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    • ArnettV asked mikequinn a question

      Is there any chance of a casting feature being added to the RT apps? Little disappointed it wasn't there in the recent update.

      Answered: Apr 24, 2018

      its there on the web and will be there on mobile.  hang tight!

    • ScruffyNerfherder asked mikequinn a question

      I noticed that videos don't show that they have been watched before, is that a potential update for the future to add the "watched" back to videos to keep track of what you have and haven't watched?

      Answered: Apr 24, 2018

      Yes!  We are going to bring it back more fully functional however... stay tuned

    • Hello Community!

      1 year ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Thank you to those who showed up for our Q&A session the other night! It was really cool to answer those questions and get feedback from everyone before we launched the new video platform. We’re excited to launch it tomorrow, and don’t forget to go download the new mobile apps tomorrow as well, so you can always have Rooster Teeth in your pocket. A lot of you have asked about the community side of our site: what we’re doing with it, features, look, feel, etc., and with the new site coming tomorrow, I want to take a few minutes to show you some early concepts and talk a bit about what we’re working on.


      What are we building? An easy way to keep up to date with each other, share a common community space, and enjoy all of the Rooster Teeth people and content that you love.

      How are we doing it? There will be a couple ways to communicate.  First, we will have “posts.” This feature will look similar to other sites, where you will create a post that others can view.  

      Posts can go to a community. A community is a grouping of like-minded people gathering around common interests.  

      NOTE: Everything you see here is early work-in-progress, so some visuals may change as we work on these

      If you want to explore communities, you’ll see something like this


      Community will be part of the video experience in a few ways.  Cool part: you can check it out while enjoying content.


      And read the entirety of a post without having to leave the sights and sounds you’re experiencing.


      Big and little screens will be able to view new episodes through the community!


      We’re are very excited about this and will show updates as they move along! Leave me some comments below and let me know what you think.

    • New Site Updates, Linear Stream, and More!

      1 year ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Update: Linear Stream - Rooster TV - begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. CDT / 3:00 p.m. GMT HERE!

      Hey, everyone. 

      I hope you’ve been having a great week. The engineering team has definitely been enjoying this week because we’ve been seeing more and more of you using the new video site and joining in the chat during live shows. Seriously, thank you for using the site and sending us your feedback. (You can also post in the forums with other people who are checking it out!) We’re squashing a lot of bugs and will be ready to fully launch this bad boy soon. Keep watching, and tell everyone you know to JOIN US.  O.O

      And yes, new mobile apps are still coming, and will launch the same day we fully launch the site. We’re doing some pretty intense internal testing right now, and I’m hoping to be able to show y’all some things next week. Stay tuned. 

      I also want to take some time to talk about the community side of the site. Just a reminder that when we launch the new video site, the current community site will still be there. Your profile, feeds, etc. will continue as you know them now while we work on the new community platform. When the video site launches, you’ll be able to access community via the menu on the left hand side of the page. New community is moving along really well. There’s a team of of engineers and designers working on it right now, and I presented some of the latest concepts to Matt and Ezra last week. We’re building something really exciting and can’t wait to show you more. 

      Oh hey, last thing. Next Friday, March 16, we’re going to be testing out something really cool on the new site. Starting in the morning we’re going to test out several hours of linear streaming that will include a ton of Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play shows, including the new animated series Nomad of Nowhere. Oh, linear streaming means it’s like old school TV. You just watch and wait to see what’s on next. Anyway, we’ll have a bunch of your favorite Rooster Teeth cast members joining the chat throughout the day, so be sure to check it out!

      Have a great weekend! 


    • Updates on new RoosterTeeth.com

      1 year ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Hey, everyone. It’s been two weeks since we officially unlocked the closed beta of the new Rooster Teeth website. All of the invites are out, and right now we have thousands of eager community members watching shows, chatting, and providing really great feedback on our new video platform. I want to offer a sincere thank you to all of our beta testers for helping us create the best place for Rooster Teeth fans to watch our shows.

      For those of you eager to jump in and check out the new site, don’t worry, we’ll be announcing an open beta soon. In the meantime, I’d like to talk about a few great things we’ve learned from watching everyone use the site these past few weeks:

      • Testers love the live chat feature we have running during live broadcasts. We had almost 400 beta testers in the chat for the RT Podcast on Monday night, and everyone had a lot of fun. Let me know which Rooster Teeth cast members you want to see join in the chat and I’ll go smack them on the head (figuratively, of course).

      • Content discovery - We’ve seen that a lot of you are checking out content beginning to end, and using the watchlists (because you get notifications for shows in there)

      • Comments work!  After a wee bit of a rough start the first day - comments are working, threading, and notifying

      • Search actually delivers what you expect it to

      • The video player saves your spot

      There are also a few things that the testers pointed out that needed some more work:

      • Newest content showing up on time

        • You all have been so great about pointing out discrepancies between old and new sites; thank you!

      • Series page layout

        • Right now only 20 episodes are being displayed, so we’ve created a new layout for Series page. We’ll roll that update out next week. You can see a screenshot of this new layout below. It was your feedback that drove this change, so thank you!


      There’s more news to come, so stay tuned. We’re really excited to be making the very best home for the Rooster Teeth community and can’t wait to launch it so you can all try it out.

      And finally, let’s talk a little bit about what we’re working on for the new community site. We know this is as, if not more, important to many of you as the video portion of our site. Look forward to Dan (@kickme444) making more frequent and substantive updates in the coming weeks as we move closer to rolling out the new platform.

