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    • MtG: Amonkhet Release Weekend!

      1 year ago


      There was a bundle-sealed event for release weekend nearby. Making a 40-card deck out of ten boosters is a lot different from the same of six. Mostly in not being able to cram all the good stuff you want into a single deck.

      I ended up going two-and-a-half colors, with blue and white and a dash of black (a little more than splash since a few were double-black, but I picked up a lot of mana-fixing of various ways to make it work). I think it was supposed to be an embalm-zombie deck, with Wayward Servant and Lord of the Accursed backing up normal embalm creatures from the blue and white slate. Double Oketra's Attendant for good value, a Glyph Keeper for maximum evasive annoyance, and a pair of Anointer Priests for the heals and giggles. Add to that Oketra's Monument, plus Kefnet, and the deck ended up going in a weird direction.

      The intent was to go into embalm to synergize with the zombie-enablers, but somehow Oketra's Monument became the star of the show. My first two series revolved around the monument keeping parity with my opponents' token-generators (Nest of Scarabs for series one, double Oketra for series two). Kefnet is an interesting card to play, but seems a little difficult to use consistently in limited. More often than not he's a 5/5 flier for a turn or two, then I proceed to dump my hand of valuable cards onto the field, making him little more than a card draw mechanic (which is still not a bad thing, mind you, just... limited in capacity). He never really lined up with my embalm creatures well enough to be online consistently.

      So, intents aside, my deck essentially played out as a token-generator deck, by embalm and a monument. Which made for some really silly games.

      Series one had me going against a green-black counters deck, the usual bread-and-butter stuff like Decimator Beetle, Nest of Scarabs, Scaled Behemoths, Soulstingers, etc. We went to time in game two, just because bugs filled the board, but my fliers managed to chip away at my opponent.

      Series two... ended with time in game one. I managed to win in overtime, somehow overcoming a soft-locked, foiled Oketra with Compulsory Rest, which got sacrificed after pumping out a half-dozen critters only to be replaced by a second (albeit non-foil) one. I managed to lock that one out with a Cast Out, thank goodness. My opponent also had an Angel of Sanctions, which I spent a full Never to Return (and an opponent's mistake of not embalming it) to erase it from existence. What ended up ensuing was a board of zombies and warrior tokens, a mass trade-off, followed by another refill of warrior tokens. My opponent spent a decent amount of effort into mitigating the cost of removing my Glyph Keeper (twice), utilizing a Fan Bearer to trigger the sphinx's counter ability to come in with a real threat. I managed to pull the game out by finding enough fliers (and enablers, like the blue cartouche) to swing in for the win.

      Series three... well, I died. Very fast. As it turns out, droughting on mana kills a blue-white player when the opponent plays red-green, which means by turn three-four-five, big stompy things kill you. Shame, since in a free game I did manage to crack back at the fellow.

      Series four went rather bizarrely. Perhaps my opponent was wiser in the Magic ways than I am (which is never a stretch, even with kids), but their green-red-blue deck and my white-blue-black deck typically stalemated the board state. Which I seemed to get a good upper hand, however, like managing to play a Glyph Keeper to blow out the game, he seemed all too ready to scoop when he realized he probably wouldn't have an answer to something like that. I won both times, but it was an intriguing sight to see someone concede when they'd have another turn or three to live, but hey, that's why I'm the newbie and probably not them.

      Overall, going 3-1 was pretty fun, netting a Kefnet, Gideon, and a Glorious End for my troubles. Also, double-sided tokens, neato!

    • MtG: It's a Second Conspiracy!

      1 year ago


      It was Conspiracy 2 debut on Friday, and yep, I went to draft. It was an intriguing draft, having to play a 4-player FFA style where politics were intrigue (maybe... :P).

      In this draft, unlike traditional MtG drafts, there are several cards that affect the game during the drafting process as well as the game itself.

      I somehow managed to draft a red-green monster mana-fixing deck using two Leovold's Operatives (which let me choose two cards from one booster pack, but I had to skip the next pack). It didn't plan out as I hoped, as I managed to pick up a Hymn of the Wilds early on (which makes the first creature I cast each turn cost one less, but disallows me from using instants or sorceries), but I ended up picking up some quality spells, such as four Garbage Fires (which deals damage equal to the number of cards drafted before it and including itself; I managed to get mine to 7).

      The game started with me and a blue-black flier-Kaya player in front of me sparring early on, leading to us losing a good chuck of life of the four of us. That player had some killer card draw mechanisms; shame it came to waste since it put a target over his head, and eventually the other three of us beat him down.

      Next to go was the blue-green player diagonal from me; he had a lot of sturdy creatures, but the black-white removal player to the right of me and I cut down the sturdier ones. I somehow scraped together a very threatening board state after a shaky start (since a lot of the monstrosity cards costed a bit of mana themselves), and got an enchantment that provided menace and encouraged attacks. Despite the blue-green player going up to 29 health in the game, I almost single-handedly beat it down to zero.

