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      2 months ago

      Here's a review of Pixels.

      I haven't seen it, I won't see it, and I am not at all surprised at how bad it is. I'm also a little annoyed at how blatant and soulless the geek pandering has gotten. I feel like some time in the early aughts pop-culture saw the success of "SpiderMan," "X-Men," and "Lord of the Rings" and decided geek culture was cool. That was great and the Nolan movies and "Wreck it Ralph" and other great movies with lots of heart came out of it, which was also great.

      What's not great is how tacky people have been engaging in an extended victory lap about it for the better part of a decade. Every year this shit gets more derivative and lame.

      When I was a kid I got annoyed at Baby Boomers constantly shoving their stale, nostalgia soaked bullshit down our throats as if we were supposed to give a damn about the rancid leavings of their misspent youth.

      Now I feel like I need to apologize to today's kids for my generation doing the same thing to them. They'd better hope when we get older, future Fox News won't turn us into grumpy, racist assholes too when they rightly decide that we need to be dragged out into the streets and shot for polluting their childhoods this way.

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      2 months ago

      It's on a Prime Day sale (and aside from the BluRay of LOTR for $27, might be the only Amazon Prime Day sale worth giving a damn about.)

      Is it any good? Do any of you have it on PS4?

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      3 months ago

      If there is a God who created the universe and has a plan for us, I refuse to believe that he is just and loving. No such entity could have done this to me.

      It would have been one thing if I was born this way. If it was simply known from the start that some things were off limits, that some pleasures would forever be outside the realm of my understanding I could, perhaps, have learned to live with that.

      But no. Instead I was given the George R. R. Martin treatment. I was allowed to live a happy life experiencing the joys of cajun food and sushi and crab cakes. I was given time to appreciate them and to love them. . .

      . . .only to have them torn away from me. An adult onset allergy to shellfish? Now that I'm finally established enough in my career to splurge on the good stuff and go on foodie travel excursions? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD DO THIS TO ME!?

      "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" Tennyson said. Well fuck you Tennyson, and my body's overactive antigen response too!

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      Just got a 5k iMac

      3 months ago


      The biggest problem is that there is so little worth looking at with it. . .

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      How in the hell. . .

      7 months ago

      . . .are people still plus-modding this comment from 4 years ago?

      I was probably drunk when I posted it I barely even remember. Hell, I don't even think it's all that funny.

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      Coming Back

      7 months ago

      I haven't journaled here in a looong time. Looking back, Goddamn was I a whiny punk back when I did. But I guess that's to be expected given that I started posting them TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO! Where did all that time go?

      It says something about the people here that so many of us have been around for so long. I remember when the internet was still new and cool and PHPBB forums were a dime-a-dozen. This was THE way to communicate and have political arguments and be exposed to new, interesting, and underground things. Most of them have guttered out by now, either having the vibrancy snuffed out of them by insular cliques or just having their communities atrophied out from having everyone spinning off into side-gigs, onto social networks, or into impersonal time-sinks like Reddit.

      I can't think of many places around the internet left that have the same kinds of persistent communities of people where folks know each other and just shoot the shit anymore. I don't think anyone I interact with on this site even watches the actual RT content anymore. While I didn't really do anything to keep RT thriving, I'm still somewhat proud that I've been a part of something that lasted.

      To be honest, this whole post was basically just an excuse for me to try out typing on my new Das Keyboard (which is amazing BTW, even if I end up fat-fingers the ! and @ keys sometimes). Upon review, though, I'm glad I had the time to put those feelings up there into writing. Maybe I'll do it more often. . .

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      1 year ago

      So are any of you fine folks planning on upgrading your consoles this year?

      Personally I'm riding it out to see whether the PS4 evolves into something worth the money or if I'd rather just build a living-room PC. But I'd be open to hearing a case for the XBone too. . .

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      Should Scientists Comment on Philosophy?

      in Forums > Should Scientists Comment on Philosophy? | Follow this topic

      I'm inclined to think not after reading this article in the New Yorker.

      It seems like a pattern among scientists who want to comment on matters of religion where they don't actually feel the need to bother studying any religious philosophy or theology. It's bad enough with the atheist champions do it, but having the religious ones join in just degrades the entire debate.

      For example, maybe I'm just too dense to understand Schmidhuber's "computational theology," but it sounds to me like the "Divine Watchmaker" story gussied up with programming jargon. I'm a bit more sympathetic to Eagleman's logic, but even Eagleman's "possibilian" system seems just sounds like he's harping on the limits of epistemology. Both of these things were covered by David Hume in the 1700s. More importantly, both of these arguments would have been learned, analyzed, and dissected by any 200 level philosophy or theology student. Yet we have these two fellows commenting on them like they've just arrived at some epiphany.

      27 replies

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      Running advice

      2 years ago

      Anyone here a runner? I ran a bit today and noticed that my ankles started to hurt like hell after a few miles, so I figure it's time to replace my shoes since they have about 2 years and a Tough Mudder's worth of wear on them.

      So I decided to give the barefoot/zero-drop running a try. I'm debating between the New Balance minimus and the Skora Base (which is listed at $109 but I can get discounted at $70. Any recommendations?

      Edit: It's mostly going to be for indoor cross-training (weights, kettle-bells, jump-rope) and short 3-5 mile runs on asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks if that helps.

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      Said noone, ever

      2 years ago

      "I feel like playing checkers let me boot up Assassin's Creed III."

      What exactly is it that prompts developers to think they should invest development time and resources into creating mini-games irrelevant to the plot or core gameplay into their game? It's especially awful (to the point of almost ruining the game) in ACIII, but it's not exactly uncommon.

      Video checkers already exists. So does chess. So do blackjack and poker and mah jong and mancala and any other fucking game out there. If I want to play any of these games I will buy the requisite game and play them. If I want to play a game about running around Colonial America shanking redcoats, then I expect to spend my time running around Colonial fucking America shanking fucking redcoats. Does the concept of focus or cohesion or pacing not occur to people?

      Can you imagine if you started playing Mario 64 and half of it involved side-quests where you had to play rounds of "Mario Paint" and "Mario Teaches Typing?" If you want to have a game where Connor plays checkers then develop and release a polished game called "Connor Plays Checkers." What's that you say? Nobody would buy a game with such a stupid premise?

      . . . EXACTLY!

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