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    • My Story Thus Far... I Guess... That Kinda Oversells It...

      3 years ago



      I want to get to get more involved with the RT community, since "community" has been the buzz especially in the last few months. I figure that a good first step would be to reflect on my history with RT and figure out where I want to go with it in the future.

      I started - as many did - watching RvB, Now, I didn't become a regular viewer until about 2009 (Recreation), when I was in 8th grade, but I had watched the series on a few earlier occasions before I stuck. I seem to remember watching Season 4 when it was new, which would mean that I watched as early as 2005, when I was in 4th grade. If that seems young to be watching RvB, it was. There are jokes that still go over my head 9 years later, but at that tender age I was already waist deep in the nebulous and gruesome depths of Newgrounds.

      Since I started sticking around, I've picked up and enjoyed just about every medium of entertainment that RT has churned out, as well as some affiliate and spin-off series and groups (Mega64, IB, Ball 2 That, Dead Fantasy, etc.). I won't say that I love everything that's come out of this site (*cough* Nature Town *cough*), but I have a lot of confidence in the humor of the good people at Rooster Teeth.

      Around 2013 I was an active member of the Internet Box website's "CHAT" forum for about a year, but I eventually fell out of it (especially because the podcast kept ending). I was also involved with the RWBY forums on this site, but eventually that got too busy (to the point that there'd be 200+ posts whenever I'd log on).

      For the past couple months, I've just been watching videos - to gross lengths. Occasionally, I've even watched the same Let's Play more than once in a day, and I don't like that. That's no comment on RT or their content; I just feel I should be doing better stuff with my time than rewatching hour-long silly videos on the internet.

      But despite feeling like I should step back from the videos, I would like to get involved with the actual people of the RT community. I would love to get involved with a community group in western Washington, and I'd start an Olympia group, but I've got too many projects as is. I'd also love to be a gaurdian at RTX, but I missed the sign up last year.

      I guess I'd like to make some RT friends with who I can do more with than just message.


      That was cathartic!

    • Unable to watch past video podcasts

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      I've only recently started listening to/ watching Drunk Tank and I'm moving backwards through the episodes. Starting with #115, I have been unable to watch any of the video podcasts on the websites. The webpage will load, but there will simply be no media. I don't think that most people look at these past podcasts a month or long or after they come out, so it could be the policy to remove the videos after a certain amount of time to minimize the data on the site or it could be a problem with the site. I can manage because all the videos are available on Youtube, but I thought I'd put this out there in case this wasn't just on my end. Following is a picture of the page, fully loaded: picture.

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    • Anger at Nintendo

      6 years ago


      I read all the synopses of the Zelda games that I had never played on Wikipedia last night and found them to be a helpful reminder of why I don't play the handheld Zelda games. First off, it's not the experience I know and love when it's a 2D game or I have to play it with a D/Touch pad. Secondly, they make them too often (once or twice a year) and I don't think enough effort goes into them. Thirdly, the plot of The Minish Cap defies the plot of Four Swords Adventures! At the beginning of Four Swords, Link is tricked into removing the Four Sword from its pedestal, thereby releasing Vaati, the evil spirit housed within it. At the end of Four Swords, Link reseals Vaati and Ganon in the same sword. In Minish Cap, Link pulls the sword out again (this is the third time that he does this and I don't even know why he puts the thing back in the pedestal), but it's no big deal and Ganon just stays put like a good, little king of darkness. Lastly, Spirit Tracks just strikes me as a poor prospect for a Zelda game. I don't know who thought that it would be a good idea to base a Zelda game around train tracks! I still love the console games, but I now know why I've instinctually stay away from the handhelds. If you'd like to see an idea of how ridiculous the Zelda timeline gets when you include the handhelds, watch this funny but poorly acted fan film.

    • 2018 years ago

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