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    • OCC Pokemon League

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      Hello humans! If you like Pokemon the video game or card game or even just the show this is the place for you! Share your love of these adorable little pocket monsters! Trade and battle and all of the in-betweens! And with your help maybe we can do a big ol' tournament someday. Keep this thread alive, it's dangerous to go alone. (I know that was a Zelda reference but you get the point.)


      Discord Link: (technical difficulties)

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    • GotD Timed Trials

      3 days ago


      47 minutes, it takes me 47 minutes to produce this monstrosity. I forgot to powder off the wax before painting. Check out that shiny shine. TT.TT Why do I do this to myself??


      Removal .Gif! I made a .Gif of my stuff! So much win!


    • GotD Haunted Houses and Things

      5 days ago


      I went to slasher fest this weekend. The scariest off season horror house...sure... I feel bad but I lost my scare because I became hideously underwhelmed by the makeup. It was well done but it was only face paint and masks. After the first 1/4 there was a lack of blood. Needless to say I was a tad sad. Not to say I'm a horror master but from the sounds of it if I made my own haunted house I would give some poor human a heart attack. I guess I have to bend and understand the importance of jump scares vs. scary bloody scares. 


      However I did another thing! Tried backing off a bit. I'm currently happy...Enough with it. Ask me again in a week and I may hate it. But looksie at the thing!


      It's not perfect but it's progress?


      Please understand the lack of blood, I only have so many tank tops and such so I can't go hog wild. 

    • GotD That Name Thing

      1 week ago


      Le Fay means the fairy, Le Fay seems so fitting. I've thought a lot on making LeFay my new last name. 


      My initial inspiration being Morgan le Fay as queen of the fairies, now I've been reading more into her original origin too. Though that hasn't really affected my choice at the moment. I have decided to wait a year though, give myself time to think. I have little notes with "Octavia LeFay" written everywhere so I have to see it and think about it every time I do. If I still like it by the time I get my tax return next year I'll probably make the change then.

    • GotD Last Names

      3 weeks ago


      So you probably don't know this but I have many negative associations with my last name, not to mention frustration at correcting it all through school, basically I hate it with the burning deadly passion of a million suns. My mom kept promising we would change it but unfortunately we never got around to it. So now that I'm an adult with adult powers I'm thinking of spending the arm and leg it costs to change it without getting married. But here's the problem, what in the world would I change it to!? I have all the options in the world but I don't want something silly. I was thinking of something fairy sounding maybe like Le Fey (all I can think is Amy Brown's painting) but without the space to avoid issues with the digital world, I have always insisted I'm a pixie in a human body so it works right? Anyway I don't really know where to start anyway. Any suggestions from you lovelies?


    • Bite Me >.

      3 weeks ago



      Still a bit of hate on this one but it is a step up. Gotta keep going, I can do better. In the meantime I gotta figure out why I'm such a good snack. XD

    • GotD Stars!

      1 month ago


      Got my star and handle back, yay!


      That is all. Now I can watch all the things. ^.^

    • Not a .GIF But...

      1 month ago


      Last night I decided it was time to break out the makeup again. In retrospect I somewhat hate it because I can do better. But I thought I would share because I'm vain and whatnot. xD


      Check out that jacked jaw! Parts look like teeth that shouldn't so we have a broken jawed something on our hands. O.o 

    • GotD Oh Wow ..

      1 month ago


      Starting week three in a new city today, whoop! It's been pretty great no lies. >.< Finally got to hang out with a long distance friend and everything went beautifully. Golden Corral date, I think yes! (Don't hate on my buffet choices XP) 

      1381717161941_ykg2x5.gifLooking forward to more no doubt. Whoop! I blabbered about work already but I haven't done a whole lot other than that. Maybe I'll be a twenty something and go out this weekend. Or maybe I'll stay home play Skyrim and work on make-up stuff. (I should probably do that one) And hunt the interwebs for poor college students in need of an effects artist that will work for free. XD YOU HEAR THAT FILM STUDENTS I'M AFTER YOUR PROJECT/ MOVIE MAKING BUTTS!!!! 


      (however I hope my final paycheck comes in the mail soon, kinda need that. O.o)

    • GotD Fun Fact

      1 month ago


      Pixies and unicorns get along very well.


      It's a magical creatures thing. ;P


      Pixie .Gif for good measure. Complete with pixie dust! May your weekends be magical!!

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    I llike to pretend I'm a special effects make-up artist outside the 40 hours a week I spend devoting all my brain power to Flexible Spending and HRA accounts. O-o 

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    • borisof007 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold HR Manager, Engineering

      2 months ago

      Thanks for the add :D. Your orange cat reminds me of my previous kitty Nova. She was an orange female tabby which apparently isn't super common, but common enough that I was able to pick her up at a pet store. Now I have two dogs - one's a spaz and the other's a stubborn pain in the butt (Jack Russel and English Bulldog)

    • madmanmoe Keeper of Shenanigans

      4 months ago

      oh hot diggidy dog! Happy Birthday.  Three days after mine :D. hope you had a good one

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