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      1 year ago


      For a Reminder that any questions concerning the RWBY series, (a simple chat or debate) will be answered within time in the Questions tab. I will answer any question thrown at me to the best of my ability, either being questions of the series or what I think/preferences of the characters or show. Do not be afraid to ask any questions that seem stupid or random, I will answer them kindly and with respect.

      (I also do RvB series as well, but most of those questions the show has already answered within its years of seasons)

    • Meh.

      1 year ago


      After a long absence, I realize how pitiful I left the posting below (like really pitiful....It's sad really). Its good that season 4 is airing and how much more informative it is than previous seasons. I now have new posts in Comments and some of the posts were answered in the show.

    • Another Post.

      2 years ago


      Well, after that random spout of randomness, I feel normal again.

      Still disappointed that I did not obtain a Ruby Figure, but not that depressed that I posted about it. Which was very weird and strange of me.

    • RWBY figures search

      2 years ago


      Still sad.....

      Going to check Ebay.....

      If anyone has it for sale, I will buy it given photos, contact info, all the pieces, etc.


      2 years ago


      Its Sold out... I Just got the money.....

    • Pictures Below

      2 years ago


      I freakin love these pictures.

      Good job to whoever found/did them

    • 2 years ago

    • Some more info

      2 years ago


      Well, there is somebody out here that does this stuff too.

      Nice to meet you.

      And if you look on my profile, I kinda discuss about some things that are interesting in RWBY, such as Neo's semblance, and other stuff that is just random.

      I actually joined around 2007 but lost the account info, so don't think I don't know a thing or too.

      Refer to the Questions tab for well... questions and for conversations, the comments tab until I figure another place for it.

      Welcome to the party

    • Questions!

      2 years ago


      Don't just come on here to read some stuff,

      Ask some Questions and I will Happily Answer them in the time I'm online,

      I'll mostly do RWBY questions and Lore, but I can Answer some RvB

      Anyways, just go to the Questions tab and Question.

      And if you have any theories about some characters in RWBY, Add them into the comments or into Questions in you are not sure if they could be true.

      Everyone's opinion is valued!

    • ReLaunch

      2 years ago


      Well, since I can't remember the name or the password of my original account, I made a backup so I could chat.

      Don't think I'm a Noob, I have watched RWBY and RvB ever since they came out.

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    • RavenWing199

      1 year ago

      Seen in Episode 8 season 6, Qrow's Semblance EXPLAINED!!

      Can't wait for the Backstory of Raven's and Qrow's tribe and childhood. How they got their names of "bad luck" and what happened for them to get those names.

    • RavenWing199

      1 year ago

      As seen in Episode 7 season 4

      Ozpin is like the character from Blake's book in Volume 1, the man with two souls trying to control his body. Oscar now has two souls in one body and Ozpin says the same happened to him.

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      From Friend Kitsune-XI With a Brief summary of Episode 12 season 3 with some foreshadowing. (WARNING: IT IS LONG)

      Okay this is gonna be long winded. and Major spoiler warning. lets break down what I think of whats happened. and what may yet happen.

      Well.. Let's deal with the elephant in the room: Pyrrah.

      Dead? almost certainly. am I sad about that. Abso-friggen-lotely. but I accept it.
      reasoning: 1 character appropriate ending. I mean really. she's based on Achillies. that is usually not a story that can end well. and even that aside. after 3 seasons. who is surprised she would do exactly what she did? its really quite expectable. 2 forms a necessary motivator to get Juan to get his big boy pants on as well as inspiring the rest of them. and giving ruby a chance to discover her powers. (Which Qrow has NOT stated is a Maidens power. and until that IS stated speculating over it is a lot of wasted energy.) and 3. theres no way that an entire city could essentially collapse and there be no casualties on people we care about. its ridiculous. and dont give me that "well penny died" bullshit. shes a machine. sure she has a soul but there is no reason to expect shes not okay inside there. just needing to be put back together. her head and most of her torso are intact. its unlikely she has sustained irreversable damage.

