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    • dang

      11 years ago


      My xbox broke


      11 years ago


      Today I've finished playing Halo3 on legendary mode with some of my friends on Xbox Live,which makes me better than anybody who didn't beat it yet.It only took me a day to complete it with KingofJerz and his friends(Approx.7 hours) which i thought was weird cause it should've taken longer.My favorite part about the campaign was the last mission but im not gonna spoil it for the people who didnt finish.The best part about multiplayer was the way you could change your armor to the way you wanted it to look like,instead of having to look like everyone else

    • 2019 years ago

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    • HeavenNguyen

      11 years ago

      California huh smiley8.gif ? Cool. I'm in Milford, OH smiley6.gif . IT SUCKS!!! smiley5.gif

    • Repo678

      11 years ago

      Wats up Eddie. I hope u have a great time here at Red vs Blue. If u need anything at feel free to ask me. Peace out Eddie

    • spikep

      11 years ago

      Hey there and Welcome to Red Vs. Blue!

      ......I hope you enjoy it here & have a remarkable time. If you have any questions, and I mean, ANY questions at all, you could just message by chick on this link, or You can Watch Me for amazing things and actioner stuff. You can go to the Community Stats, or you could visit the forums if you just want to find everything out by yourself. Either way, if you got questions, feel free to ask about anything you need help with.


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