      Finally, I turned my attention to the black-white removal player. Boy, did he have a lot during the game, including several Murders (which unconditionally kills a thing, as the name suggests), but he spent a good deal of them against other players. Still, given the early damage I took, the game was still sort of neck-and-neck; I had the board state while he had the hand of who-knows-what. When his time came, he actually casted Hail of Arrows, which, provided the mana cost he did, managed to kill three of my guys, which would have prevented lethal... had I not simply buffed one of them out of range via monstrosity trigger.

      And that was that; I was king!

    • Hmm... Well This Is Awkward...

      1 year ago


      MFW there's a porn star doing a book signing at the bookstore I frequent.

      Or should it be MFW I recognize that it's a porn star? Hmm...

    • MtG: From Nobody to Nightmare: Wolf Bane (Not Wolf's Bane)

      2 years ago


      If you're not for a bit of self-indulgent gloating, feel free to skip this post.

      Anyway, I decided to play a round of Friday Night Magic drafting, having drafted several times to varying success. Initially, I was only aiming to win a game per round, having been a newbie and scarcely expecting to win anything. Last Friday, I was a more confident/competent man.

      After previously drafting white/red for a Nahiri first pick, white/black for Always Watching and Anguished Unmaking, and red/black for vampires, I decided to finally try for the red/green wolf deck I wanted to make four drafts ago.

      Boy, did my draft go surprisingly well. For whatever reason, none of the seven other players were going wolf, meaning that all of the good draft picks, especially flip cards such as Hinterland Logger, Neglected Heirloom, and a whopping three Solitary Hunters, among other cards like two Moonlight Hunts, a Rabid Bite or two and a Howlpack Resurgence. In sum, I managed to draft an almost dream deck full of uncommons and rares, with the only commons being the good beefy cards like Solitary Hunter.

      And thus went my story, basically. A good two-three-four, especially if I hit either Duskwatch Recruiter or Scourge Wolf, meant that I would gain board advantage. Often I simply aggro'd my opponent down, but if the board state stalled all I needed to do was to plop down a Solitary Hunter or two and wait for them to flip.

      I crushed my first opponent, who was running a green/black delirium deck, before he could ever get delirium online. My second opponent played a strange red/black/white Nahiri/vampire deck, but he couldn't stabilize the board state well enough on his side, while I merely steamrolled him with Scourge Wolf and Solitary Hunters. I decided to split against my third opponent for four packs, but a leisure round had me winning by the skin of my teeth; against Sleep Paralysis, Bound By Moonsilver and Jace, he managed to lock down my board, but unfortunately not fast enough to prevent lethal.

      And thus was the story of my best draft so far. I'm a happy man. :D

    • A Magical Tale!

      2 years ago


      'Sup there.

      So last Friday, I decided that, without any foreknowledge aside from stuff like the Internet and such guides, it was a good idea to go to a MtG booster draft. It wasn't the best idea I had, somewhat compounded that I thought they were gonna do the Zendikar/Gatewatch boosters (as it turns out, I missed that draft by one day, and it was Innistrad time).

      I decided to go for a blue/black deck, which meant that I had no idea what I was doing. Then again, the same would go with any other combo of colors. But by some miracle, maybe I thought that certain cards looked pretty, I ended up making a somewhat decent zombie/horror deck.

      Long story short, of three sets, I went 0-3, going 2-6 in games. I went 0-2 in my last set 'cause I ended up getting manablocked, so my midrange/late-game power never surfaced. By which I mean I had a shit ton of (the drake and two zombie-spawn sorceries). But I'm not gonna argue, 'cause getting two wins was far more than I could've hoped for, especially against competent players.

      Looking back, I realized that a lot of my early game wasn't really that well-built for early game. Namely, the two shamble backs I had, which were further made useless by the fact that I didn't have any good removal spells that didn't exile, since the two deny existences exiled instead of destroyed the countered creature (an Eldrazi state of mind, woops). But when I did get to the late game, I had a slim chance of overrunning my opponents with zombies. Lots of them. Well, usually 3-6, sometimes more. And at one point a rat held back a horde of werewolves. Fun times.

      So... that was a fun thing! :D

      Although I'll ask of ye readers: if I went to draft Shadows Over Innistrad again, wot colors/synergies should I go for?

    • RWBY Chibi: Super Serious (?) Discussions Abound! Season 2! Are You Combat Ready?

      in Forums > RWBY Chibi: Super Serious (?) Discussions Abound! Season 2! Are You Combat Ready? | Follow this topic


      Yo! Here's where we all may discuss all things RWBY and Chibi!

