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    • More progress!

      5 days ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

      I think I might be getting a bit carried away with this project...


      Dining room/cafeteria.  I discovered you can get a panel of carpet to apparently hover in mid-air if you place it on top of another carpet panel, so that's how I've made the table tops.  It did mean the dining room had to be carpeted though.  


      Counter.  Glass blocks are supposed to represent those glass things they put food behind in cafeterias.  The upside down steps are meant to be where you put your tray and slide it along.  Item frames are so useful!  (I originally just had random paintings up there)


      Cash register.  The pie is a lie. 


      Main reception lobby.  The two pairs of doors to the right of the desk are supposed to be elevators.  Obviously there aren't any actual elevators in Minecraft so it's actually just a shaft with a ladder in it.  The doors do all open when you press the button though!


      Pigeon holes for snail mail (Well item frames full of paper, but who's counting?)  Obviously the pigeon holes would be packed far more densely if this wasn't Minecraft but it gets the idea across at least.


      Payphone booths.  Even with item frames there's just not really anything that looks much like a phone to that'll have to do.  Maybe some student smashed the actual phones off the wall whilst on a drunken bender and just left a mass of wires where they used to be?  

      Oh well, this bunch of millennial hipster snowflake students are too busy candy crushing their iThings and crying about Brexit to know what a pay phone is for anyway (I'm kidding!).  

    • Progress!

      1 week ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

      So as promised, here's a few screen grabs of how the dorms are coming along


      Halls as viewed from the front.  Obviously the left wing isn't done but given you have to build one block at a time I think it's pretty good progress!  

      The ground floor and centre section isn't built yet either because they're going to be public/communal/utility spaces and I haven't figured out where and what I need (Obviously I need a dining hall, laundrette, common room, etc, but there's bound to be other things I've not thought of and I haven't decided where they all should go yet)


      Main entrance.  The slabs leading to the left door are meant to be a wheelchair ramp


      Accommodation block corridor (This one is the first floor, for dorms 51-70).  The university policy for these halls is for female students to be allocated rooms on odd-numbered floors and male students get allocated rooms on even-numbered floors.  


      Typical dorm.  You can tell this one's on the first floor because of the bars in the windows!  Anybody who has been a student probably knows first hand that the less savoy element of the local community see students as easy pickings when it comes to burglaries and the like.  


      Accommodation block communal kitchen.  The halls are catered (because first year students fail at looking after themselves really hard!  I remember it well), but you still need somewhere to make your pot noodles and hot cups of tea.  


      Shower block.  The recent addition of aquatic blocks were a big help here!  


      Claire's room... (If you're paying attention it's room 69 on the 3rd fhoor)


      She's tried to give it her own touch!


      The (more or less) complete portion of the building at night


      You can see the overall shape of the finished structure with the third wing.  At the moment that wing is only long enough to contain 10 dorms per floor, when complete it's supposed to accommodate 30 dorms per floor, so it's currently a bit shorter than 1/3 of its final length (because the stairwells adds to the length and the rear wing will have 3 stairwells instead of 2 for the front wings)

    • Architecture

      2 weeks ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

      I really wanted to figure out the layout of the dorms my guys are going to be spending their first year living in.  However sketching out plans isn't really giving a very good sense of scale and some rooms are ending up stupidly tiny and others are ending up stupidly huge.  I thought modelling it in 3D might be more useful but I don't know how to actually use any 3D software and the learning curve is really steep.  

      Fear not, though, I've figured out I can use Minecraft in creative mode as a modelling tool.  

      The dorms as modelled in Minecraft is far from ideal (You have to use what you have and apply a bit of imagination, all walls are always 1m thick, you have to build everything 1 block at a time, etc), and even after a week I'm nowhere near finishing the dorm building, but it's already proved a really useful exercise.  For example there's 70 dorms per floor, arranged in a T shape, and from that I've realised that Claire's got a hell of a walk to get back to her dorm (She's in apartment 69 of 70 on her floor).  I've also worked out that Claire and Reese are in different wings of the building, as he's going to be in dorm 42 of his floor (Dorms 1-20 are in the left part of the T, 30-50 are in the vertical line and dorms 51-70 are in the right part of the T).  So those are things I probably wouldn't have figured out without this little exercise.  

      Man, I really have to sit down and try and learn Blender or something though, every time I've tried before the user interface defeated me.  

    • Student Dungeon

      3 weeks ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

      Salford university provided several facilities for student accommodation, some were dorms, some were high rise flats, some were houses or flatlets, but as they were located in Salford they were all pretty grim.  Salford's native denizens are not the most enlightened of people and crime was rife.  

      Most Salford student accommodation had pretty hefty security including heavy duty steel fences or high walls, reinforced doors with CCTV and as you can see here, bars in the ground floor windows to deter burglars.  This is why such accommodation was jokingly referred to by the tenants (inmates?) as the student dungeon.  It's also why the provisional name for my little writing project is Escape from the Student Dungeon.  I am trying to think up a catchier title but this one seems to have stuck.  

      My personal experience of Salford accommodation was in a dorm for the first year (We got a private bedroom each, but had to share all other facilities with a huge number of other students), a flat for the second (Again, private bedrooms, but also a shower and kitchen per flat that we only had to share between flatmates, who by this point were friends rather than strangers) and in a rented private house from the third year onward with aforementioned friends.  (I didn't live in this particular facility at any point but did visit it to meet up with friends who did, and it's pretty typical of the other university halls of residence)

      As much as we joked about the student dungeons, the private house was actually the scariest place I lived during university.  Being just a private house its security wasn't anywhere near as high as the university-supplied accommodation, and we got our windows bricked by the locals, whilst one of my friends got repeatedly mugged.  Maybe the student dungeon wasn't so bad after all.  

    • Mai Waifu

      4 weeks ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time


      Aw, aren't they the sweetest couple?  

    • Mai Waifu

      1 month ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time


      Claire and Zoey are a pretty cute couple, don't you think? Not sure who the waifu is though!  

    • Nice Hat!

      1 month ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time


      I drew Zoey in a fedora, because why the hell not?  This was a really quick draw, only took a couple of days on and off.  

    • Zoey Zoey Zoey!

      1 month ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

      This is Zoey O’Donnell, she’s a film student at the same university Claire and Reese attend. 

      She’s from LA, is a film student, and decided not to study film-making in LA.  Hopefully that fact gives you a bit of insight into her character. 

      The flag image originated from

    • Ohhhhhh....

      1 month ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

      There's a place I know that's tucked away


      A place where you and I can stay


      Where you and I can laugh and play


      And have adventures every day


      I know it sounds hard to believe


      But guys and gals, it's true


      Camp Campbell is the place for me and you



    • 10 years of sleeping on the couch

      1 month ago

      PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time


      I did a drawing of these two 10 years ago (really?! That's so long ago I don't think these guys even had the names they have now!) asleep on a sofa.  When I found it whilst browsing through old art I figured I'd try redrawing it to see how much I've learned regarding drawing things in the 10 years since then.  This is what resulted.  

      FYI there's also a version with the version from 10 years ago inserted, you can find that here.  

      Also, I have a couple of Tumblr blogs for people who are interested in following what I'm up to.  The main blog is here and the one I use for posting WIPs is here.  

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      Hey, Apparently you mentioned me in a comment on the new RWBY episode, I got a notification but I can't find the comment, whats up?

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        Hello. Followed RVB for years.

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