      For the past few months we have been focusing our design and development efforts around the structure of what a community site is for Rooster Teeth.  We are lucky in that there are already hundreds (or thousands) of Rooster Teeth communities, so we need to make sure we account for them, and plan for the future with new and inventive ways for people to interact with others on our platform.  To that end, we have been really excited to see the interaction happening on the new live videos/chat page in the video site beta, and have been adjusting our development cycle in hopes of rolling out key community features as soon as possible that allow communities and individuals/groups to better connect with each other in real time.  

      We’re really excited to begin rolling stuff out to you and improving over the next year.  It’s going to be a ton of fun!

    • Kalilaila asked mikequinn a question

      There has been a RT Roku app for a while, but it doesn't appear to offer a way to sign in to provide FIRST member access; is there any plans in the near future to update the Roku app to offer this?

      Answered: Jan 1, 2018

      This is not an application that we created, so I'm unable to answer that question.

    • PayPal is Back!

      1 year ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Hey, everyone!

      We’ve been working on something that you all have been asking to come back for a long time. You know what that is?


      PayPal is once again a valid method of payment for Rooster Teeth FIRST and Double Gold members!

      To help ease the transition to us accepting PayPal, here is a brief FAQ addressing some of the most common questions.

      Q: I’m currently on PayPal with the old grandfathered rate. Does this change anything with my subscription?

      A: Nothing with your subscription will change as long as you stay on your current plan and do not cancel. (Remember, if your account lapses for any reason, you will NOT be able to re-subscribe with the grandfathered rate.)

      Q: If I’m paying with PayPal and I have an issue with my account, who do I contact for help?

      A: Email FIRSTsupport@roosterteeth.com for all your customer care needs.

      Q: I’m currently already paying through another method but I want to switch to PayPal. How do I do that?

      A: You’ll need to cancel your plan and wait for the time to expire. You can then sign up using PayPal.

      Q: Can I pay with PayPal without creating a PayPal account (i.e., using a PayPal guest account)?

      A: Nope. You have to use a “real” PayPal account. It helps cut down on fraud. Are you a fraudster?

      If you have any other questions, leave ‘em in the comments section.


    • Long-Awaited Android App Update

      2 years ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Today is a good day for Android users, because we just released a long-awaited update for the Rooster Teeth app on Google Play! Beyond the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, this update finally adds support for additional channels in the Rooster Teeth family, including Cow Chop and Game Attack.

      If you already have the app, you just need to install the latest update. If you don’t have it yet, now’s the perfect time to change that. You can get it here.

      As always, leave a comment if you have any suggestions for ways we can continue to improve the app.

      Update: The Android release 1.2.3 has a bug where watching a live video crashes the app.  We're fixing now, so thanks for your patience!  We should have a fix in the next 24 hours. (http://roosterteeth.com/post/51321138). 

      Update 2: We have a patch for the following: 

      * Layout issues on search

      * Layout issues on seasons

      * Crashes on search

      * Still need to validate Live episode crashes

      Update 3: 

      * We're pushing a build up that updates the crashes and layout problems in Update 2.  The "only showing 20 episodes" we'll not have a chance to fix in this release. 

      Update 4:

      * Started a rollout to 50% of users.  Will check for crashes, then continue the rollout.  Thanks again for your patience! 

    • ZuluEcho181 asked mikequinn a question

      When will the Xbox One app issues be fixed? The app has been broken for months

      Answered: May 25, 2017

      Can you describe broken?  We have it constantly playing in the office and don't see any issues (even when trying). 

      Helpful info would include: 

      Xbox OS version

      Video being watched

      What "broken" means - video playback issue, etc.


    • McKass asked mikequinn a question

      I'm being prompted to update my payment (credit card) information for my subscription and I'm being alerted that the connection is not secured whatsoever. Is this intended?

      Answered: Apr 24, 2017

      No, its not intended.  what you're probably seeing are the images being pulled in as insecure.  its something we're aware of and i thought we had a fix in for.  

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    Can you describe broken?  We have it constantly playing in the office and don't see any issues (even when trying). 

    Helpful info would include: 

    Xbox OS version

    Video being watched

    What "broken" means - video playback issue, etc.


    No, its not intended.  what you're probably seeing are the images being pulled in as insecure.  its something we're aware of and i thought we had a fix in for.  

    We do (kind of)!  For the HTML5 updates, we contacted some of the guardians.  My team is working toward a process where we can do a/b testing and get around some of the complexity in testing rollouts.  Thanks for the heads up though -- Will put you on the QA list :)  

    It depends on the change. With the HTML5 player, we tested a lot internally and reached out to some awesome Guardians to do some QA as well. We're also building out process as the team is able to grow. The processes include peer review, QA, and the like. As we fix the back-end portions of the site and decouple it from the front-end, we'll gain the ability to properly A/B test features too.

    Is this?

    | Asked by: Dave 3 years ago

    I see you

    Hey there!

    We'd love to because Flash is kind of terrible. The issue comes with the encoding we have used (HLS) and the number of videos we would need to re-encode, along with the apps, which are also using our HLS (flash) playlists.

    So there are a few steps to this, namely: update the apps to support MPEG-DASH (the format needed for HTML5 playback), update the web player so that it knows which player to use given the file, start encoding in both HLS and DASH while we wean ourselves off of the current system and validate that all of the platforms and browsers work (within reason), then cut over completely.

    Its a pretty time consuming process that needs lots of testing, which is why its not done "NOW!" :)

    Let me know if that clears it up at all.

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