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    • COD Day

      5 years ago


      Looking for some ppl to play CoD with today, ive got MW2, BO and MW3 on the shelf and they're itching to be used. I know some of you dont like CoD and thats all well and good but I dont really care right now. If you're interested, hit me up on XBL, gamertag: RighteousWeevil, I'll be on most of the day.

    • RvB on Netflix

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      How cool would it be if RvB where streamed on Netflix? I know its already on this site but i cant play it off this site on my XBox or my Sony Blue Ray player

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    • Diablo 3 Guest Passes

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      Just got D3 and best buy and I have 3 game passes that I have no need for, they expire in a few months so i figured I'd share the gaming wealth and give them to the first few people on forums that ask (nicely). I'll msg the first 3 repliers the keys, happy slaying :D

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    • Halo 3 Now!

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      I'm off work today and looking for someone to play some halo 3 on legendary with, you dont have to be good and don't expect me to be good either :P, this is for fun, msg me a gamertag and ill send you and inv on XBL

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    • I am a Halo, and so can you!

      6 years ago


      I have the day off work, who wants to play some Halo 3 on legendary, I'm not very good and you don't have to be either, this is for funsies so please, have a mic, msg me a gamertag

    • Minecraft Community

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      I'm looking for some people to play minecraft with, was hoping there was a Drunktanks grp but ive looked around the site and havent seen anything, msg me if you have a server or know of one thats not overpopulated and has a good grp of players

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    • 6 years ago

    • Pointless and Irritating

      6 years ago


      There comes a time in almost every Metal Gear game where you get captured by the enemy and tortured for information. In most games, this would be as simple as watching a cutscene (something you do quite frequently in Metal Gear, its like playing a movie sometimes) but no, Kanomi decided that the best way to show a torture scene is to, quite literally, torture the player alongside Snake. This is done through the art of button mashing, not Tekken or Street Fighter button mashing mind you, no, they tell you that your life will drop and in order to stay alive you're going to have to mash one of the buttons on your controller repeatedly in order to survive.

      Now i know for some of you, these points in games are simple because whatever deity controlling video games, Shiva i think, decided to bless you with quick, agile hands but a long time ago i put all my points into STR and CHA so DEX is something I'm not good at making these games near impossible.

      Alas I'll likely be still trying to get by this one part for an hour.....

      P.S.- Well played Mr. Kojima, well played....

    • 6 years ago


      sitting here trying to get my XBox to play a disk, i go through this routine where i have to turn it off and back on again and open/close the tray about 10-15 times before it finally plays, I need a new one :(

    • 6 years ago


      Today, me and my XBox are gonna spend some quality time together.

      Got some CoD3 in the tray with Gears 3, Dead Space 2 and Halo 3 on standby, if anyone wants to join me for a multiplayer fest msg me on here or XBL, doesnt have to be one of those games, I've got others. gamertag - RighteousWeevil

      Cya all on the front lines

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    • Karl

      6 years ago

      I have only had this account for 5 days

    • Sephiroth0

      6 years ago

      Hi there. I'd like to personally welcome you into the RoosterTeeth-Xbox Live Community group. Please remember to put the group on watch so you can receive updates about upcoming community game nights.

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