      As for the obligatory "yoink" from another RWBY discussion thread:

      1: Write With Care: Grammar is good. No one is perfect, but as long as you make the effort to make your points intelligently, the conversation will be easy for everyone to follow and readers will know you care about what you are saying and respond in kind,

      2: Conduct Yourself Respectably: The forum is a shared space. Please do not come in here trying to cause a mess or rile up some people. It is almost guaranteed you’ll disagree with someone else here but acknowledging that and asserting your opinion are not mutually exclusive. Keep in mind a good argument is more persuasive than yelling, screaming, and tearing into someone else’s character. Also be aware that first impressions can last. Try and present yourself with your best foot forward to start a successful journey through the thread.

      Also the Rooster Teeth Forums are something viewed in public and the workplace, Please keep this conversation to a high “T for TEEN” level. We all swear sometimes, but do not treat this place like a gutter. We all know Yang is hot, Torchwick is a scumbag who deserves some trouble, Weiss can be quite the witch, and Pyrrha is pretty damn good in a fight. Even with the rising amount of content suggested for mature audiences in RWBY, it is still nothing R rated. There is more information in the Terms of Use you agreed to when you joined the site. You will be reported if you cross this line too far or too often.

      3: Lurk: Have you ever have your mom tell you it is weird when you stay in the corner for a while to try and figure out what is going on before entering the social space? (Just me?) Well, in here that isn’t an issue. It is actually encouraged. By watching the thread you can see what is the tone and tempo of the conversation going on now. Also, instead of bringing up the same point over and over again, if you found something you want to continue talking about, you can reply to that thought someone else had and you’ve already got a foot in the door. Be careful though, if a topic is older (like a week) you may want to preface your statement or idea again. The key part of lurking is gaining a sense of where the conversation is at. It’s actually free to pay attention.

      4: Try to Stay On Topic: Some threads, like this one, are made with a specific purpose. Try and be respectful of that. People come to specific topic threads for that kind of discussion. There are other threads for more general talking (Bar Threads) and you will be more than welcome there. This is not a chat-room. As to the specifics of this rule, what consists as “on topic” is something related to either the show itself or a show-relevant argument. For instance if something that happened is reminiscent of Star Wars, that is fine to call out. If you are making a point about radio science and no one seems to understand it, an explanation is fine. If a point about the conversation needs to be made, make it. But remember, this is a place about RWBY the show and all points of discussion should be able to be brought back to that. (Not all comments obviously, people can get distracted.)

      5: Organize Your Thoughts: When reviewing the conversation in the thread, do not make an individual reply to everything. Try and make all of your points in one post with multiple replies. You can help distinguish where your statements are meant to go in the over-all conversation, but the “reply” function will help you for that. Post-spamming really just gums up the page and doesn’t present you that well either.

      6: Remember This a Group Effort: Like the previous point, this one is about not dominating the conversation. All of us are all on different internet connections with different speeds as well as having different schedules and circumstances that may effect when and how often we speak. If you have a lot to say, a double post may be appropriate, but try to leave time and space for someone else to talk too. If you are the last person to have posted and you have a really cool new idea, give it an hour or two if you can. This is talking WITH people, not AT them.

      7: Have Fun: That’s right, we should all be here because we enjoy RWBY and that is the most important thing. We are the greatest online community for a reason and that is because we can all have a good and respectful time together sharing the things we like and maybe even things we don’t like but even that should be a fine experience. Let other people have their fun too. A new conversation may start up with other people, if you have nothing, leave them be. This is a place where we all should be able to talk and have a good time, try it.

      Other than that, have at it! Speculations, thoughts, reviews, derails, as long as it's within the parameters, it's all fair game!

      So, what d'ya think of RWBY Chibi? :D

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    • Triple Play

      2 years ago


      As it turns out, food poisoning that induces a cold through lowered immune system response that induces sleep deprivation from maintenance and damage control from the first two, really, really sucks.

    • 3 years ago


      Y'know, with all of these pictures of users themselves cropping up every now and again, it makes me realize how absolutely wrong my perception of them are (at least in terms of physical appearance).

      Either that or I never really gave it any thought. Hmm...

    • My Starcraft Fantasy Team

      3 years ago


      Team WTF

      Main Team
      3 - Zicon_small.png DongRaeGu
      2 - Ticon_small.png DynaMite
      9 - Picon_small.png herO
      2 - Zicon_small.png Impact
      8 - Ticon_small.png INnoVation (captain)
      2 - Picon_small.png MacSed
      4 - Team SK Telecom T1

      Anti Team
      6 - Ticon_small.png Flash
      2 - Ticon_small.png KeeN
      5 - Zicon_small.png Solar

      Here's hoping I do (marginally) better this Fantasy Proleague! :D

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