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    • Saving Pvt Ryan.

      11 years ago


      Wow what a flick. I finnaly get to see it in DVD. The first 20 minutes (And those wjo have seen it will agree) was soo gory, bloody, and funny, it was almost to much. However im a teen and back when the movie came out I'd never expect a 8 yr old to see it or even want to hear about it.

      Anyways for the peole who havent seen it, you might need a warm up to the entire thing. I'd suggest Band of Brothers. But anyways if you dont like seeing peoples guts falling out while they cry for their mommy, or people without a torso then by all means avoid this kind of thing.

      But back to the movie subject. I now see Saving Prvt RYan as a cool WWII movie, and when it comes to WWII I love it.

      If you want to post your option about the movie, or just say how much you liked or disliked it, then by all means.

    • Modding....

      11 years ago


      For those of you who do not notice, im being modded down in large sums day by day. For a time it didnt really matter, now im back to again where I started.

      And for those of whom know how hard it is to get up Karma point by Karma point slowly, then all of a sudden in one fell swoop be modded down. I have a preatty good guess to of whom it is, and if you want to find out just send me a message and I'll tell you.

      And for the person who modded me down, Im coming bitch.

      Edit I was modded down again, now just to the brink of going down to +23, if you want to help me at all feel free.
      Mean while im going to track him down.

    • The war is over.

      11 years ago


      Well for those of you who do not know, and probably don’t care, the war between The Spartan Corps. and The Overkill Army is over. Now for those of you who do not know how the war started, and are completely oblivious to the fact that there is a Spartan Corps. or Overkill Army every existed here’s how it started and ended.

      A member succeeded from the Spartan Corps. and made the Overkill Army. Since then they have been at war. Now the leader of the Overkill Army has surrendered.
      Clicky for full specks. http://www.redvsblue.com/members/profile.php?user=CaptFalcon1

    • Spec Ops!

      11 years ago


      Pyongyang, North Korea.

      Well the U.S. has done it. They have secretly pissed off the North Koreans more then they needed or have ever. Supposedly a U.S. Spec Ops Spy who was full South Korean, was caught. But before he was Exacuted, our guys went in. They shot, made noice, and most of all got the the Spy.

      The North Koreans now very pissed off are demading they get their prisoner back, This is very new news, hot off the keyboard and onto the forums. A war with North Korea was looking to be unavoidable in the future, just when? I'll tell you, Generals are suppecting around 4-5 more yrs. Then War.

      However, when and if we dogo to war in that time, the tide will be changed. New weapons, armor and equipment will be out. So if China attacks us like in the prevoius Korean War. They will be greatly Surprised.

      And a Quiz... Who does Roger like at school? If he does not like me posting this, send a message saying yoiu want me to edit it out, otherwise pick this is ranging from girls from the 7-8 grade. So choose.

    • Stupid Pictures

      11 years ago


      Well Hunter_101 or Otay as he used to be, made a Picture that showed him with a RPG shooting at me in a APC, now when thats all and good, he gave it to Roger. What better way to ruin my very "good" but to do that. So im asking you look at my new pictures that humiliates and discimiates hunter even more then me.

      Please by all means look. Oh and a word from the wise, Otay you do that a again and I'll Own you at paintball you noob.

    • Modem

      11 years ago


      Well for like the 300th time, my freaking modem is crapping out on me. I couldnt play any of my online games without a friggen lag, couldnt get onto the net without waiting 10 minutes just to get the "This page cannot be displayed". Fucking Fucking crappy modem.

      I also couldnt get on here to say what some fags had to say about my pictures. Now I can take harassment, but when 5 of them said, "Im coping that huchy momma in your images." And just as I was about to unleash the rath of modding, I find out they have +17 Karma points.
      However some were kind and not FUCKING GIVING ME -4 ON MY LAST JOURNAL, for no god damned reason.

      Eh, well 3 more Karma points and im +7, woopie.


    • New Pictures

      11 years ago


      There are new Pictures in my Images, check them out.

    • hunter_101

      11 years ago


      Hey everybody, theres a new guys
      *ahem* well lemme rephrase, he made a new account and its called hunter_101, plz put him in your friends. Hes a nice guy.


      11 years ago



      IM AMAZED THAT THIS ISNT RATED ADULT+, but i guess its not as bad as Larrys lesiure suit (hope i spelled it right, corrected me if im wrong).

    • Battlefield Vietnam

      12 years ago


      This is a fun game. Maybe even more then Halo 2. I've been playing this roughtly around a week now, and gotten the hang of it.

      If you start to play it, You can play on and offline, doing preaty much anything. You can choose your side and have all the mayhem and mischief you like.

      Let me start by saying, this game is not worth quiting RvB at all.

      Now If you do choose to go online, my name is Ranre. Im an american soldier, (and If I get the chance) Fly F-4's and by one of my images you see what I do.

      I wish I could post the screen shot I took of me and my friends. We were all standing waiting for a chopper to pick us up. And a F-4 comes overhead. So we were all in such a cool formation, with the F-4 behind us. I took a Picture. But by no means were we saved. A NVA tank spotted us. And killed 2 of our guys, before the guy with the rocket came back from getting a soda. So we waited around 5 more minutes. And wouldnt yoiu know it, a Mortar hits directly in the middle of us.

      Good thing we had a medic, but he was dead along wit the rest of us.

      All in all 5 stars. and RvB 6.

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    • zev2340

      11 years ago

      u from havaii?

    • roger_1385

      11 years ago

      Aw the poor baby is the bunny

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