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    • PrincessNybo


      2 years ago

      So yeah, remember that baby I was pregnant with? I gave birth on May 30th. Justin and I are totally parents. Crazy, huh? smiley0.gif

    • PrincessNybo

      What PN Did Today

      2 years ago

      Desire to move Justin's Windows 7 laptop into a virtual machine on his Windows 8 desktop
      Realize that VMWare Workstation is required in order to do this
      Curse at price of VMWare Workstation
      Remember that VMWare Fusion can do this on Mac
      Discover that VMDK files can subsequently be imported into Virtualbox
      Let's do this!
      Fire up VMWare Fusion on Mac
      Install VMWare migration assistant on Windows 7 laptop
      Attempt to create image of laptop on Mac
      Fail due to stupid file sharing rules between Windows and Mac
      Curse vehemently
      Fiddle with SMB file sharing settings repeatedly
      Attempt to create image again
      Finally succeed
      Discover that disk image is split up into 118 different VMDK files
      Curse vehemently
      Google various ways to merge them
      Attempt to merge VMDK files using Terminal command
      Fail repeatedly due to poor UNIX skills
      Brush up on UNIX
      Attempt to merge VMDK files again
      Get much closer this time
      Google error code
      Hack one of the the VMDK files
      Attempt to merge VMDK files again
      Finally succeed
      Transfer single VMDK file to Windows 8 desktop
      Create Windows 7 machine in Virtualbox, using VMDK file
      Attempt to boot into it
      Boot fails, with obscure error message
      Curse vehemently
      Google error code
      Discover that it's probably due to the HDD controller settings
      Remove virtual SATA controller and re-import VMDK under virtual IDE controller
      Attempt to boot into virtual machine again
      Finally succeed
      Get bombarded with error messages
      Remove conflicting VMWare drivers
      Remove conflicting DisplayLink drivers
      Remove conflicting nVidia drivers
      Remove conflicting Intel drivers
      Remove conflicting Dell drivers
      Install Virtualbox guest drivers
      Finally have a mostly-functional copy of Windows 7 laptop on Windows 8 desktop


      Realize that none of that was worth the effort smiley4.gif

    • PrincessNybo


      2 years ago

      My mom has breast cancer. smiley2.gif

    • PrincessNybo


      2 years ago

      Let's talk about the stupidness of cellular phone subsidies. In the before time of long long ago, carriers decided to subsidize the cost of expensive cellular handsets in order to draw in new customers. They never intended for this to be something they did on a regular basis, though. It was just a sales hook.

      But it actually worked. More people got cell phones. In fact, nearly everyone got cell phones. And then things started to go horribly wrong. Companies who made cell phones continued doing so. They were pretty good at it, and shiny new phones came out all the time, making the old phones look, well, old.

      People wanted new phones. Since carriers wouldn't provide additional subsidies, this led to massive churn. People would leave their carrier and go to a new one in order to get the subsidy. So the carriers gave in, and started letting customers upgrade every two years in order to keep them locked into a contract.

      And that seemed to work for a while. Then things went wrong again. Phones got smarter. They started using tons of data. And they got more expensive. So the carriers had to get even more creative. In order to cover the cost of these new devices, they had to jack up the price of the plans and the early termination fees to get out of them.

      So that's how we ended up with is this stupid system. But isn't there a really super obvious solution for all of this? Charge customers the REAL PRICE of the phone, but let them split it up into monthly payments. That's what's really happening here anyway. There ain't no free lunch.

      For example, a typical smartphone costs $600. The carrier could ask for a fixed down payment, then offer to split the balance into smaller monthly chunks. If customers want to cancel service, they simply have to pay off the balance on the device. When the phone is paid off, they can either finance a new one, or enjoy the lower monthly bill.

      No contracts. No locked phones. No early termination fees. No overcharging for service. It's the cure for stupidness.

    • PrincessNybo


      2 years ago

      My birthday was this past Saturday, and I haven't had a haul this good since I was a kid. So many new toys, I can't figure out what to play with first!

      Nokia Lumia 920 32GB
      iPhone 5 16GB
      iPad Mini LTE 32GB
      Halo 4 Xbox 360

      The Lumia 920 replaced my HTC Titan (work phone), and the iPhone 5 replaced my iPhone 4S (personal phone). So far, I'm loving both, and they can be summarized pretty easily. The iPhone 5 is still an iPhone, but it's faster, weighs less, and has a bigger screen than the 4S. The Lumia is still a Windows Phone, but it's faster, weighs more, and has a slightly smaller (but better) screen than the Titan. Oh, and both have LTE, which neither of the others did.

