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      We have uploaded our latest video of Forge Wars. Forge Wars is a game where 15 minutes are allotted for Forge time after 10 pieces are chosen by each player and then we play on that map. In this latest episode I (Alex) play Cody and he has a hard time remembering how to forge. The best parts are once the second game begins and try and see what I do throughout the forging montage. If you guys have any piece suggestions or maps that you would like us to play on, send them to To see the latest video, hit up

      Thanks for your support!

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      Hey guys,
      About a month ago I started because I had some really fun ideas for some action/comedy machinima after gaining inspiration from Red vs. Blue. Its called Forge World Chronicles (i didn't realize the first season of RvB were the Blood Gulch Chronicles until after we decided on a name) and follows basic setup of Red vs Blue for the first episode. The first two are out and the third is coming shortly where we really break away from the norm. In addition to that we have some gameplay videos and some tech reviews, commentaries, and also a new gameplay series similar to HORSE called Forge Wars. If you guys could check it out and tell me what you think I would appreciate it. Maybe improvements too!

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      Being with Rooster Teeth a while, and loving their content has inspired me to do my own. A couple friends and I have started with machinima, gameplay, and tech reviews. Check it out please and let us know what you think!

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      Hey, did you hear already about tonights Monday night lunar eclipse, it is supposed to be a full eclipse of the moon, I am not totally sure when it is supposed to be visible for all of us here in the central time zone, but I think it is supposed to begin around 11pm "approx" first the moon will turn sort of orange and then go black, and it will be a long time before it comes back out again, it will be cool.

      info about the eclipse can eb read here...

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