so, I read many of my friends journal entries of whom I spent the trip with.


      Barbara: NYCC!

      Joe: Yet another journal about the NYCC

      Ray: NYCC Day 1 Recap (No day 2 or 3? Fucking lazy.)

      Andrew: New York Comic Con Recap

      Chris: NY Comic Con

      Steven: NYCC EXPLOSION (journal)

      Julia: Epic Journal & Speaking of Which...

      It was only after reading all of these that I realized, why the fuck should I even write one? It has absolutely nothing to do with me being too lazy to do it, I just don't want to repeat information that has already been posted by far more qualified individuals....yeah that sounds good, let's go with that.

      In summation, I had a great time at NYCC. Thanks for doing all the work on the journals for me, suckers! I'm going back to sleep. Note: Creating this journal entry was probably more work than just writing my own.

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    • ROOCIS Graphic Design Student

      1 week ago

      Hey Michael, Scott is making a new FNaF game, you excited?


    • St_franz Joelaholic

      2 weeks ago

      Happy anniversary! <3

    • ellipelllli

      1 month ago

    • borisof007

      1 month ago

      Paint your face for your first hockey match, a la seinfeld

    • Rad-Watson

      2 months ago

      There could be a section of off topic called:

      Jones Talk:
      I'm Jonesing for it.

    • PaulSieben

      2 months ago

      Off Topic Suggestion: Have guests on the podcast sign/initial the table with a knife or pen depending on how fucked up you want it.

    • RequisiteXlive

      3 months ago

      I'd expect this from Andrew

    • madmanmoe Keeper of Shenanigans

      3 months ago

      I cried a little when I saw this music video and thought it probably strikes a chord with you Michael

    • SiegeFierce

      3 months ago

      dude i loved lazer team the movie was awesome! too bad there wanst a screening in belgium but i finally got to see it on google play. great job hope there will be a sequel !

    • PhillipHay

      4 months ago

      Hi was looking for a video of you in Fairy Tale and found this I lost my shit thought you may like it.


    • RomanHeretic Needs a patch

      4 months ago

      I found the video you were talking about. Thanks for recomending it.

    • Kailyncookie Kailyncookie

      5 months ago

      Play Pals in Chariot. The fans (all 3 of us that still care about Chariot) are still waiting for part two...

    • Dra90nL0rd1

      6 months ago

      Gavin and you made it as #5. Top 5 Surgeon Simulator Videos - Let's Play Countdown. youtu.be/hYpSIOgSibk.

    • Darthkoopa

      6 months ago

      Rage quit rules!!

    • MiraSuMuerte

      6 months ago

      Nice job on the new Podcast dude! Will definitely tune in next time as well.

    • RomanHeretic Needs a patch

      6 months ago

      I absolutely loved the podcast. I love that show, Mountain Monsters. Fucking hilarious.

    • ChrisMartin4

      8 months ago

      hey Michael was just wondering if you thought about doing a full play for your youtube channel as: 1.allot of viewers were somewhat unhappy with how the lets-play that AH recorded went down especially with the last episode & you seem to know your way round a PS controller, 2. it would also be nice to see a different outcome for the game. just an idea thanks.

    • MartinS10000

      8 months ago

      Hey, you look sexy. wanna hook up and play some gaymes? no homo.

    • sunbuster527

      8 months ago

      Michael Jones - The true face of RAGE

    • Zusheqiel Scrobble

      9 months ago

      Happy Birth... wait. Fuck! I'm too late.

    • SamMoyse5

      9 months ago

      you should 100% do the impossible quiz for rage quit:-)

    • ElDaveo

      9 months ago

      Any chance of a T'N'D Play Pals or Full Play of How To Survive: SWE?

    • Bender3

      9 months ago

      game you should try is geometry dash you can find it in the App Store. Think you will really enjoy i

      • sewagylou

        9 months ago

        It could fill in the yearly spot impossible game left off

      • Bender3

        9 months ago


    • TimNougat

      9 months ago

      Happy late birthday Michael. Quick question, where do you get your beanie, because whenever I try and get beanies, they are usually sh*tty and low quality

    • Mattbab4

      10 months ago

      Happy birthday Michael!

    • AceThePyroBunny618

      10 months ago

      Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    • THEDODGER Wookiee

      10 months ago

      Happy Birthday Michael! I hope you have an awesome day and that you really enjoy yourself!

    • GeoffFan86

      10 months ago

      hey Michael, found this online and thought you'd like it

      • GeoffFan86

        10 months ago

        fuck, I don't know how to send you the picture on here

      • Deltasword Tom Sawyer

        10 months ago

        Very carefully.

    • Melanie_M

      11 months ago

      Hey there Michael! So I just found out that you are a voice actor for Fairy Tail, which happens to be one of my favorite animes to watch. Just wanted to say that you did an amazing job, and you make a wonderful Sting! It took me a bit to realize it was you, but when I did I was super excited! You are awesome!