      Going from a full-sized iPad to the iPad Mini is, I would guess, the exact same experience as going from a 15" Retina MacBook Pro to an 11" MacBook Air. You lose retina, screen size, and some horsepower, but the portability is worth the trade-off for some folks. For others, the MacBook Pro would be the only way to go. I carry my iPad in my purse, so portability is king.

      And what is there to say about a Halo 4 Xbox 360? It's an Xbox, but 20% cooler because Halo! smiley0.gif

    • PrincessNybo

      TMI Alert

      3 years ago

      So I went to my doctor yesterday, to confirm the home pregnancy test. They were also able to estimate how pregnant I was, and yep... PAX baby. This kid was destined to be a gamer nerd from the moment of conception!

    • PrincessNybo


      3 years ago

      So yeah... I'm pregnant. smiley1.gif

    • PrincessNybo


      3 years ago

      What a fun PAX. It's hard to compete with last year and Halo Fest, but this year felt more relaxed, with more time for the expo hall and less rushing from panel to panel. Discovered some awesome new games to play in the coming year.

      Already looking forward to PAX Prime '13, which will be expanded to a four-day show. Awesome!

    • PrincessNybo

      Thoughts on "Next-Generation" Consoles

      3 years ago

      I pre-ordered the Halo 4 Xbox 360 package when it was announced, and even with all this talk of Durango, I don't regret that. Partly because I want a spare Xbox for the bonus room upstairs, and partly because I think it will be a very appropriate homage to the “old days” of console gaming. The industry is changing, and consoles are (finally) evolving.

      The debate between console and desktop gamers has been raging since the 1980’s. But neither platform has really changed since then. Online capabilities have enhanced both experiences, but haven't fundamentally altered either. Consoles are still better for “relaxed” gaming, have a lower cost of entry, and are quickly outpaced by faster desktop hardware as each console generation ages. Enthusiasts generally gravitate towards the desktop.

      And then there were smartphones. Most consumers don't buy desktop computers and keep them for a decade anymore. They buy smartphones and tablets, keep them for a year or two, and replace them. Shiny new hardware comes out at least once a year, often making huge performance leaps over the previous generation.

      As a result, game development is far more prolific on mobile devices than it is on consoles. Which is why the "next generation" of consoles need to be less like desktops and more like smartphones. (And nothing like "smart" TVs because those are a very bad idea. Unlike most other electronics, I don't buy a new TV every year. And unless they get one heck of a lot cheaper, or a subsidy model is invented, that's not likely to change.)

      Microsoft needs to make a device that is more appliance-like for the living room. It needs to be small and run silently. Most consumers don't want or need noisy graphics hardware in their living rooms. They also need to release a new one every year, and offer a subsidy model using Xbox Live. And cheap games. They can offer AAA titles at a premium, but most games need to be cheap. Smartphone cheap. Buying a game once and also being able to run it on Windows Phones and Windows RT tablets would be a huge plus. Developers will flock to the platform, and consumers will buy all kinds of Microsoft devices.

      The good news is that most signs point to Microsoft getting some part of this right. They already offer discounted Xbox 360 hardware on a subscription model, and rumors are that Durango will be smaller and more appliance-like. The Windows 8 interface is already remarkably similar to the Xbox 360, and game prices on Xbox Live Arcade are significantly cheaper than most premium titles.

      But prices across the board have to come down, and releasing new hardware every year is NOT optional. They can probably pack graphics hardware of a similar caliber to what is currently in the Xbox 360 into a far smaller package, but they won’t get far beyond that. Trying to develop something that will survive for another decade isn’t going to work. Xbox needs to become a platform with hardware and software generations, which mimic the mobile space. Heck, maybe they should just slap Windows RT on it and call it a day.

      What happens to the “hardcore” gamers, then? I don’t think much will change in the short term. Desktop gaming will still be the place for elite gamers with big bucks to drop on graphics hardware. But Microsoft is certainly pulling Windows toward the mobile paradigm, and hacking up the underlying OS in the process. Valve is nervous enough about all this as to finally release a Linux client. Wow.

      It should be an interesting ride, folks. Buckle up.

    • PrincessNybo

      One App to Rule Them All

      3 years ago

      Okay, people. Streaming digital content is getting a little absurd. Here is a list of websites and/or apps that I use on a regular basis to access movies and TV shows.


      Usually, whatever I want to watch is available somewhere in there. (I still get discs from Netflix, so if nothing else, I can get it within a day or two.) But it's a PITA to find where to watch what I want to watch and how I want to watch it. Even though I pay a lot of money for the privilege of watching stuff!

