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    • Mmmm mmm Good

      13 years ago


      Finger Lickin' Good

      If I could total every cup 'o' chilli I've dumped on Wendy's Taco Salads I'd probably be able to count to a hundred... Using someone elses fingers.

      Mmmm mmm Good.

    • Eternal Sunshine

      13 years ago


      I just got a copy of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" on DVD. I really can't recommend this film enough. Unfortunately I didn’t see it in the theater, but luckily picked it up on a fluke on a quick run to Blockbuster.

      It's a great movie with a lot of heart woven through a dark and disturbing tale that revolving around the good times and bad in relationships, and poses the question, “What if it were possible to erase our memories just because there was something in there we felt we could not cope with?â€Â

      In many ways I think it’s an important film. It’s not just the good parts of our lives that define us and make us worthwhile human beings, and this film presents that idea in a thought provoking manner.

      Check it out if you get the chance.

    • I'm Sure You've Heard...

      13 years ago


      I'm sure you've more than likely already heard the news, but in case you live in a cave with an X-Box Live connection and nothing more (in which case you won't be able to read this anyway), the new maps for Halo 2 are on their way, and four of them can be glimpsed in the Bungie Weekly What's Update.

      I'm a little psyched, but also kind of annoyed. I have a feeling that they're going to slow down matchmaking for a while, or at least until every Halo 2 player downloads them all.

      It will be fun to see what type of Monkeywrench this throws into the stat system as it is obvious the new maps will take time to get used to and find within all the ways to outwit opponents with only the run and gun mentality.

      The maps look interesting, but obviously there's no real way to tell how fun they'll be until they're actually out there. However, one map in particular namely "Warlock" is a beefed up version of "Wizard" from Halo CE, and that was one of my favorite maps, so it may be fun in it's new incarnation.

      These four maps will be released in April. Two of them will be free and two will have to be paid for.

      A few cheat and glitch fixes will be available at the same time as well.

      Here's hoping these maps were worth the wait.

    • The Incredibles

      13 years ago


      I know this is like a week after the fact, but if you haven't had a chance to see "The Incredibles", it's well worth a viewing.

      Not only is it one of the best 3D animated films out there, it's also one of the best superhero movies out there in any medium... Of course that's just my opinion.

    • Can't Kick the Cough

      13 years ago


      I think I'm going to have to go back to the Jiffy Doc. I feel a heck of a lot better, but I can't seem to shake this cough, and I feel if I drink any more cough syrup I'm goona wind up a junkie. LOL

    • Back from Vacation

      13 years ago


      Well, I'm back from yet another wonderful unplanned vacation... Actually, it was more like 3 back to back vactions with vacations from the vacationing in between. I stayed in a large luxury suite with round the clock personal service. It's rare to get this kind of treatment, but when you roll like me...

      Maybe not... I was kinda hallucinating a bit at one point due to the fever.

      Actually I've been pretty much bedridden at home with some creepy ass viral infection of the lungal area. I could do little or nothing the whole time. I tried to play video games once last weekend when it felt like I was getting better and ended up puking my guts out because it gave me vertigo. For a few hours afterward I kept seeing these wavy white lines that disrupted my vision and my head felt like it was spinning worse than after any night of heavy drinking I can remember. I probably should have cut the gaming down to about an hour instead of playing for nearly three, but I've been bored out of my mind! Seriously though, the vertigo (or whatever it was) was nothing compared to the rest of whatever it was that I had...

      Having said that, I would like to thank my doctors for the wonderful treatment I was given and these words of wisdom which I would like to pass on to you good people:
      "Breath Deeply... Ewwww... Yeah... It's going around... Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest... If it goes on longer than a week, come back and we'll put you on antibiotics, but until then we'll see if it runs it's course... See the cashier on the way out."

      "Thanks Doc! I'd like to sing you a song... Did you ever know that you're my hero..."

      After I got over that bit of fun earlier in the week my clients were beating down the door, wanting me to finish up various projects...

      What a blast it has been. I hope to do it all again very soon. UGHHH!

      On the upside, I've lost about 10 pounds! LMAO!

      I shall go now, and catch up on Red vs Blue...

    • Out of the Loop

      13 years ago


      I hate weeks like this, when I'm working more than 15 hours a day every day. It's been like that for a couple of weeks now. And though I really shouldn't complain as I am making money, it can really take a toll socially, mentally and physically.

      I feel like I'm out of the loop.

      What's going on people?

    • I Wish I Were Smarter

      13 years ago


      I don't consider myself to be mentally deficient by any means, but sometimes I wish I were smarter, especially in the realm of art and literature.

      At times I can look at a piece of art or read something and see the many layers that are actually contained within the work, which were intentional conscious inclusions by the artist, and wonder to myself why I can't seem to think on that level when I am in the act of creation.

      As an example, the following is something I posted in another forum regarding Red Vs. Blue:

      I thought the recent episode of Red Vs. Blue titled “Roaming Charges†was exceptional especially considering the storyline as it moves along the current subtext of advancing technologies reflected in the use of Halo previously, Halo2 as the current engine and then the regression back to Marathon.

      "Everything in the future is really shiny"

      The RT guys never fail to impress with textured layers and "more than meets the eye" scripts.

      Is this ability intuitive, or is it something that develops with study, practice, execution, trial and error, or on some other level?

      Granted most of my work is aimed at “selling something†even if it is selling the work itself, and in most cases less than personal, but I don’t know if that really matters. Sure I try to include more in the work I produce as art, but unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t have the same kind of impact.

    • Something For The Ladies...

      13 years ago


      Click to Enlarge.

    • They Always Pick the Worst

      13 years ago


      I've been working upwards of 15 hours a day for the last week or so in an attempt to finish a number of projects with tight deadlines. While work is always good for a freelancer, I'm feeling rather burnt right about now. It feels worse when I spend a lot of time on producing a number of quality mock-ups for the different clients to choose a concept to go forward with and they invariably chose the worst design.

      They always pick the worst design.

      Well, perhaps not always, but of late it seems like this is the case more often than not.

      It isn’t as if I spent no time on the work itself, but rather that it’s as if the design is missing something that the other pieces often seem to have and therefore feels of lesser quality.

      I still get paid for my time no matter which design is chosen so I really shouldn't complain a lot. And isn't as if the unchosen work goes in the trash. It goes on the shelf, and sometimes can be worked into other projects, or perhaps the basic concept may be used for a different client, saving some time on coming up with ideas. However, it's still a let down.

      I shouldn't let it be personal, but at times it is.

      Oh well. At least the client is happy.

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