    • BladeDash

      1 year ago

      ps not riley and summit nj sucks never visit go to new prov

    • BladeDash

      1 year ago

      hey Michael send you biz back home to jersey jersey mic fight me i will fight for it back roosterteeth.com/members/images/image.php?id=3...

    • ExzavierWrig

      1 year ago

      micheal you should do a lets play on need for speed most wanted

    • Dunfiena

      1 year ago

      I think this is as close to a new Banjo Kazooie as we're going to get.

    • Timmos

      1 year ago

      Hey Micheal, I have a idea for the next season of rage quit. Japan Arcade Games. www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BORZkvt74I&ab_ch...

      These are two examples. Maybe you should take a "Business" Trip and have nice vacation with Tuggy in Japan.

    • iamthebest99

      1 year ago

      Hi, you are amazing. I am a huge fan. you are always really funny, Mogar is probably my most used reference because of you, I once used it as a nickname at camp once. I love all of your reactions to what goes on. you are so cool.

    • jujubees

      1 year ago



    • Sharkriver

      1 year ago

      You rock

    • Sharkriver

      1 year ago

      Hay I'm hoping to come down there this summer to get something autographed. Is that a possibility? Cause if it is I totally want you to sine it first. Your the funniest person ever. =)

      • RagArk Intermediate level human

        1 year ago

        Go to RTX! Perfect time for a autograph.

    • ssjswagger32

      1 year ago

      micheal you are the best person ive ever seen and i want you to try World of Tanks. you are gonna love it

    • Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      1 year ago

      Hey, you're really cool and awesome!

    • tribblesyo

      1 year ago

      I found a masterpost on tumblr of your eating challenges and DUDE, you could put Adam Richman to shame!

    • Thoog

      1 year ago

      I've been Binge-watching the, "Let's Play: Minecrafts." So far I'm up to episode 66 and thus far everyone in the A.H. pool has only used wood or coal as fuel for your furnaces.

      Just wanted to mention, in case none of you knew, that you can use a lava bucket in place of coal, but wooden slabs (3 logs make 12 planks, which in turn create 24 wooden slabs, which all burn for 15 seconds. This means 3 logs give you 360 seconds of burning time, or little over 1/3 of the burning time of a lava bucket) are most efficient.

      So if you've discovered this on you own, sorry for wasting your time...if not, I'll find out when I finish the other 80ish episodes and feel foolish.


    • 1Threshold1

      1 year ago

      It WORKS! Ha haaaaa... It WORKS! 343 finally invented a patch that makes MCC WORK!


      (still don't believe it, don't know about all other playlists, and though its not a 100% yet, was able to match into 6 consecutive matches with a team of 4 with no issues on the H2 Anniversary playlist. Though friends and I shouldn't bother with this game after everything that happened...we will be getting hours in on it tonight)

    • jamesrobb95

      1 year ago

      Hey Michael, what would you think about another Brit working at Rooster Teeth?

    • tanukivilla

      1 year ago

      Was pleasantly surprised to see you on this week's YouTubers React

    • ChrisODST64

      1 year ago

      I have anger management.

    • Eshaka

      1 year ago

      Some friends and I played a drinking game last weekend involving your swearing on RageQuit. We drank everytime you said a word containing "fuck".

      Well that was the time we realised you say fuck quite often... we were plastered after two videos of nonstop drinking

    • TinaBobina Hubba Hubba

      1 year ago

      I would pay good money (or bad money, whatever that is) to watch you on Twitch. Are you on Twitch? Am I an idiot (don't answer that) for not knowing if you are? You're not, are you? Why aren't you on Twitch Michael? The world needs you on Twitch Michael. Look, Ray's on Twitch and you don't want him to get more glory than you do you? JERSEY REPRESENT! Sorry, that was stupid. I'm not normally stupid. Ok, well maybe sometimes I'm not all that bright but generally I'm usually able to carry on a reasonable and enlightened conversation. You're not even going to read this are you? You've read all the other comments but then you got to this one and you said, "Right, fuck this shit! Not gonna read this crazy broad's comment." It's ok dude. I understand.

      I still like you.

      I know you don't care. smiley3.gif

      • TinaBobina Hubba Hubba

        1 year ago

        I already asked this fuckin' question like two days ago. Geez, I've got the memory of a frakin' hamster.

    • Dishonored1

      1 year ago

      Michael I know you get a lot of comments and I doubt you read any I just want to say that you are the reason I got into RT and its kind of sad how non-aggressive you are currently being in the videos and its almost making me sad. to me the funniest thing is listening to you just shout YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! at something on the screen and I hope at some point you can either get back into it or have an air to the thrown ;)

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