      Yang. not a casualty. Wounded. Give her some time to deal with shit and get her arm upgraded. she will be back in this. if you really think shes out after this you havent been paying attention to her beyond her cleavage. Yang is a Fighter. she might need her mother to visit and essentially call her an idiot for giving up. but but goldilocks is not out of the woods yet. and shes got lots of bears to deal with

      Weiss. well i knew sooner or later the family drama would flare up and become more of an issue. it has to before she can truly break free. it needs to reach the tipping point for weiss. and i expect big shit to rain down in Atlas soon.

      Blake. Ran off. purpose and reasons unknown. but if you think about it for half a minute. shes obviously going to make adam pay for cutting her girls arm off. (yeah i ship it. and i hope it happens because there are far too few canon pairings that represent non-hetero sexual orientations. and because they are fucking kawaii together ;3) why did she go alone? well Yang was out of the fight. and Blake would not give adam the chance to further exact his twisted version of revenge. Ruby was out of it. Weiss shipped off. and JNPR had their hands full grieving over Pyrrah. plus Blake does clearly care too deeply to want to endanger anyone. she sees adam as her problem and shes going to clean up the mess. then go snuggle yang i hope XD

      And ofcourse Ruby. new powers. not apparently maiden powers (which i am glad for. because the whole plot idea of the Four teammates of RWBY and Four Maidens. it kinda feels a little predictable. and i think it would really undermine their existing badassery. but we will see. maybe Rooster Teeth does it but does it in a way we can all really love.

      JNPR. Juan is obviously taking this hard. and will undoubtedly push harder then anyone to make sure Pyrrah is avenged. Ren and Nora are definately on board with that. and who knows maybe things will finally inspire Nora to say how she feels. (offical RWBY soundrack "boop" makes it clear she has feelings)

      Other characters in short order.
      Ozpin Badass confirmed but Missing (unlikely captured or hanging with salem. seriously. villains do monologues when noone can hear them all the time. not uncommon.

      Qrow. Shapeshifting. more baddass. one of my favorites.

      Emerald and Mercury. Status Unknown -sigh- this is a topic i hate broaching now. on the one hand. I (and i am sure many fans) would like to see them both painfully beaten and locked up/killed (especially Mercury) but on the other hand. I really would love to see emerald switch sides. she is smart enough to realize that any endgame where the objective is to kill every person inevitably includes the human henchmen and the white fang too. some have theorized Emerald could have covered for pyrrah and saved her life. but that will probably undermine the sacrifice and all the feels we have to deal with now. Now I will admit Rooster Teeth COULD pull that off. if they manage it carefully. it would have to be like an episode 1 reveal though. if Emerald /did/ save Pyrrah. she would be effectively crippled with the ankle shot a hole in her chest. not through her heart but still that would take time to heal. so reasonably speaking Pyrrah would be bed-ridden for months if she survived at all. and Emerald clearly has quite a survival instinct. and maybe being on the ground in vale seeing all the lives shattered. might stir something in her. but i realize that could just be optimistic. Mercury on the other hand i think is a smarmy little fuckbucket and should have both his legs crammed into uncomfortable places. or broken by nora. THEN shoved into uncomfortable places. Presumably Neo extracted Emerald And Mercury. after being tossed off a ship.

      Neo - status unknown. a bit of a fan favorite. but also apparently a bit more sociopathic then the others. known to have a teleporty power. or atleast an illusion that allows her to escape quickly as evidenced on the train. hasnt said a word yet. I kind of like that about her. that she lets her actions speak for her. but i do look foward to what i can assume will be very rare occasions when she does speak.

      Cinder and Salem. well she's got the fall maidens power now. and by the look of it an ego trip to match. perhaps salem will gear her down a notch. bigger threat but she seems slightly less in control now. that could lead to mistakes that the now galvanized team that i think should be called RNJR could exploit. Salem being revealed as the major villain does answer some questions. Cinder's youth and her willingness to step on front lines and expose herself where Ozpin mightve seen her. speaks to middle management at best.

      Raven.. I expect it will be her to visit yang and get her back on her feet. I dont think anyone else has enough pull with yang to make her pay attention in the funk shes in.

