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      10 months ago


      Hello everyone! I know this is late, but I just saw that I was featured in a top 3 fails of the week and got pretty excited. Here it is! It's the first one, obviously, because first is best, and I am the best.


    • 1 year ago


      Hello RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter community! I am the one and only Kenneth Ranck! I am just another gamer interested in getting involved in the community. I mainly play PS4, but I also dabble in PC gaming and mobile gaming. I would also like to soon get involved in uploading community videos. PSN username: Ranck

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    Best to d8, would r8 8 out of 8 m8 dont h8

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      1 year ago

      Welcome to the community! :3

    • Mattbab4

      1 year ago

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth community I hope you have a great time here

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