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      Hey guys! I know we all love lets plays about minecraft, and we also all love the animated adventures. I discovered this guy today, and he combines both animated adventures and the Lets Plays together. He does a really good job of editing, and watching his versions of these famous clips from LP:MC are quite funny. I'm not trying to be a spammer, I just think this guy has a talent and quality work, and I want to share it with as many of the RT community as possible. So all I ask is that you check out his vids, he has 5 so far, and help me and the rest of the RT community support this talented guy. If your undecided, just think to yourself. What would Jesus do?

      Please note: I have already posted this in the links forums and the AH forums, I'm just trying to spread the word here. Thanks guys!

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    • Video Game Age groups

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      I'm not starting a flame war here, but I've been gaming long enough to know that PS players pretty much hate XBOX players, and vice versa, and Comp players just simply don't care, but I think after lots of years, that certain consoles are best for certain age groups.

      Nintendo: = 8 year olds and up. Lets face it, whether your from the 80's, or from the 2000's, EVERYONE here has played a Nintendo system when they were younger, whether it was an NES, N64, or the recent Wii, everyone knows Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus, and other very common characters from the Nintendo franchise, because they're games are focused on younger children, and families. Out of all the systems, Nintendo is the most family oriented, due to the fact that most of its games are meant for younger children.

      XBOX: 12+ When kids grow up theyre going to start wanting to play with their friends, and theyre going to start to wanna play games like CoD, and Halo. However, some parents don't think this is smart at this age. As a result, the XBOX is the fantastic choice because of the huge variety of games it is available to, whether it's younger children approved to the freaking awesome HALO series, XBOX has it all. Also it's alot cheaper to get then a PS3 or a gaming computer, and the online is fantastic. The downfall that EVERYONE b*****s about would be all the 12 year olds who are allowed to play games like CoD and HALO at a younger age who have a tendency to scream into their mics.

      PS: 14+ PlayStation I believe to be a sort of middle ground. Although the internet is not nearly as good as XBOX live, it's free, and has slightly better graphics then the 360. But whereas XBOX has a huge variety of games, so does PS, but more focused on a more mature gaming community. Most games on the PS are rated T for Teen or higher. I think that the PS3 is made for mature gamers that have gone out and spent their money to get the system. Most gamers on PS are usually 14 at the youngest, and can go all the way up to peoples in their 30's. The most common age for PS users is about 20 - 22. As a result, there are less kids screaming in mics, and games are more enjoyable.

      PC: 17+ By the time teens turn 17 theyre usually using their laptops and they're comps alot more then they're systems, just for everyday uses such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and whatever social media they are on. (Even Roosterteeth :D). This is also the time where Teenagers are getting ready for University and College. Most teens take their consoles but there are also a few who cannot bring their consoles with them. As a result most University students who wish to keep gaming sometimes buy the best laptop they can find that will let them take notes, AND play games while at school. AS a result, most comp gamers are usually are in their late teens or early 20's when they become comp gaming. Also, there are some games that are multui console, such as CoD, BF3, and so on, that are sometimes slightly better, or, if like Minecraft or TF2, infinitely better on Comp then console (Though Minecraft is pretty freaking balling on 360, as AH has shown us).

      Those are just my thoughts, if you read all of that, props to you. Of course, I'm going to assume some idiots are going to start a falme war anyways on here, but yeah. What are youre thoughts on the way I categorized this?

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    • Day 1

      6 years ago


      Today was my fi... firn... first, FIRST day on roo... room... rook... roo... roostER! Rooster... teen... oh, theeth, ha, fail... Today was my first day on Roostertheeth... wait, thats not write... theeth... teeth? Yea, teeth.

      Today was my first day on Roosterteeth! It was great, I went to Joel... Hyman... Hayman... Heyman! I went to Joel Heyman's profile and and cropped... wait, crouched... counted...

      Godamnit, #^%@ing cants speaks write...




      I went to Joel Heyman's profile and creeped him! er... stalked... watched, sorry!

      It was a fun day, I also listed to Burnie, Joel, Matt and Gus's... wait listed? &^%$... -_- Listened to Drunk Tank 107... It was a good day... now does someone have a dic... dike... di...ck...shin...air...e? does anyone have a dickshinairy I could borrow. My American isn't so good...

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