from New London, CT

    • PhoenixPsi


      8 years ago

      Not from me. From PhoenixAlpha and FoggedVisor.

      PhoenixAlpha's profile (and latest journal entry)

      They've got links to their deviantART pages there, for whoever's interested.

      And if anyone's wondering where I've been... well, I don't get a lot of time online these days. I log in every once in a while to check my watchlist, but that's it. Maybe when I have more free time I'll look around more...

    • PhoenixPsi

      God, how long has it been...?

      8 years ago

      Well, I'm here. Got my hands on the internet again, and I just couldn't resist coming back to see a little of what's been going on.

      Don't know if I'll really be active again, but I still exist. How about that?

    • PhoenixPsi


      10 years ago

      Heh... I'm not really that upset about it. Still, I've lost up to 5 karma levels due to the recent database problems. And I used to love you, Gus...

      Anyway, the picture I posted of myself has also been erased. Haven't decided yet whether to put it back up.

      I know if I leave it up to commenters it's just going right back up...

      Well, we'll see what kind of response I get...

    • PhoenixPsi

      Back again...

      10 years ago

      Yeah, about half a year after my last journal entry, I can finally get back on.

      Back then, I had to use my brother's computer, then it died. Which meant neither of us had access. Now, my brother is negotiating with our mother, arranging for him to buy her current computer when she gets her new laptop.

      Now that he's paying rent, he gets to use this computer and internet access as well. Especially since he'll be paying for some of the cost of the DSL.

      As for me, I've gotten access back because I've stopped being quite as lazy and useless. And now, I return to my task of catching up on Season 3...

      (It's good sharing a computer with a sponsor. ^_^)

    • PhoenixPsi

      Sorry, guys!

      10 years ago

      I know it's been forever since I've been logged on. I took the first chance I got to leave a journal entry explaining why.

      Currently, I have no computer access from home. My parents are being incredibly mean just because I'm so lazy I don't do anything useful at all. ^_^;

      I will try to make an effort to log on whenever I can (meaning I'll have to win my mother's approval now)...

    • PhoenixPsi

      I blame Fiona...

      10 years ago

      I figured it was time to make a new journal entry, so it's about VG Cats... possibly the funniest web-based comic series I have EVER seen.

      Thanks to Fiona (it's easier to type than her username... XP) for posting a link to their site in her journal. Now I'm going to do the same. ^_^

      VG Cats

    • PhoenixPsi

      Phi2's Behind the Helmets 2!

      10 years ago

      Since this artwork doesn't get nearly enough recognition... [/sarcasm], I've decided to advertise it too.

      My brother (PhoenixAlpha) and FoggedVisor have created the second complete project for "Red vs. Blue - Behind the Helmets", showing the characters in less bulky versions of the armor, and obviously, helmetless.

      The images can be found in this topic. They have only been pencilled so far... PhoenixAlpha says he'll take care of the penning and coloring when he can. Also, new avatars will be released from all-new head shots of the characters.

    • PhoenixPsi

      My recent actions

      10 years ago

      Let me make one thing clear. I'm defending Fluffy_Kitty because I haven't seen her do anything wrong. I haven't seen much, I admit, so I agree that if she's done anything questionable on a constant basis, it needs to stop.

      I also think that the constant flaming needs to stop. Kitty has been a little bit of a drama queen about it... but I understand. I get pissed when action like that is taken against me, but I try to move past it.

      Final word: I'm Kitty's friend, and I will defend her for anything I think is defensible. I will also talk INTELLIGENTLY with her about things she does that I think need to stop, which is more than you flamer morons have been doing.

      I'm done for now.

      EDIT: It is my understanding that she has been banned for obvious statements related to modcheating. I have to stand by the mods on this one. If I am able to contact her again, I will make sure that she does not make the same mistake.

    • PhoenixPsi

      Here I go...

      10 years ago

      Finally, I get my own username.

      For those of you who haven't got a clue or never noticed, I was sharing my brother PhoenixAlpha's username. Which is why the profile kept switching between "male" and "female". Somehow, it just never occurred to us to leave the "gender" field blank. ^_^;

      I'll be working on figuring out who from his (formerly "our") friend list I want to bring over to this account. It'll be a pain, but we knew that would happen in the first place...

      EDIT: I'm very sorry for acting like a friend whore, but I have spoken to everyone I've sent friend requests to. I hope you all understand...

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    There's a very fine line between not listening, and not caring. I'd like to think that I walk that line every day of my life.

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    • GigasViking


      8 years ago

      Cool you're into stargate! Speaking of that I've got an ancient language translator (english to 5000 year old cuneiform script) you might want to checkout in my journal. Effing sweet I think...and took forever to put together :)

    • NicoleAnne


      8 years ago

      you're so right!

      thanks for the compliment.

    • NicoleAnne


      9 years ago

      It would be really cool if you, or anyone else would help me out here.


      <3 NicoleAnne

      (and no, its not a contest, and i dont want mods, it has nothing to do with that!)

    • Dementia


      9 years ago

      What only Return of the Jedi? Come on you know you want to add the whole original trilogy up there. smiley8.gif

      And I am glad to see I am not the only one who is not gah gah over the Harry Potter books.

    • cavorca


      9 years ago

      awsome profile. very nice slection of video games i must say. your pictures are awsome too. nick

    • Xargon


      10 years ago

      Even a 2 week set back doesn't stop me talking to you:P

    • NicoleAnne


      10 years ago

      ha ha, go lesbian for me.

    • ComedyKitty


      10 years ago

      hahaha i'm a huge geek, no worries. we can be geeks together

    • SNYKE


      10 years ago


      The Game of Tag
      If I tagged you... HA! You now have to follow the rules of the game:

      -You cannot tag someone who tagged you
      -You should tag at least 5 other people (those with 4 or less will be punished by flogging or any other way I can think of)
      -Random tagging is accepted
      -All tagging should be done in the personal comments section on the homepage of the tag-ee
      -Do not eat a live chicken
      -This game is only fun if people participate
      -The goal is for everyone on the site to get tagged EVENTUALLY
      -If you decide to participate, post the rules in your journal or link them to this journal
      -I have a space monkey in my pics section
      -There is no violence until I change the game to capture the flag
      -When capture the flag breaks out, the teams will cluck like chickens until I am satisfied (....???)

    • aaerith


      10 years ago

      Hey, cool to see somebody from New London on here.

      I'm just across the river.

      w00t CT!