Volume 4 has passed and Volume 5 is coming to an end and there has been no sign of Neopolitan (Neo). 

Where is she? Did she really die?

From what I have heard, Neo will be coming back (Correct me if I am wrong). Great! She is coming back! But, where has she been? What happened to her? That's why I am here today. To ask you if you guys have any theories as to where Neo has been and what happened to her!

I have come up with one theory as to what happened to her so far:

Neopolitan was last seen floating down after falling off an aircraft in Vale. What I think is that she remained in Vale, not long after she got "captured" or "taken in" by Salem. To extend on the capture, I feel as if maybe Neo knows something possibly and that's why she was "captured".

Any  who, that is my theory. It's not the best theory, but its just what I personally think.

Have a wonderful day!  nora

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