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    • Unpopular Opinions: Winter's Gon Die

      2 years ago


      A ramble elaborated with swearing and absolutely no basis in confirmation.

      I really think Winter is going to die in the show. Like, it’s just such a ripe offering.

      Winter is this absolutely badass military official with a lot of flaws. She’s impatient, rigid, and pretty much busts up the fury button if you insult her job. She has an unconventional way of treating her sister, though that’s based on the double badge and burden of growing up a Schnee and a soldier.

      She calculates shit. She’s constantly testing her sister, assessing the environment around her, evaluating how what Weiss faces now will fare for her future. But at the same time, Winter genuinely cares about Weiss. It’s plain as day, as soon as she elaborates she’d asked Weiss how she’s been.
      Whatever goes on inside the Schnee manor, I think Winter protected Weiss from becoming completely lost in it. But at the same time she distances herself from Weiss to keep them both strong, and that leads to the most personally interesting family dynamic in the show to me.

      Winter means so much to Weiss. We see Weiss beam at the arrival of the giant flagship and we’re all like, “Whoa…Weiss gives a shit about someone.” And it’s significant that one of the main characters in this show has a sister of such status. Winter knows stuff being so high up in the military, and that ties in with the theme of war. She’s interesting, impressive, and pretty much adored or hated in Remnant, depending on who you ask. And clearly, Weiss is better off with her. So why not shatter the final bits of security in Weiss’s life, hurt her almost beyond repair, by killing the flip out of her sister.

      In terms of the plot, Winter takes a backseat to Weiss. This is a show that’s not afraid to kill characters, and it’s not hinted there’s any one foolproof formula for immunity. So Winter has the military background, she’s got the older sister status, she has perspective on being a Schnee, she might have kept Weiss from going over the edge…and that secures Winter a happy ending? Somehow I’m not counting on it.
      All I ask is that she go out with guns blazing. Shades on, screaming, racing towards her fate with full intent to win. Salem would be in the background somewhere fanning herself. Neo would be slack-jawed in awe, feeling the settling dread of an inescapable revelation that she literally will never be as cool as this angry military chick. Probably even Glynda would be shifty-eyed on the curb, sweatin’ over those psychological eggshells and laws concerning the relationship between student and teacher. Regardless of Winter not even going to that school.

    • Did the wings make a sound?

      2 years ago


      EDIT 4/1/16:

      Apparently I have no idea how titles work.

      I thought this would tagline my profile, but I guess not.

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