      There should be an app for this. It doesn't even need to host the content itself, but just let me add the content providers I subscribe to, such as my cable company, premium channels, streaming services, etc. Then, if I type in the name of a movie, tell me where it's available, and in what format.

      Iron Man 2
      Netflix: streaming, DVD, and Blu-ray
      Amazon: streaming rental for $1.99, or purchase for $9.99, SD or HD (720p, compatible devices only)
      Comcast: on demand rental, $3.99 SD or HD (720p)
      iTunes: purchase only, $19.99 HD (720p or 1080p), $14.99 SD

      For TV series, it would include which seasons and episodes were available on which services. For example, sometimes Hulu has current episodes, but Netflix has the old ones. And sometimes Comcast on demand has them sooner than Hulu does.

      Who else wants this app? Does it already exist somewhere?

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    • WindowsRules


      3 years ago

      HI PrincessNybo,

      How are you?

      Do you remember that cheap server that you helped me design nearly 2 years ago? I'm not holding you responsible or anything but I am having real trouble with it.

      I have another update which I would want to add to that thread but I'll only do that if anyone wants to know.

      The thread is at and it is called "HELP! - Slow Seagate HDD Transfer Speeds"

      I don't have any options left; I don't have a spare PSU and th next step is to replace the motherboard and processor (again)

      I really appreciate your help


    • Goldutchy


      3 years ago

      Hi there. I though I would just drop by to wish you a Merry Christmas and an exciting New Year. Things have been crazy here for us with 3 of my family having a birthday between Christmas and yesterday. We have birthday cake coming out of our ears! My son turned 15 on Christmas Day and managed to score an RT cap and Caboose beanie along with assorted Xbox games, so he is one happy teen. My little one turned 6 yesterday and is now complaining that she needs to have her birthday again because she didn't like being told off for being naughty on her real birthday. You have to love her reasoning. Anyways, take care!

    • BigVig


      3 years ago

      So you'd go for the iPad instead of the new Asus eee transformer or the new Asus brushed aluminum whatever it is?

      I'm of course suspicious of Apple products because I can't lift the hood and mess everything up if I want to.

      I need it to have wi-fi for connectivity, but other than that, I can definitely live without the cellular connection.

    • Goldutchy


      3 years ago

      Hi there, I have just been randomly surfing the RT site looking for someone unaffected by teenage hormones to converse with. Surprisingly I have found someone with whom I have things in common!!! I'm also teacher, though I deal with primary kids in Australia. I love to game with my teenage son, and although I'm currently classed as 'pretty much useless' I am ambitious about making progress. I am also an avid reader, mostly fantasy fiction. I won't make a random friend request - I hear you on that one, but I'm here if you want an Aussie buddy. Cheers!

    • ToolPackinMa


      3 years ago

      Hey lady! How's it goin'? :)

    • Chi_Mangetsu


      4 years ago

      As you mentioned, the middle class has no really lobby groups--because we're too busy working and trying to get work just to survive. Historically the only real lobbying power the middle class has had is revolution, and if we default in a few weeks, I can't help but think we're bound to see people pulled from their ivory towers by their ankles.

    • James

      James NWETS

      4 years ago

      Hey! So I noticed you're from Beaverton, nice to see a fellow Oregonian! I thought you may be interested to know about a Rooster Teeth event based here, in Oregon! It's called RvBOR, and we'd definitely like to see you there! Any/all information can be found in the Oregon RT user group.

    • Elnea


      4 years ago

      In reply to PrincessNybo, #7:

      ...Our educational system needs to change from a fountain to a filter. People today are absolutely drowning in information. But where do you find good information, and how can you tell it's good? What are the sources cited by your sources? How can you tell whether or not they are credible? The definition of literacy is changing, whether we recognize that or not. …. The problem is that rebuilding our entire education system isn't easy to do, so nobody is doing it. That's why you get this reaction. So challenge your students to find a better table than the one you provided, from an online source at least as credible as the one in the library ...

      I am with you 100% of the way. The other half of this assignment requires them to use the internet to look up drug interactions on and I also spend a fair amount of time in class explaining which online resources are reliable and which aren't.

      However, I still insist they use the library for this particular assignment and this particular table. Otherwise there is no way in hell I can grade them because they could say, "Oh, the table *I* used didn't have that particular enzyme interaction on it." and then I would have no way of being able to standardize my grading.

    • KWierso


      4 years ago

      You bring up a very valid point.

      But the real question is "who wants it that paid for my sponsorship that hasn't accepted my friend request on Steam so is incapable of receiving said copy of Portal."

    • Gavino


      4 years ago

      That is a killer set up!