      Taiyang.. well its nice to finally meet him. he does seem more soft-hearted and fragile compared Qrow or Raven. I suspect he will probably be overprotective of Yang. and that might rile her up further into getting out there once Raven makes the speech.

      Winter. Weiss's big sister will be undoubtedly hard hit by the almost overnight crushing of the atlas fleet. It might lead her to question the path she has been on. and i am sure she will play a large part in Weiss striking out on her own. part of me thinks that the predictable play of making her the Winter Maiden would be both good and bad. good for the character objectively. but bad from a predictable plot point standpoint. still at this point she is one of the few characters who seems to possess the cool calm collected demenour described for the winter maiden.

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Just a few expectations/thoughts on Volume 4 (feel free to comment your own :D ) :

      - More characters go ripperonis? (Likely Ren, Nora and/or Jaune :'( )

      - Yang searches for Raven?

      - Penny gets rebuilt? Or maybe she's given a much stronger body which isn't made of mashed potatoes so it can't be sliced by her own wires.

      - Jaune's Semblance is fully discovered?

      - Ozpin vs the new Mystery "Woman" at the end? (Loved his fight vs Cinder though- He was a total bad-ass :) )

      - More of RWBY's "Inheritance" is revealed? Sure, we've seen Cinder use the Fall Maiden's powers, but they could differ from Maiden to Maiden.

      - To be honest, hoping Jaune and Ruby stay as just friends- Doesn't seem right if they dated after this chapter :/

      - An even more beautiful, insane, and utterly amazing Soundtrack (This one's pretty much a definite :D )

      Speaking of the Soundtrack, when is this one going to be released? Absolutely giddy for it :D

      From: EmberRose

      For Penny's theory, I believe she will be rebuilt. But an old saying says "you cannot protect against yourself" meaning, no matter the material, if you hit yourself with the same material, you will be damaged.

      Jaune's Semblance was Hinted/Revealed by podcasts and the episode showing that His Semblance involves Defense, The first fight in the forever fall woods with a Grimm showed him getting hit by the "Bullies" and not taking any damage, or Aura damage, and reflecting it back at the attacker.

      I agree with the Jaune and Ruby statement.

      I believe that Raven and Qrow share a similar Semblance trait, where she is a Raven and Qrow is a Crow, meaning that Raven might have been outside Yang's window, and that Qrow has been in the series and even the trailers since the start.

      That is about all I'm going to add on.

      From; RavenWing

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Well, it is as the title says, It is the End of the Beginning.

      The end of everything we knew, the end of peace, the end of beacon, the end of vale, the sum of all the earlier seasons, now ended and is taking a new course.

      Can't wait for the new season to come, and let me say it has been a ride. One long, great ride.

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Torchwick could have survived to to the fact that he got eaten whole. Meaning he had to be digested to die, then when the Griffin was thrown into the ship, there was no evidence of it dying, and in season 1 the Bird it seems that the feathers are similar to hardended steal, so we could say the same for the Large Griffin bird thing (can't remember what it looked like, will update later) anyways, the Grimm could have absorbed the explosion, and allowed Torchwick to survive.

      He does what he does best, aside from cheating, lying and stealing.

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Is the New team gonna be called RRNJ (orange), JNRR (Junior), RJNR (Ranger), NJRR (Ninja).... No matter how many combinations, I can't find one that is fitting.

      Any other team names?

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Qrow turned into a crow. The theory right now is that Raven and Qrow share a similar semblance. Making that the Raven outside Yang's window was her mother. And that Crow was there for all the major events in the series.

      Look for how many Crows you see throughout the series, and that Qrow.

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Well, it makes sense how Qrow was in all those backstory scenes, such as Yang and Ruby in the woods when they were young, and Qrow saves them from the Grimm.

      Now, I wonder how many times a Crow popped up throughout the whole series. Because it seems that he was there for the first episode, or else he would not know that information about the silver eyes when Ozpin recruited Ruby.

    • RavenWing199

      2 years ago

      Neopolitan's semblance, for all the things she has done in the series it makes sense if she could bend light, as outrageous as it sounds. It makes sense how she would change her colors, her appearance. She could make "hardlight copies" and then with the encounter with Raven, go invisible?

      To far fetched, or maybe logical?

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