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    • Portal 2...

      7 years ago


      Get it.

      If you already have it, buy another copy.

    • I need more awards...

      7 years ago


      Also a partner in Portal 2.

      Also money. Lots of money.

      Someone should work on this, but no, not me. Never me.

    • Congrats Rooster Teeth

      7 years ago


      to one million users on the site. There aren't many people/companies that deserve that kind of fanbase in modern media, but you guys definitely do. Here's to the future of Rooster Teeth!

    • "Friends' Journals: The Great Disappoint

      7 years ago


      The title decided I was not allowed to finish my thought...

      Anyways, I made an account on here a long ass time ago (I think so I could post a comment and attend a community playdate) and just recently upgraded to a sponsor because, like everyone, I wanted access to restricted content. I just finished adding things to my profile finally and saw these things on the left hand side that said "My Stats" "Mod History" and "Friends Journal". All three of these have a star next to them, so naturally I thought it was some kind of indicator that there was a recent notification regarding one of those three things.

      So, as I clicked on "Friends' Journals" to see what surprise I may have in store, I was hit with a wave. The wave of disappointment. This is because not only was nothing there, but RT as a whole, every employee and thought that makes up this company, looked me in the eyes and told me "You have no friends".

      TL;DR I like to make long jokes with little pay off, I have no friends, and you should change that!

    • 2018 years ago

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      6 years ago

      Good times.

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