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    • Out of my movie zone.

      5 years ago


      I'm a nerd, that's not something I hide, I like being a nerd, and I like that I can sit and watch a film that usually has ties to things that are nerdy, but at the same time, those are the only films I really watch, which sometimes means I don't watch films that everyone else has seen.
      I just sat and watched Silver Linings Playbook, and let me tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it. This isn't what I would usually watch, and I think maybe it's time I start branching out a little.

    • Really bad (drunk) Jack Sparrow impersonations

      5 years ago


      So my friend is turning 22 in a couple of weeks and is having a themed party/drinking in town event, the theme being a Viking/Pirate Pillaging party, I kid you not.
      Now I'm a pretty big guy, not particularly fat, I'd say tall with mass, and finding costumes is very difficult for me to find, and I had my heart set on going as a viking (Who wouldn't?) but alas the sizing was an issue and I was forced to go with Pirate unless I wanted to make my own costume . . . which I didn't . . . because i'm lazy . . . don't judge me.
      Now to be fair, this actually works out in my advantage, all I drink is rum, I mean sure there could be the occasional shot, or I could order a Minty Mudslide just to piss off the bartender, but rum is my primary drink, but I fear in my drunken state I may end up trying and failing to quote the famous Jack Sparrow, much to my embarrassment, I may need to sit and watch all the films continuously before the day to get the lines right.

    • 5 years ago


      So Joel is on the latest podcast :D Made my day!

    • My 21st

      5 years ago


      So tomorrow is my 21st Birthday (Can you believe that?) and I have little to no feelings towards it. Birthdays have never really been an important thing for me, I'm not a big fan of being the centre of attention.
      However, I am happy that Halo 4 comes out on my Birthday! I know what I'll be doing all day!

    • Update of my life to my lack of friends!

      5 years ago


      Well I guess life is a little boring at the moment, my social life is almost non existent outside of work or my occasional Sunday's Airsofting. Still working but I don't feel like I'm achieving anything, may start some volunteer work.

    • DC Comics Reboot

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      So I couldn't find a topic on this subject and please correct me if there is one.

      If you follow comics as much as I do then you probably know about the upcoming reboot to the DC Universe, meaning all 52 titles that DC currently publish or have published are getting a new face.

      What are your opinions on this?

      I for one think its a great idea, not only is the current DC Universe utterly boring, but the titles they are bringing out are down right bad, Brightest Day was a shameful follow up to Blackest Night.
      I think that starting fresh with revamped titles and characters could do DC some good, especially by bringing in new readers and readers who got bored and gave up on DC altogether. I got so bored with DC I started reading more MARVEL comics, and I have found new love for the Xmen titles.

      PS. The new costumes on some of the characters look awesome, including: Superman, Kid Flash, Supergirl, Nightwing, Deathstroke and Red Robin

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    • 6 years ago

    • Your Favourite DLC?

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      Hey everyone, I searched DLC and couldn't find a topic related to this.

      So as the title suggests, say what your favourite DLC and give a reason why :D

      Mine is Lair Of The Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2. It was a fun, fast paced and brilliantly done piece of DLC that brought back one of my favourite characters into the action role, though to my disappointment not a permanent party member.

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    • RvB Seasons 7 & 8 in the UK?

      6 years ago


      So, I think it goes without saying that if your on this site, your a fan of Red Vs Blue, and as a fan, I enjoy watching all the seasons in one big go, so I buy them on iTunes, but where are seasons 7 & 8? They are available for fans in the US, and Kiwi for gods sake, but not the UK?
      Is it simply because Rooster Teeth haven't applied to have RvB put on the UK iTunes or do I need to go to AppleUK HQ and beat some skulls Tex style?

    • 7 years ago

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      6 years ago

      Hey what's up Thomas, hope you don't mind that I sent you a friend request.

      • PixelMoose

        6 years ago

        I don't mind at all :D


      6 years ago

      It's always an Honour my fellow country man!

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